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    Texas WTB: HP 98203A or HP 98203B (Nimitz) keyboard for an HP 9816 (9000/216)

    Hi all, I have purchased a nice, working HP 9816 without a keyboard. Unfortunately, it does not use HP-IL, but a proprietary keyboard protocol, not even compatible with the HP Terminal keyboards. 6-pin RJ connector. If you have any of the only two compatible keyboards for this machine ( even if...
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    TeleVideo Personal Terminal

    THANK YOU ! Finally got my PT all recapped and cleaned and I was just about to ask if anyone has the manual :)
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    Interdata System Test device looking for a Interdata mini to test

    Looks like RCS/RI's mail server is down or badly configured - my email to info@ could not be delivered. @m_thompson - can you please let them know ?
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    Interdata System Test device looking for a Interdata mini to test

    Thank you ! Sent them an e-mail.
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    Interdata System Test device looking for a Interdata mini to test

    Hi everyone, I have acquired a Interdata System Test Set 4-993. No documentation, no backstory. Previous owner found it at a HAMfest, afaik. Housed in a nice wooden box with 2 latched doors and a carrying handle. Picture 1 is the front panel under the front door. The buttons and knobs look to be...
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    Looking for HPGL "demo" files of older HP Pen plotters

    Hello, Anyone has or has a link to an archive of "nice" HPGL files compatible with the following plotters: - HP 7475A - HP 7440 ColorPro w/o the 17440A expansion module ( so only lines, no circles/arcs ) I will be at VCF SW this weekend with those two plotters and a lot of refilled pens and I...
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    Green Eyed BUS Mouse DB9 pinout - adapter for mini-DIN 9 InPort mouse

    Hi all, I have acquired a Microsoft PCjr booster sidecar but without the Green-Eyed mouse. I have an Microsoft InPort Mouse ( C3K7PNINPORT9C ) I want to build an Mini-DIN9 to DB9 adapter so I can use said mouse with said sidecar. The pinout for the Mini-DIN9 connector is supposed to be the one...
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    Texas Manuals & Software for Columbia Data Products - MPC-VP : $20

    MS-DOS, BASIC A, GW BASIC DISKETTE VP TUTOR VP DIAGNOSTICS DISKETTE FAST GRAPHS Perfect Filer - Individual Member Data Base Perfect Filer - UTILITY DISKETTE Organizational Data Base And one unsent coupon for the CP/M-86 disk.
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    "Dead?" HP OmniBook 425

    Hi, I have acquired a HP OmniBook 425 sold as-is. Previous owner also got-it as-is and never tried to power-it up. It's missing the ROM card ( no cards in slots A,B,C or D ) It has the RAM (little door in front) It has the battery I tried to power-it on using a center-negative 12 V power supply...
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    Texas Manuals & Software for Columbia Data Products - MPC-VP : $20

    Bolex, you are the 1st non-owner to claim. If nobody owning the machine requests them before Tuesday, Sept 6th, I will send them your way.
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    Texas Manuals & Software for Columbia Data Products - MPC-VP : $20

    I found at an estate sale the box of software that came with the MPC-VP, but they did not had the actual machine. It has MS-DOS (seems to be 1.x), some bundled apps and the Diag & Setup floppies. Sadly the original owner never mailed the Media Coupon for CP/M-86 so no CP/M media. The coupon is...
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    TeleCOMPAQ: Phoning it in

    In the last month, during the final cleanup phase at Computer Reset (yes, it was still open for visitor groups until May 2022), I found two packages containing a TeleCOMPAQ software update - DOS 3.2 and Applications 2.1 - with 4x 5.25" floppies in each that the instructions say they contain...