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  1. Jimmy

    Help for IBM S36 5364 new purchase

    Connect the two machines with the cable and power both on. Look on the 5160 disks for a S36.bat file or for a S36 directory. If the hard disk on the 5364 is working and has SSP installed, it should IPL.
  2. Jimmy

    IBM System/36 5364 - Imaging and Emulating Physical Disks

    Peter: Thanks for all the help is getting my drives imaged and my 5364 running on the emulator. David, thank you, what a fantastic product. I have imaged 6 disks, R3M0 with two disks installed, R5M1 two disks installed in both English and Italian. Version 3 has both BASIC and COBOL installed...
  3. Jimmy

    IBM 5364 IPL to Italian

    I purchased an IBM System/36 model 5364 a few months back and finally got around to trying to IPL the system. It will IPL, but to Italian. It also needs a user and password. I hate to re-install SSP until I can see what is installed on the hard drives. I know they are ways to gain access or...
  4. Jimmy

    Anyone recognize this 1987 NCR industrial PC?

    The QMS company was started by a guy who worked for international paper company in Mobile, Ala. we owned one of their printers in the mid 80's. From what I understand his experience printing labels at IPC, led him to start the company. The KISS (keep it simple stupid).
  5. Jimmy

    IBM ESDI Hard Drive Replacement

    The ESDI drives were also used in the IBM System/36 model 5363s and 5364s. I know there would be a lot of interest (must be 5 or 6 of us by now... Ha) in an emulated drive.
  6. Jimmy

    The South WTB IBM System/36 5364

    IBM System/36 5363 or 5364, also any spare parts. Will to purchase or trade. Especially need a working disk drive for 5464.
  7. Jimmy

    M4 Data 9914 R Tape Drive needs work

    Chuck and Al, I want to thank you guys. I have been able to read 14 of the 19 tapes successfully. 3 of the tapes I have been able to recover some of the files. The other 2 tapes are in pretty bad condition, what I have learned is Sticky Shed Syndrome. I would never have been able to read a...
  8. Jimmy

    Experimenting with Floppy Controllers and 8 " Diskette Drives

    Jeff thanks for the reply. With Chuck's help and advice, I did get my 8- inch drive interface correct and connected.
  9. Jimmy

    The South XT-IDE Version 2

    I would like to purchase two of the XT-IDE Version 2 PCB's, if anyone still have a few for sale. Thank you, Jimmy
  10. Jimmy

    The South VCF XT-FDC Modifications

    Guys: Thank you for the help. Jimmy
  11. Jimmy

    VISICALC for Apple IIe

    This are the directions I used. https://downloads.reactivemicro.com/Documentation/Manuals/Use%20ADT%20for%20PC%20to%20Apple%20Xfers.pdf
  12. Jimmy

    The South VCF XT-FDC Modifications

    I got the manufacturer and part number wrong. It's 745996-4 - AMP - 37PIN FEMALE DSUB RIGHT ANGLE
  13. Jimmy

    The South VCF XT-FDC Modifications

    Greg: Not knowing much about electronics or anything else for that matter. After researching I believe what you used was a 37 pin connector with a point .59" footprint rather than the standard .318". The part number is NorComp Inc 182-037-213R161 D-Sub Connector. Thank you again, I had no...
  14. Jimmy

    The South VCF XT-FDC Modifications

    Thank you for the link to the Quad-Floppy project. I am going to contact Sorphin to see who he used to produce the cards. Jimmy
  15. Jimmy

    The South VCF XT-FDC Modifications

    Greg: Thank you, I would greatly appreciate the information. I have built two cards that I would like to add external connectors. Jimmy
  16. Jimmy

    The South VCF XT-FDC Modifications

    If the open license, allows this, I would like to pay someone to make changes to the XT-FDC to eliminate the second 34 pin connector and move the 37 pin external connector closer to the card edge where an external connector will attach to the card bracket. I believe the development files are...
  17. Jimmy

    Installing XT-IDE and XT-FDC in same computer

    Sorry yes I was able to boot another XT with the 1.2 meg floppy I mentioned earlier. I can read and write files to the floppies and read them on another XT. I am going to try the memory addresses you suggested
  18. Jimmy

    Installing XT-IDE and XT-FDC in same computer

    The error I get when I try to boot from A is Error 2h!. and then it proceeds to boot from drive c: I have not made the recommended changes I wanted to provide as much information as possible about the original configuration. I can read and write to the floppies, I was able to format a: using...
  19. Jimmy

    Installing XT-IDE and XT-FDC in same computer

    I looked through my files and it looks like I have the original eagle files for the prototype. I build an early board for out friend Thomas and installed it in a extra XT I had. Thomas was still living in Las Vegas then. I just need to find someone who has the skill set to make the modifications.
  20. Jimmy

    Installing XT-IDE and XT-FDC in same computer

    Thank you, it will be this weekend but I will make the changes. I will post back the results . I want to build a XT-FDC with an easy accessible external connector. This one is the 5th one I have put together. I have given 4 away to friends but they do not have them installed with an XT-IDE. The...