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    Is my memory error a ROM error?

    I've been trying to fix my 1000 RL/HD with no success. When I power it on, I get random characters and colors on the screen. I say random, but it's actually the same image every time. I tested the voltages at the output pins from the power supply, and noticed that they were not steady. So, I...
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    Tandy 1000 RL/HD RAM address fault

    Hello, I recently purchased a 1000 RL/HD on Craigslist. It displayed colorful, flashing characters on boot when I bought it, but after a second or two, booted into Deskmate or DOS like normal. Now, though, it never makes it past the flashing characters. I get a beep code of 4, 3, 1, which...
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    How to bypass memory check 1000 RL/HD

    Hello all, I recently purchased my first Tandy machine: a 1000 RL/HD. It was mostly functional, meaning that it booted into Deskmate and seemed to function fine when I got it home. During the boot sequence, random colors would flash across the screen, but it still booted properly. Thinking...