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    Software Search

    I do now have all the software and have restored the complete server system ,including remote and local connections . I will be putting it on line eventually. I have a few projects to clear before it happens
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    Trantor Bootdisk fo a Osborne 1

    I acquired a Trantor dive for the Osborne 1 , But Google foo has turned up very little info . It plugs into the gpib connector on the Osborne , from my brief research it looks like the IEEE-488 code is in the rom, so i assume a modified boot disk was probably supplied with the drive. Does any...
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    Wanted interphase Maverick smd controller

    As the tile says , or similar smd controller for isa bus
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    Software Search

    here is a little teaser
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    486/5X86 SBC Ver:GC Bios

    Looking for a bios for a 486/5X86 SBC Ver:GC or GB , these boards are out there ,at one point i stripped it but need to try and resurrect it. i did find a bios from a different board that kinda works but would like to get the original back in it.
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    My Collection

    The compass used Grid Os it is actually a pretty cool Os , used the code Key The server has 4 independent processors 4x80186 and supports both grid os and dos machines
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    My Collection

    Was reorganizing a while back and set up the grids
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    Some success with a age old GRiD problem

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    Software Search

    I will start of the forum with a request for the elusive grid server software disks, I would really like to put this thing online before i bite the dust. I know of the disks that were on the yahoo grid group, but they were missing the all important utilities disk 2 , but worse than that they...
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    Interfacing IBM Selectric to IO Port?

    I was reading this thread and looking at the links and thought it would be cool to have a golf ball typewriter for a terminal running focal on the ohio scientific 560z. After doing a pile of research I decided the easiest way would be to use a ibm electronic 50-85 series typewriter. They are a...
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    Terminal Find

    Well I'm on a roll, picked up another terminal off craigslist by chance. checked it over and fired it up and no smoke, seems to be fine. this seems to be a rare one I think, Control Data CC6A9,
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    Terminal Find

    Was looking for a crt monitor at a swap meet over the weekend and found one but it was attached to a amateur radio communications terminal so I had to take the set. It turns out it can be used as serial terminal. and in addition to the ham radio part it has a built-in word processor ,printer...
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    Full-height Tandon 5.25" and generic 3.5" floppy drive on the same cable?

    Most 3.5 have 0ohm resistor you can move to get ds0
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    Z80 for heathkit h8

    I'm looking for a schematic for a z80 board for a h8 system,I know there is a couple of boards but can't seem to find any schematics. Thanks
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    Soon to be added to the collection: A vintage-modern hybrid

    Yes thats the way to go, i use mine for my workhorse ,i just need to add st-506 support
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    help on troubleshooting multi board multi processor system

    here are some pics of the guts and a pic off the web of the unit.
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    help on troubleshooting multi board multi processor system

    I am finally getting around to tackle my grid server unit, and could use some advice on trouble shooting one of the boards. its a 3 board system ,a diagnostic board with a 8031 micro controller , a file server board with 80186 , and a com server board with a 80186 as far as i can tell there are...
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    Altair 8800 power supply photos

    I now have my Altair ready for display, i want to just leave it stock minus the replica supply. i have extra card guides and sockets but i won't install them. i doubt i will hook up a drive or any other devices but wanted to have it do a little more then kill the bit so i made a memory /serial...
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    Altair 8800 power supply photos

    i was able to finish what i think is a very successful power supply replica. originally i wanted to do something that was more robust but decided to go the original route. I did use beefier diode's and wiring. I decided that i would not expand the motherboard as i wanted to leave it in the stock...
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    HP 9845B Workstation and a lot of Extras

    It cleaning up nice, i used a hacksaw blade to remove my safety glass had no problems, reinstalled it with double sided foam tape then silicone around the edge to seal it