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  1. MattisLind

    IBM RT PC experts?

    Any IBM RT PC owners out there? I have an IBM RT PC that I would like to get working. It is a 6150 tower. I also have a megapel board, the 5081 screen, keyboard and mouse. Many years ago the battery was removed and it was started up. The LED indicators stopped at the hard disk step...
  2. MattisLind

    Northern Europe Ns32032-10 wanted.

    I am looking for a NS32032-10 chip for my Opus 110 board.
  3. MattisLind

    VT52 Numeric keypad - missing one key top.

    What kind of keypad is this? It is a VT52-AF terminal. Does anyone have the missing keytop that I can buy / trade for something?
  4. MattisLind

    Has anyone a XXDP image with TU60 driver?

    I am trying to create a TADP image to run with my TU60 connected to an 11/10 (to act as a loader for SPCWAR.LDA file). But I cannot find any XXDP image which has the CT driver. Malcom has cassettes listed on his webpage which looks like they might contain a TADP but I am not sure if they ever...
  5. MattisLind

    IOX-11 stuck.

    I am investigating why IOX-11 sometimes get stuck. This is part of my SPACEWAR project where I have gotten the old SPACEWAR code that Bill Seiler wrote in 1974 running on a PDP-11 with a AR11 card. The background is that I though it would be useful to have a single binary that could be loaded...
  6. MattisLind

    BA11-L mounting brackets.

    I have a small PDP-11/04 that is in the BA11-L chassis. 5,25 inch high. It is missing the rear mounting brackets. Anyone has a BA11-L rackmounted that can take som photos?
  7. MattisLind

    KV8/L and BA08?

    I have one BA08s coming with the PDP-8/L machine I have and I wanted to use my machine with a vectorscope of some sort so when I saw a KV8/L option on Ebay I jumped on it. The BA08 manual says that the KV8/L and VC8/L option is mutually exclusive. It lists the card position for the VC8/L but not...
  8. MattisLind

    SPACEWAR on PDP-11/05.

    Today I got the SPACEWAR program for PDP-11 that Bill Seiler and Larry Bryant wrote in 1974 working on my PDP-11/05. The implementation that Bill and Larry did was made for AA11 and AD01 while I only have a AR11 board. The AR11 has 10 bit D/A converters while the AA11 is 12 bit. The AA11 is...
  9. MattisLind

    DEC PDP-11 based Tektronox systems on Ebay.

    Just happened to see these two: https://www.ebay.com/itm/254927982214 https://www.ebay.com/itm/265111563992 Tektronix 8501 and 8560 development systems. Quite nice selfcontained PDP-11 based systems. Price is perhaps a bit high and I don't think there are just a few QBUS slots in them...
  10. MattisLind

    Repairing my Tek 4051

    My Tektronix 4051 has been sitting on the shelf since the analog board blew several years ago. I think it is about time to get back to it and fix it. Back then the ceramic module with 8 laser trimmed resistors blew. For some unknown reason. Since then I built a replacement out of 40 pieces of...
  11. MattisLind

    DECtape archeology

    I have recovered some DECtapes and DECtape IIs. There were some early XXDP tapes, RT11 dist set for V4 with patches, 11/750 console and diagnostic tapes, 11/730 console and diagnostic tapes. The VAX diagnostic tapes are from DEC FS and seems to be home brewed. So they are not exactly matching...
  12. MattisLind

    TU58 dump tool?

    Is there anyone that has built a tool already do dump TU58-tapes on a Linux machine? There is PUTR of course. But it is DOS only and is written in assembler so it cannot be ported easily. The other option is running RT11 on a PDP-11, but then there is the hassle of getting the dumps off the...
  13. MattisLind

    Cromemco software on Ebay.

    Not mine. https://www.ebay.com/itm/203014799203
  14. MattisLind

    Extended M847 board on pdp-8/a

    I built an extended M847 designed by Roland and tried it on my pdp-8/a. But I couldn't get it to work. It would deposit into memory, but load address didn't work for some reason. So I attached my logic analyzer and read schematics and manuals. After a day of head scratching and reading manuals...
  15. MattisLind

    Anyone with spare Extended M847 boards designed by Roland?

    Is there anyone sitting with a spare PCB for the extended M847 board that Roland Huisman designed? I just need one and there is little point in ordering PCBs (unless there are bunch that want to join in on a run for boards).
  16. MattisLind

    Lab PDP-8/a runninig.

    I got my lab pdp-8/a computer the other day. I had several of these 10 slot boxes that originally came with the G8016 regulator. I thought it was nice to have a light and easy to handle lab omnibus machine for testing various boards. The 5 Chinese PSUs gives+5V, +15V, -15V, -5V and +20V, Had to...
  17. MattisLind

    IBM 5110 power supply schematics?

    A friend of mine got an IBM 5110 which was dead and I am trying to help out. It blows fuses. First he told me the transformer was short circuit. When I looked at the PSU I recognised that it was a switcher. And quickly concluded that one of the chopper transistors was a three pole short. The...
  18. MattisLind

    IBM 5110 transformer?

    A friend of mine is trying to repair a IBM 5110. He is convinced that the transformer is bad. Anyone knows the spec of the transformer? Someone that has a spare?
  19. MattisLind

    Got a PERQ T2 - any one else that has a PERQ here?

    There was an ad on a Norwegian ad site site for a old computer. An ICL PERQ. It was only 75 USD so I got a friend of mine in Oslo purchase it and when he as going on vacation to Sweden he brought it along. It is a PERQ T2. According to the seller it doesn't work. It came with two monitors...
  20. MattisLind

    LAB8/E changing characters

    Hello Volker, Do you have an oscilloscope? I would use that to have a look on the signal from the serial cards. To me it looks like there is a baudrate mismatch. Does it send this many characters when only sending one single character from the PDP-8? Do you know that the serial port adapter or...