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  1. Desperado

    Cbm 2001 Pet strange boot

    Hi guys, i'm always desperate because without your help I can never fix anything :( I have this 2001 Pet (no crtc ic) with with a problem that has never happened to me... When i turn on, i can see for one second a random chars screen which immediately collapses into a horizontal line! Do you...
  2. Desperado

    Vectrex turns off or freezes when the joystick is pressed

    Hi guys, this is my second Vectrex console which needs to be repaired :( This other Vectrex is different ... it is not from MB but from GCE ... it seems to have been modified by the factory to operate at 220v. Instead of the plug it has a kind of transformer. If i turn on it seems to work but...
  3. Desperado


    Good evening guys, i'm here again....i'm not a lucky guy with this vintage computers :( I receveid 8296-d pcb from my friend (he repaired some track), now seems to works correctly but some keyboard s' keys they don't match with that i can see on screen. Most part of letters and numbers are ok...
  4. Desperado


    Hi guys, can someone help me to repair this dual drive? When i turn on, can i see only blinking leds....i just tryied change RRiot ic with a replacemente board but i have also same defect:( This is video:
  5. Desperado


    Good evening guys, I'm about to buy a vectrex console that has a defect in the screen (as in the photo)... do you think it can be repaired? It appears that the image is shifted all the way to the right and is compressed ... Thanks so much!
  6. Desperado

    Cbm pet 8296-d black screen

    Hello guys, how are you? I'm back here because i bought 8296-D cbm pet but it doesn't work ....i can see black screen and green led on dual floppy drive. This is the first time that I have this model.... I tried to write the pla u5 and u6 on two eproms but nothing changes... What can i do...
  7. Desperado

    Amstrad cpc 464 with bad tape deck

    Hi guys, while i'm restoring my 2001 Cbm Pet, i also repairing a old Cpc 464 Amstrad... I changed power switch and now works! Unfortately the Tape Deck doesn't work....if i press REW or FWD or Play, nothing happens... Some guys tell me that tape relay may be broken....how can i do to check this...
  8. Desperado

    Cbm Pet 2001 restoration

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to restore an old Cbm 2001 ... The computer has a crooked frame in some places and has some keys missing. I started taking everything apart and washing the pieces. How can I go about trying to straighten the bent pieces and where can I find the missing frets? Thanks so...
  9. Desperado

    4032 cbm pet no video

    Hi my friends, how are you? I'm in Covid red zone now in Milan... I bought 4032 CBM PET but i can't see nothing on screen...i can see only random characters and Symbols if i try tun turn of and on faster.... I downloaded Daver2 Pettester v.4 and i inserted it on ud8 socket... How can i do to...
  10. Desperado

    Cbm 8050 dual drive

    Hi guys, how are you? I have a big problem...I hope that someone can help me.. :( I buyied a 8050 Cbm dual drive...it seems to works fine and i have the central led green.. I have some old floppy disks but when i insert one, i can hear a noise and on pet's screen in can read only "bad disk"...
  11. Desperado

    Amiga 600 problems

    Hi guys, i have some troubles with my Commodore A600... When i try to load any floppy, floppy make noise and don't load any game or load only first part and after it blocks :( it also only works through the monitor ...if i connect with antenna cable or composite i can't see any signal on tv...
  12. Desperado

    Commodore 1541 runs continuosly

    Hi guys!Can someone help me with my Commodore 1541 drive? When i turn on, he runs continuosly and the two led lights (green and red) are always on :( I tested 6502, the two 6522 and ls14 and are good.... what could be the problem please? Thanks!
  13. Desperado

    Amiga cdtv 1000 not working

    Hi guys, how are you? Im here again for an information please.... My friend has bought a Cdtv1000 but when he power up, he can see only green led.....the mini lcd time display doesn't works....currently does not have a video cable to try the console ... What could be the failure? Thanks!
  14. Desperado

    Atari 800 xl brown screen

    Hi guys i wanna wish merry Xmas to all!! Im here cause i ve one Atari 800Xl...when i turn on i can see red led light but on Tv i see only dark brown screen...I tried with antenna and composite cable but nothing changes... Can someone help me to repair please? Thanks!
  15. Desperado

    Philips Msx Vg8020 no power up

    Hi guys i'm back after your help and success on my Pet 8032sk! Now please i ask help for my Philips Msx Vg8020....when i turn on, nothing happen and led doesn't lights :( I checked the 3 fuses but they are ok.... Can someone help me to repair it? Thanks!
  16. Desperado

    Commodore Pet 8032SK with monitor not working

    Hello guys, i'm sorry but im still here asking for help please! I have a Cbm Pet 8032 SK 100% working but with monitor not working.... Can someone help me repair it please? Thanks so much! Ps: orange light in cinescope works
  17. Desperado

    Commodore pet 3032 screen full of lines

    Hi guys,please can anyone help me please? I've bought a Cbm 3032 Pet....when i turn on it, i can see only screen full of horizontal lines... (i attach picture)... what could cause the problem? Thanks!
  18. Desperado

    Commodore 64 black and white screen on mini lcd

    Hi guys and good summer for all! Please i need your help.... i need to use a commodore 64 on a small lcd with a din-rca cable....unfortunately when i connect and i turn on, i can see only black and white screen. If i connect in a big lcd tv, i see all colors.... what can I do?I ve try to adjust...
  19. Desperado

    Commoodore Pet Cbm 3016

    Hi guys! I'm back very soon ;) I hope this is the right time.... I told you in the other post of this pet ...This is 3016 Pet and when i turn on,on the screen there are only random characters and symbols ... I suspect bad eprom....or video ram... What do you think is the problem? Thanks for any...
  20. Desperado

    Pet video board 320064-02 bad

    Hello guys! Please can someone help me? I've a 2001-N Cbm Pet with 320064-02 video board...when i turn on also without pet board, resistor R4 (10 ohm) of monitor circuit burn immediately.... What could be the problem? I have already changed resistor, but the new one is also burned. Thanks!