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    what do you think of my CPT 8535?

    Very limited information available. I recently acquired a greaseweazel device that I'm going to use to try and recover the boot disk I have. I'll let you know if I'm successful. I do have a working utility boot disk but it isn't really useful for anything by itself other than testing the...
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    ID this Keyboard

    Bump a 6 year old thread? Sure, why not. There have been several instances of cast/crew members saying that this is based on a Commodore keyboard (sometimes they even specifically say Commodore 64) but they are definitely mistaken. As many people have pointed out, there are extra keys along...
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    Lots of Commodore 64 Software

    As I mentioned elsewhere here, I'm finally getting around to clearing out the excess vintage computer stuff I have been gathering for the last few years. A lot of it is software and much of the software has original manuals, box and packaging. I already posted about the "Adult" titles but...
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    Wanted: 8087-1 (10MHz)

    I need a 10MHz 8087. Anybody have one?
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    SupraRAM 500RX 2MB RAM Expansion for Amiga 500

    I have one of these listed on eBay. Auction ends Sunday: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=140537396458
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    Vintage "Adult" software for Amiga

    A few years back I bought a huge lot of Commodore hardware and software. Most of it was pretty ordinary and I've started selling the pieces I don't want on eBay. Unfortunately, there are a handful of titles that are of an "Adult" nature and I would be required to list it under the Adult...
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    Amiga Upgrades

    Okay, I'm finally getting around to sorting through my vintage computer stuff so I can sell off the things I don't need. Last night I was putting together an auction for an Amiga 500 memory expansion and while I was looking for the manual, I found the manuals for a couple of other interesting...
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    Commodore PC20-III

    Commodore PC10-III Category:Systems
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    Commodore Colt

    Commodore PC10-III Category:Systems
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    Commodore PC10-III / PC20-III and Colt Wiki Page

    I have created a Wiki page for the Commodore PC10-III, PC20-III and Colt. I'll be adding more details as I continue to tinker and learn more about this system. Please feel free to make any additions/corrections. http://wiki.vintage-computer.com/index.php/Commodore_PC10-III
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    720k floppy and a Hard Drive in a Commodore PC10-III

    I'm trying to add a 720k floppy as a second drive as well as a Seagate ST351A/X in my Commodore PC10-III but I'm having trouble. First, the floppy drive. The computer knows the drive is there but when I try to access it, the drive activity light comes on but the drive motor never spins up...
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    Horizontal Lines on 1084 Monitor

    I have a 1084 monitor that has three horizontal lines (one red, one green and one blue) across the middle of the screen. The lines appear whenever the monitor is turned on, even if nothing is connected to it. They appear regardless of which input mode it is set to as well. Does anybody know...
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    What is the Sunset Lab Interface Card?

    I have an Apple IIe with a mysterious blue card in it and I have no idea what it's for. It's labelled "Sunset Lab" but the only relevant results from Google are for an eBay auction. That auction doesn't say what it does either. I sent a question to the seller asking them but they haven't...
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    What is the Wico Smartcard?

    I have an Apple IIe system with a card in it that I'm not familiar with. The card is made by Wico (the joystick folks) and has a label on one of the chips that says "Smartcard 2e". The card has an external DB-9 male connector and it also "intercepts" the keyboard's ribbon cable. That is, the...