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    FreHD, Model 4P, MODELIII/ROM and timing isn't right in Model III mode.

    Using the MODELIII/ROM that comes with the FreHD for a 4P image (Updated ROM too), when in system (FAST) it does not properly adapt to the faster interrupts. It runs the clock at half speed (TIME (CLOCK)). Using a MODELIII/ROM from various disks work or just not having FreHD connected...
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    Model II/16 cards questions

    Yep. Only change since last trying was replacing the two 256k board with a 1meg board so I could get my graphics back in. So wait that’s two changes. Added graphics card back in too.
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    Model II/16 cards questions

    I managed to get a fully working enhanced Model II with the hard drive controller (Thats card is all I really wanted, so yay!...) A few questions, because I’m going to scavenge it for the best parts and then hopefully find a good home for the Model II which does work and made it in one piece...
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    Rs badges for the model 3 and 4

    Well the memory badges look pretty close, and this image is also using the right one, so its out there. Only took a few seconds to find that image. I am sure the person selling knows where they got it. This came from redbubble.com
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    Tandon 848 Thinline strangeness

    I'm going to start working through the circuit, but if anyone has an idea, I've got a really weird one (well, to me). One drive works fine, and speed is correct. Works, boots, formats, etc. The other drive: When a double sided disk is in, which was what I had when I did drive 0, the speed...
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    Tandon Thinline 8" drive question

    So, I've got what is more than likely super crudy heads from this Wabash disk I got my hands on. I have an unused 8" cleaning disk, and before cleaning I couldn't get past Track 0 sector 4, then cleaned it a bit (30 seconds) and got to sector 5, cleaned again, sector 10, again now sector 16...
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    Strange issue with New Percom Doubler

    Some of you old time Model I users, what the heck is causing me some crazy strange issues with double density disks. I am using calibrated drives, that are aligned right and the lobes and clamping are correct, and have tried freshly formatted disks using a Model III using the same drive on...
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    Electric Crayon

    Someone has one for sale. Not my cup of tea, but if you really want one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Percom-Electric-Crayon-for-TRS-80/332651439680
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    Big Tandy's and HxC Floppy Emulator

    I'm going to construct the cable here in a bit so I can make a few physical floppies. Do you guys normally just throw it on its own cable using the internal connector? I have two thin lines so I was going to just make a second cable and use the internal cable on the external port to keep...
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    Unexpected Model 3 shipment outcome

    So, I dont like shipping these things, but I got one that was on the other side of the country for a price that I didnt care if it was shattered I just wanted a few parts out of it. It was uuuugggllllly bad shape, nasty disgusting computer. Got the box today and it was so small I couldn't...
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    Disassembling a Model 2

    So this is a good status? But there was an error DC when drive closed. No floppy yet to test. And hoping the other box that is on a different truck has the darn keyboard.... I took the lid off and its relatively clean, just the 4 cards. I put it back on before the darn cat decided it was...
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    Disassembling a Model 2

    I've been reading some on peoples restoration blogs on this one, and the project that Alphasite is working on got me thinking. Assuming it gets here tomorrow in good condition, what gotchas are there on taking it apart and restoring this that would make me kick myself not knowing ahead of time...
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    Model 4s in TV again...

    Here's a 4D that popped up just now on TV. And there is an insurance commercial where she gets a quote on a Model 4, and it looks like it actually was working.
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    Show us your Tandy Computers!

    My TL/3 is under a workbench at the moment, but I got this nice little desk this weekend to help free up some space:
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    Tandon/TPI Hub

    Ok, I picked up a lot of stuff today, and it came with a brand new in the box never opened drive external drive. I was looking it over, and the hub has cracks all around it so bad I would dare put a floppy in or power it up because it would disintegrate. Possible to change that Hub easily...
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    So I had a real ModelA/III master and I was looking at the sectors and noticed there was a MODELB/III and MODELC/III deleted on the disk. I checked and they were still recoverable/undeletable even thought it was a TRSDOS diskette. I also noticed something else, all the ModelA/III sectors were...
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    Patching OS disks for RS Doubler vs Percom Doubler (and others)

    Ive been poking around the code on DOSPLUS and reading up on the different methods used to switch between the two, mainly because I am just interested. I know that DOSPLUS has the patch on 3.5, and LDOS has the /CMD files to load the drivers for either, but having 2.7DD boot on a Percom...
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    Smartwatch on a Model I

    So...I have a model I with an EEPROM (27C256) with FreHD 1.3 and 1.2 on it and switchable. I'd like to get the smart watch working on this, but it says it cant be located (And I have a known good one that I am using to test, and have installed on the Model 4 just fine). Tried both using the...
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    Was the Tandy 1000HX MS-DOS disk really not bootable?

    Thats what I created with an HX, then just copied the files from the HX zip file over to it. I don't have the booting picture, but it booted fine. Trixster, I'll just put the image inside the HX Zip if thats ok? I'll have to get my floppy emulator connected back up to image disk it so I can...
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    Beware - Model 4D or not on eBay?

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Working-Radio-Shack-TRS-80-Mod-4-26-1069A-Orig-Owners-Man-Assem-Lang-Book/122870557799 This listing appears to have conflicting images, and model number. Look closely but there appears to be two different computers in this picture and I am pretty sure I've seen...