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  1. ibmapc

    Living Computer Museum, Seatle

    Does anyone have any info about the possibility of Living Computer Museum reopening? I see the web site message about their "temporary" closure has not been updated since they first closed.. I think many of us have not been very optimistic about their future. I continue to think of them with...
  2. ibmapc

    Decided to start learnig C

    I've played around with BASIC since about 1979 but never really got super deep into it. A few years ago, I bought a book about assembly, but couldn't stay awake reading it. So, late in September, I started looking for Online Courses for programming. I stumbled accross "C Programming with...
  3. ibmapc

    WTB, WTT: FIC VA503+ Motherboard.

    Processor and memory not required but will consider if deal is right. I have lots of old parts for old machines. If you want to sell or trade or trade plus money. If you have this motherboard (FIC VA503+), PM me and lets see if we can make a deal. Greg
  4. ibmapc

    Living Computers in Seattle is closing, for now?

    Just got an email from Living Computers in Seattle, WA. They are closing down operations for now. I sure hope the find a way to re-open in the future! They were a great host for the VCFPNW for two years until the Covid shut things down. https://www.livingcomputers.org/
  5. ibmapc

    Now that's a clever trick!

    Look at that 5153 monitor! That picture is FABULOUS! Oh, wait, That's just a reflection!! He say's it works, but I wouldn't want to buy it to use as a mirror. You only get a nice image in bright sunlight at just the right angle.
  6. ibmapc

    Accessing Win10 Network share from Win98se

    Has anyone been able to "Map A Network Drive" on a Win98 machine to access a shared drive on a Win10 machine? I can go the other way, i.e. my Win10 machine can access shared drives on my Win98se machine no problem. But, when I try to access a shared drive on the Win10 machine from Win98, I get...
  7. ibmapc

    Issues with USB DVD-ROM on Super Socket 7 board

    Not sure if this belongs here aas this computer isn't really vintage, but maybe the Mods can move this thread if they feel it is necessary. So the machine is built up from a Gigabyte GA-5AA Motherboard (Super Socket 7) with an AMD K6-III+ 450 Processor and 128 Megs of RAM running Win98SE...
  8. ibmapc

    Google says Crynwr.com is UNSAFE!!?

    So, I tried to go to Crynwr.com today to see if I could find a packet driver for a Realtek RTL8029(AS) PCI Ethernet NIC but this message popped up claiming the site is unsafe. Anyone else see this? Anyone have a packet driver for this card? Is there a mirror of the Crynwr site?
  9. ibmapc

    Thanks to Archive.org AKA the WAYBACK MACHINE!!

    I bought a socket 7 motherboard a while back. AZZA PT5IT ver 2.1 https://stason.org/TULARC/pc/motherboards/A/AZZA-Pentium-PT-5IT.html Got it working just fine. But then, I realized that I had a faster processor (AMD K6-2/400)that should work even though the board wasn't designed for it. When I...
  10. ibmapc

    Any experience with Cybex Switchview KVM? Small Group Buy interest?

    THIS looks like a good price for these, but I don't need 5 of them. If someone can tell me if this is an OK brand, I might buy them and sell the surplus cheap. I only want one of them, so if you're interested, let me know by PM. Greg
  11. ibmapc

    Opinions Please; AZZA PT-5IT - AMD K6 200ALR - 16MB EDO - 512K L2

    Anyone here familiar with THIS MOTHERBOARD? I just bought it cause it looked pretty feature rich and was at a decent price. I'd like to use it as a "Tweener" due to the ISA and PCI slots. Let me know what you think. Did I make a good purchase? What kind of video card should I look for for...
  12. ibmapc

    IBM 3270 PC, Boy I'd love one of these.

    I wonder what the final price will be on THIS. I'm sure it will be beyond my budget. If it's as good as the seller states, I'd love to have it in my collection. I guess I can still dream. I'll check back on it in a couple of days. My Dad used to work at IBM San Jose when I was a kid. He...
  13. ibmapc

    WTB or WTT for 486 baby AT motherboard.

    As the title says, I'd like to buy or trade for a decent 486 Baby AT motherboard. Doesn't need to be to fancy. I'm somewhat interested in this one due to the location of the 16bit slots and the memory slots and the onboard IDE and Floppy connectors, but I don't really need the PCI slots. I...
  14. ibmapc

    Help ID this 486 motherboard

    I'm thinking about buying this motherboard. Trouble is, I can't find any info about jumper settings. I looked through all of the 486 boards on TH99. Some close, but not close enough. From googling "ss 486 rev p2ci"(from one of the ebay pics), I found that someone on Vogons was looking for...
  15. ibmapc

    More trouble since the Februay VCFED.ORG forum crash.

    Looks like this might be a lingering symptom from the trouble we went through in February. Some old theads with links to even older threads don't go anywhere. specifically this thread. Look at post #9. Try to follow the link 1MegXT thread. I get a 404 error because it points to...
  16. ibmapc

    FS MDA/EGA/CGA to VGA Converter

    I have for sale one MDA/EGA/CGA to VGA FPGA based Converter designed by Retro Canada and assembled and tested by myself (these things work GREAT!). Please PM me with offer if interested. Greg
  17. ibmapc

    Wanted, Sound Blaster CT2290 with IDE

    As the title says, I'm looking for an SB CT2290 with IDE. I need this model because my current project has only 4 ISA slots. So, I want to put XUB on a BOOT ROM on a NIC and and use that to access the Hard Drive or DOM connected to the IDE port on a Sound Blaster. I will pay reasonable price...
  18. ibmapc

    ERS Meter

    Anyone here have experience with this ESR Meter? I'm thinking of buying one to test for bad caps. I'd like to be able to test in circuit and this one claims that it can. Are there limitations when testing a capacitor in circuit? Any recommendations greatly appreciated. I don't want to spend...
  19. ibmapc

    Adding an IDE Header and Resistor Pack to a WD286-WDM20 Motherboard.

    I want to attempt to install the parts needed to get the "Optional" on-board IDE Interface working on this motherboard which I bought a few days ago. Specs can be found Here. Looking at the attatched photo, the place for the missing IDE header is visible as well as the place for an SMT...
  20. ibmapc

    Western Digital WD286-WDM20 Motherboard

    So, I bought this motherboard yesterday. Specs are here. I noticed that there was an option for an IDE interface but the E-bay pics show that the IDE header(J5) is missing as well as RP5 to the left of the header location and a few jumper blocks. Is possible to get IDE working on this board...