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  1. The funny green filly

    King's Quest V

    The CD version only has voice, and no option for text. Sierra figured that the deaf and hard of hearing weren't going to buy the cd versions of their games, Space Quest IV was slightly better by letting you have either voice or text, but never both (unless you got the New Rising Sun patch or are...
  2. The funny green filly

    Post a bizzare character portrait from an obscure computer game

    Stellar Santiago from Space Quest VI
  3. The funny green filly

    AI and GPT

    It depends, sometimes it understands what's entered, sometime it misinterprets it oddly
  4. The funny green filly

    King's Quest V

    Have you tried copying the KQ5 directory from the CD yourself and putting it on your hard drive with the file explorer, and pointing SCUMMVM to that? It worked with my 1994 version of the King's quest collection, not sure about your 1997 version. You could try the newer mass add feature in...
  5. The funny green filly

    AI and GPT

    I've played with Open AI's playground, feeding it stories to summarize and suggest continuations. It costs money but it's gotten so much cheaper than it was months ago.
  6. The funny green filly

    Oldest games you know

    In my early childhood, my first game was Super Mario Bros. 1, so that is the oldest game I knew of at the time. Of course now that I know more about games, I can think of older stuff, but the oldest I can think of is Tennis for 2.
  7. The funny green filly

    Classic game remakes. Share your finds.

    Best I can recommend is installing it somewhere on a modern computer with dos box and pointing scummvm to the directory, it will work. If you have 5 1/4 floppies, this might be difficult, though if you have an old computer with both 5 1/4 and 3 1/2 drives and a usb 3 1/2 floppy drive, you could...
  8. The funny green filly

    Heavy spoilers: Were any Phantasmagoria alternate endings planned?

    I'd think that was that was the only ending planned, there might have been more, but honestly I'm not that angry about it, not everything needs a happy ending. Ultimately, it's canon because it's mentioned in the second game. It's not the Dark Seed 2 ending at least.
  9. The funny green filly

    Greetings from Connecticut

    I got Puzzle Bobble, Metal Slug X and 3, King of Fighters 97 and 2000, and good old Neo Turf Masters. For the Taito F3, I only have Puzzle Bobble 4 at the moment.
  10. The funny green filly

    Big Boxed PC Games

    Here's some more Sierra
  11. The funny green filly

    Greetings from Connecticut

    Usually I post with another identity, but for this forum, I thought it would be smarter to try a different identity from what I use for other sites. So I just thought of using the first character on my mind that sort of represents me... I'm not really that rude, but I do like cute ponies and I'm...