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    atariage store

    AtariAge was acquired by Atari. https://forums.atariage.com/topic/354609-atariage-atari/
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    OpenVMS on x86 becoming available for the hobbyist program

    No problem. I successfully set up E9.2-1 under qemu on my Ubuntu Server. Took me a while to figure out to use virsh to connect to the console so that I could actually perform the install though. It seems to work well here. I haven't installed the C/CC++ compilers yet though.
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    OpenVMS on x86 becoming available for the hobbyist program

    Are you virtualizing it, or running it on bare metal?
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    Has anyone built a replacement power supply for a Zenith Z-110/120?

    I'm curious what you come up with - my Z-100 has a bad PSU. It mostly works until you try to take too much load on the +12V line for a hard drive. It doesn't put out enough juice to spin up an ST-251 (but it can spin up an ST-225) I'm going to look at this article from the Z100 LifeLine and see...
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    CompuPro 8/16 boards

    Hi there, Thanks for the pointers! I'll post on the S100Computers forum too. I got this CompuPro chassis on eBay for what seemed like a decent price, but looking at the boards? Whew. I don't need them to be originals and at those prices?
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    CompuPro 8/16 boards

    Hi there, I have a CompuPro 8/16 enclosure coming - it's just the motherboard and PSU. Looking to see what cards I should be getting for it. My plan is to run CP/M or MP/M on it. This will be my first full S-100 system so any pointers would be great (like, which CPU board, etc.) I'm good with...
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    CP/M86 for IBM PC-AT source build kit

    I don't, unfortunately.
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    CP/M86 for IBM PC-AT source build kit

    Yes, this was a third party patch. There was CCP/M 3.1, which seems to have been fixed by DRI, and the later Concurrent DOS. You can get the CP/M-86 1.1 sources here: http://www.cpm.z80.de/source.html and a bunch of other resources.
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    Model 4P display

    It seems that way, but it starts as it's too high and then reduces on its own. If I turn it down too much it gets too dark to use.
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    Model 4P display

    Here's what the screen looks like, starting with initial power on, about 5 minutes later, and then going into CP/M. The lines get less and less predominate, but the screen just gets dark, and if I turn up the brightness at all, the lines remain.
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    Model 4P display

    I have a TRS-80 Model 4P, one of the earlier ones with the white screen. When you first power it on, the display is very bright - lines across it and everything. After about two minutes, the lines go away but the display is a little dark / fuzzy. If I turn up the brightness, it gets the lines...
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    Installing OpenVMS on a VAXstation 4000 VLC

    Hi there, I just got a VAXstation 4000 VLC, and I'm having a little trouble installing OpenVMS on it: %SYSBOOT-I-SYSBOOT Mapping the SYSDUMP.DMP on the System Disk %SYSBOOT-W-SYSBOOT Can not map SYSDUMP.DMP on the System Disk %SYSBOOT-W-SYSBOOT Can not map PAGEFILE.SYS on the System Disk...
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    Heathkit H88

    Hi there, I have a dead Heathkit H88 that I'm working to restore. It powers on, but the screen fills with = characters and it doesn't accept any input. I have it disassembled, but I'm trying to find some documentation about an upgrade it has - it has a chip marked FONT 19 tm#P002 (c) 1982...
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    WTB: DEC Pro 350/380 case

    I'm looking to buy a DEC Pro 350/380 case (or even a dead Pro 350/380) - I have a working motherboard, PSU and RX50 drive and controller, I just need the case. I'm in the Seattle area, if anyone has one locally, otherwise I'm more than happy to pay for the part and shipping. Thanks!
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    DEC Pro 380 PSU / case?

    I just got a DEC Pro 380 motherboard, and I'm attempting to piece a system together. I have a dead Rainbow 100A, and I think I can use the case shell from it for the Pro 380, but I know the power supply will not work. Which model PSU do I need for a Pro-380? Also, any pointers to finding the...
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    TRS-80 Model 4P essential software?

    Hi all, I just got a Model 4P - my first TRS-80! I'm wondering what "essential" software (apps and games) I should download for it? I've put a Gotek in it to replace Drive 0 already, and I'm about to order a FreHD for it, so... any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!