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  1. tingo

    Early scsi emulation help

    Neat! Since I use Rust (mostly for embedded projects) I just tried building it on my FreeBSD workstation. Not only does it build, but it runs too:
  2. tingo

    Monarch MP/M-II for Dynabyte computers...

    Are you sure that the 8 inch and 5.25 inch disk formats for the Dynabyte are different? If you are lucky they are not.
  3. tingo

    Arduino library for serial IEC bus communication

    And the Raspberry Pi Pico is supported too. Nice, very nice!
  4. tingo

    Anyone have Aztec C for the original Macintosh?

    Yes, not even the official Aztec C Online Museum has it.
  5. tingo

    Northern Europe Norsk Data ND-100 Compact

    I used COSMOS a bit before tcp/ip became popular.
  6. tingo

    Northern Europe Norsk Data ND-100 Compact

    Also, a friend of mine (user RHansen on NDwiki) has made a ND-100 emulator which is working quite well. And simh has the start of ND100 support https://github.com/open-simh/simh/tree/master/ND100
  7. tingo

    Northern Europe Norsk Data ND-100 Compact

    Hi, and welcome! Have you checked out NDwiki yet? It contains the knowledge a few people (myself included) have been able to gather about Norsk Data, the machines and the software. Also, sintran.com (which is run by an ex-ND employee) contains a lot of great info. The 8-inch floppies can...
  8. tingo

    Osborne 1 + Gotek Floppy Emulator SUCCESS!

    Aw, and you are not allowed to use the 3D printers if you are a guest? Do they allow guests?
  9. tingo

    Osborne 1 + Gotek Floppy Emulator SUCCESS!

    If there is a makerspace local to you they might help you out. Most of them have 3D printers, and are happy to help people learn new things. Be warned; lots of things at a makerspace are interesting and could end up taking away parts of your free time.
  10. tingo

    What happens when an Altair hits an octal number higher than 377?

    Don't take it personal - but it's all public in here; we're all talking in this thread. Just because your post was the previous one doesn't make something personal about you.
  11. tingo

    Altair 8800 boot issues

    What? That people can't (or don't bother to) read properly?
  12. tingo

    Western Europe 2x Mitsubishi ED 3.5" Disk drives (2.88mb).

    Too expensive. There aren't very many ED floppies around to read either.
  13. tingo

    Southern Europe Wts Hdd stock vintage

    Apparently you can't be bothered to make a written list either.
  14. tingo

    ELIZA on RT-11: which?

    Are you trying to implement Forth in VLISP, Dave? :-D
  15. tingo

    My floppy remapper project, version 2

    If you ask a company to produce a bare board for you ("PCB"), you will need to supply them with the gerber files. These are files that define the layers that make up the board, and holes (if any) in the drill file / drill files. If you ask the company to also assemble the components and produce...
  16. tingo

    MAI 4101/310-01240

    Nice progress! Thanks for sharing!
  17. tingo

    Canon Object.station

    I hadn't heard of this one before, but Old-computers.com has an entry: https://www.old-computers.com/MUSEUM/computer.asp?c=1153&st=1 So, a 486 PC designed to run NextStep. Interesting. More places with information...
  18. tingo

    What to run on mainframes?

    Yes, the IBM employees in question were those of IBM in Norway (long before my time as an IBMer).
  19. tingo

    What to run on mainframes?

    Sigh, if you want to split hairs, I was the one who dragged IBM into this thread. But this thread is about mainframes. So the only point I was trying to make was that for IBM (the company), the gamechanger for IBM employees when it came to usage of the (IBM) mainframe, was APL as it allowed them...