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  1. wrljet

    Any idea what this Raster Output Board is?

    Found in an estate cleanout. It has a DE-15 connector like a VGA, but with male pins. The main chip is an FPGA (sorry for poor picture).
  2. wrljet

    Z-80 Print Spooler

    I really have no idea what it was/does. It appears to have a complete Z80 system on that board including RAM, parallel and serial I/O.
  3. wrljet

    Z-80 Print Spooler

    This board was in a bunch of S-100 stuff I picked up recently. SPOOL-Z-Q 100
  4. wrljet

    CP/M, Coprocessor extensions and the 8087... Did it ever happen?

    I believe Intel 8231A is the same as the AMD 9511A. I had one of those on a wirewrapped Z80 back decades ago.
  5. wrljet

    CP/M, Coprocessor extensions and the 8087... Did it ever happen?

    The 8087 co-processor follows and mirrors the 8088/8086 pre-fetch queue, so it knows when to decode its own instructions. Making an 8087 work with a Z80 would be *very* difficult.
  6. wrljet

    DAK 286 -> 486

    Thank you for that explanation.
  7. wrljet

    DAK 286 -> 486

    Has anyone ever heard of this? 286 -> 486
  8. wrljet

    New England Need help in ID'ing a connector

    There are skinny pitch 44 pin connectors for laptop hard disks. That's a standard thing.
  9. wrljet

    Are Over-The-Air TV Broadcasting Signals Changing?

    As a (USA) consumer, I hate wall warts.
  10. wrljet

    Writing Assemblers... What should a good assembler do?

    FWIW, 32-bit Windows 10 will still run 16-bit DOS programs.
  11. wrljet

    PC-Retro Design Files ( IBM 5150 Clone )

    I don't see the delay lines either, but the picture isn't super high resolution.
  12. wrljet

    PC XT.. The trick to get all drives in.

    I'm curious when your XT was made. Mine is from 1984 and the vertical walls on the outsides are half height. The one visible on the right side of your picture appears to be full height. Various adapter plates were used to help mount the disks in PCs. The center between the two bays, has holes...
  13. wrljet

    PC-Retro Design Files ( IBM 5150 Clone )

    Is it my imagination, or in the picture, does RN2 have a 4264 DRAM in the socket?
  14. wrljet

    JOLT replica

    Here's my Jolt. My inheritance from a dear friend who passed away. He had it from new (and was responsible for that mess you see).
  15. wrljet

    End of the Z80?

    It does seem every time I buy chips, I then get a End-Of-Life notification.
  16. wrljet

    End of the Z80?

    Does this mean stuff like DIP packaged 74xx will be disappearing from Mouser, etc.?
  17. wrljet

    Getting XT-CF-Lite/XT-IDE working

    With the camera at this angle the soldering and alignment looks good.