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    Whatever happened to apple.asimov.net?

    Whatever happened to apple.asimov.net? I've been trying to get on for the past several days, and no go.
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    I got a VersaWriter unit but have no documentation nor software for it. Been searching in vain online for the materials, so I thought I would ask the community here if anyone either has the documentation &/or software or know where I can get it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Ken
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    ZIP Technology ZIP Drive

    I just received an Apple IIGS with a ZIP Technology ZIP Drive in it. This drive has a Conner CP2044PK hard drive which will not boot (although the drive spins and spins). I've been trying to find information about this device - software, user manual, etc. - and have turned up empty-handed so...
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    Documentation needed for Apple IIe Extended 80 Column Card/RGB

    I have an interesting (to me, at least!) card that I need documentation for. The card is marked "A//e Ext. 80 Col/RGB" and also have "(c) 1984 Video-7" printed on the front of the card, along with the part number 699-0221. I have not been able to find any documentation for this card. I did...
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    Apple2Online.com Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary

    On 01 April 2015, www.Apple2Online.com celebrates it’s 5 year anniversary online. During those 5 years, the site has had over 72,000 visitors, or an average of 14,400 visitors/year and that number continues to grow. A2OL has added 1,086 original high quality PDF files over it’s many file...
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    New at www.Apple2Online.com

    I'm pleased to announce a new library dedicated to the Penguin Software/Polarware catalog of games & utilities on www.Apple2Online.com. The library went online on 1-1-14. I've been working with Mark Pelczarski, founder of Penguin Software/Polarware, for several months now. We've managed to...
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    Acquired a ][...

    I recently acquired a small lot of Apple ][+ systems and, to my pleasant surprise, there was an Apple ][ in the lot, serial number 3884. There is a small article with photographs available on www.Apple2Online.com if anyone is interested in seeing it. Anyway... the system boots fine but there...
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    RetroConnector for the //c

    I posted a short review of my experience with the RetroConnector for the //c over in the A2OL forums: http://apple2online.com/smf/index.php?topic=93.msg381#msg381 (Hope I got that link correct....) This is a wonderful little board and is especially nice for use with a Raspberry Pi! Ken...
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    Penguin/Polarware Library new on A2OL

    I'm happy to announce that Apple2Online.com has just opened another library - this one dedicated to Penguin Software/Polarware titles. To start, we have about 20-some offerings and I am working with Mark Pelczarski, founder of Penguin Software, to locate the rest and get them uploaded to the...
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    Looking for an EDD+ Plus Card

    As some of you may already know, Neil Shapiro of CompuServe fame recently donated 400+ floppies to Apple2Online.com. I have been going through them to create .DSK archival copies to post on the system for everyone to enjoy. I went through about 200 floppies, and of those, I was only able to...
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    CFFA & CiderPress - I simply don't get it

    I sat down today to start work on getting some of the 485 disks that Neil Shapiro (of CompuServe fame) donated to A2OL this week. I have two CF cards - one 128 MB, the other 256 MB, that have been having serious problems in getting them to function on the CFFA3K. I'm hoping someone can give me...
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    EDD+ Card Help

    I acquired an EDD+ card with cable and I am having a bit of a difficult time getting it connected. I have the manuals etc for the card, but it talks only about connecting the EDD+ with a Disk ][ drive and controller. The only thing is says in the manual (that I could find) is that if you are...
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    CFFA3K Card Up on eBay

    After a lot of thought, I decided to put the brand new CFFA3000 card I purchased last year and never used up for sale on eBay. I had purchased 2 of them, one for my IIGS, the other for my IIe, but I was able to get a MicroDrive Turbo for my IIGS, so that left me with one extra CFFA3K card. I...
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    New Mystery Card

    Does anyone have any idea what this card is for? Not much identification on the card save for "ALF 10-4-1A" on what I believe is the bottom of the card, and "QUARK" on the opposite side. Came to me with the cable affixed as indicated in the photo. Ken www.Apple2Online.com
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    Apple IIGS - Bad Clock Memory

    I have an Apple IIGS ROM3 motherboard here that is giving me a "Bad Clock Memory" error. I have been unable to find anything online indicating where on the motherboard the "clock memory" is. Does anyone here know? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Ken www.Apple2Online.com
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    Using an LCD monitor on a IIGS

    I know this has been discussed in the past, but I can't seem to find the threads (probably ignorance on my part). I have a board on my IIGS which allows me to connect the IIGS to an LCD monitor. The results are acceptable, but still not very good. On eBay, there is a seller who is selling a...
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    65816 Replacement Chips

    I need to find a replacement CPU for a IIGS motherboard I have here, and the only thing I can see to find is W65C816S which operates at a maximum of 14 MHz. So, my dumb question of the month is: Can this chip be used in a stock IIGS? Is the CPU like memory - you can use a faster-rated chip but...
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    Help needed re Apple Disk I/O Card

    I just got in a large lot of computers & cards and several of the Apple Disk I/O cards have had their cables ripped off. I need to know the name of the type of connector (5 x 4) that is used on these cards to affix the cable to the card, and where I can purchase them. I've just spent several...
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    CF Extenders

    I posted a similiar post on www.Apple2Online.com and thought I would do the same here in case there is any interest. With the popularity of the MicroDrives and CFFA3K cards, which allow you to use CompactFlash cards as drives, I'm wondering if there is any interest in CF Extender cables. I use...
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    Apple IIGS Clock RAM

    I have an problem here with an Apple IIGS board that I am unable to find any information on via a Google search. The problem is that the clock RAM is turning up bad when I run the AppleService diagnostics on the board. The only solution I can find online is to "replace the motherboard"...