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  1. hush

    Clearpoint QED1 4MB Qbus PMI Memory

    these jumper positions work in my ba23 as pmi
  2. hush

    DEC units on ebay

    he naively believed his sister cared about his passions and would keep them alive after his passing, unfortunately jody allen is a demon assuming human form so she is going to sell everything off and give the money to charter schools instead i wish her nothing but the worst
  3. hush

    DEC units on ebay

    i have a lot of words to say about paul allen's sister but i rather like posting here, so i won't risk a ban
  4. hush

    DEC units on ebay

    anyone interested in the pen and paper memories of someone who claims to have worked on the pro350? yours for the low low price of just $400... https://www.ebay.com/itm/145851672818
  5. hush

    Clearpoint QED1 4MB Qbus PMI Memory

    nothing of note, i have one in my 11/83 and it's worked fine in the years i've had it absolutely no clue what any of the jumpers do
  6. hush

    DEC units on ebay

    yes, this happens practically once a week at this point. it is an automated scam piggybacking off of compromised accounts. as others have pointed out in the thread the quickest way to get ebay to respond is to bring to their attention the fact that they are not getting their cut. when you...
  7. hush

    DEC Color Codes

    i've historically used this as a quick reference http://www.chdickman.com/pdp8/DECcolors/
  8. hush

    RGsB (RGB Sync on Green) output to VGA/HDMI/DVI

    the extron rgb-200 is what i've been using, cheap and works fine
  9. hush

    4.3bsd tahoe tapes?

    hey all, wasn't sure if this should go in here or in unix workstations x) i'm looking for 4.3tahoe tapes, the distribution on tuhs seems to be broken and i haven't been able to find tapes elsewhere, checked bitsavers but came up empty. the 4.3uwisc tapes on tuhs also seem to be incomplete...
  10. hush

    New fans for my Micro PDP11/23

    fantastic find, thank you! uploaded a quick before and after, in this video you're only hearing the fans in the two power supplies making up forum user alegend's h7864-c, the noctua fans are essentially silent. inside the ba23 deskside enclosure with covers on i think this should be quiet enough...
  11. hush

    End of OpenVMS Community License

    what a joke, "if you aren't willing to write code and documentation for us for free then fuck off, otherwise join the ambassador program so we can exploit your passion for free labor"
  12. hush

    What happened to old-computers.com?

    +1, spent a few years working in webhosting and pretty much every compromise i ever worked on was automated. base64 encoded php shells in wordpress sites all day baby :>
  13. hush

    recovering an SGI indigo

    it's not impossible to insert the battery backwards but at least on my cpu board it would hang so far off the edge you would be visibly doing something wrong my current guess is that something in the power supply is unhappy but i haven't had the time or motivation to rip it apart and start...
  14. hush

    strange behavior with microvaxii in ba23 box

    at the time i'm testing i'm only booting either vms (two disks, same controller) or mdm (rx50s, one at a time, same controller) i previously had the qbone at the very end of the bus when the machine started having these issues, i moved it under the memory to start building up and testing one...
  15. hush

    strange behavior with microvaxii in ba23 box

    hey all, was working on my mvii build last night, and after shutting it down to get some dinner i came back to it having a whole host of issues. i have been working through bit by bit trying to figure out what is wrong, but the current issue i am having has me stumped. my backplane (h9278) is...
  16. hush

    DECMate II vs. DECMate III WPS disk structure.

    wonder if that's why the wps278 images i was using never worked on my dmii?
  17. hush

    PDP11/83 in London storage

    probably a different ECO, i know mine had them and they were pretty badly cracked
  18. hush

    VT100 to VT103 conversion

    anything you can provide would be very useful, thank you!
  19. hush

    PDP11/83 in London storage

    other than the RIFAs in the power supply 11/83s are generally pretty easy to work with, there aren't many "gotchas" that i can think of right off the top of my head
  20. hush

    VT100 to VT103 conversion

    hey all! i recently picked up a spare VT103 backplane on ebay thinking since they (VT103s) are quite rare, it might be possible to retrofit it into my VT100- as far as i know they are the exact same physical dimensions and all, just the power supply is beefier and there is an LSI11 backplane...