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    World's most advanced Tandy 1000EX

    I'm selling off my personal 1000EX system: https://www.ebay.com/itm/384217647487 I'll accept offers for less here since I won't have to deal with eBay fees.
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    Dentist Appointment

    I have a dentist appointment today. I get nervous before every appointment so my dentist texts a joke to me a few hours before. This is what he sent today. What do dentists call their patient's x-rays? .. .. Tooth pics! I know, former Marine getting nervous over the dentist. Doesn't make...
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    Help finding software post on this site

    Somewhere on this forum was software to download that speeds up the first access of a large CF card in XTIDE controllers. Like a dummy I didn't download it right away thinking I would investigate later. The post was made perhaps a few months ago. Well, no matter how I search this forum I can't...
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    IBM Personal Computer 340 For Sale

    I'm selling a recently upgraded IBM PC 340. https://www.ebay.com/itm/384168405547 I'll accept offers here for less since ePay fees will be avoided.
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    WTB: Silicon Valley Computer ADP50L 8bit AT IDE Controller

    I used the last of my ADP50L cards the other day. Specs here: http://www.uncreativelabs.de/th99/c/S-T/20200.htm I need another one for a project. Anyone have one laying around they wouldn't mind parting with?
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    Western Digital WDXT-150 XT IDE Controller Card

    I have a Western Digital WDXT-150 XT IDE 8bit controller card. Specs here: http://www.uncreativelabs.de/th99/c/U-Z/20237.htm I realize this card will only work with 8bit XT IDE drives like the Seagate ST351A/x. Does anyone know if there was ever an IDE to CF adapter made to allow CF cards to...
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    Tandy/IBM "FrankenDrive" Hard Card

    I'm selling a hybrid hard card I made: https://www.ebay.com/itm/384160985166 I took a Tandy 20MB hard card and converted it to a 512MB hard card using a Silicon Valley Systems ADP50L AT controller and CF cards.
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    Thoughts on emulation using vintage hardware

    I ran across this eBay listing: https://www.ebay.com/itm/392922964142 (The $5000 asking price is nuts by the way) It's a TRS-80 model III that has been modified to use a RaspPI for motherboard emulation, an Arduino to remap the original keyboard, and a custom video adapter from HDMI to analog...
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    Companion Disk for Book

    Does anyone have the companion disk to this book? ( https://archive.org/details/highspeedanimati00adam ) "High Speed Animation and Simulation for Microcomputers" by Lee Adams? I purchased the disk way back in 1990 when I bought the book and *I know* I saw it a few years back in my software...
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    Microsolutions Parallel Port External CDROM drive

    I have a couple of 164550 (4x) external parallel port CD-ROM drives made by Microsolutions. These both work fine on my Monotech NuXT V2.0 motherboard ( https://monotech.fwscart.com/NuXT_v20_-_MicroATX_Turbo_XT_-_10MHz_832K_XT-IDE_Multi-IO_SVGA/p6083514_19777986.aspx ). However, on my clone 8MHz...
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    WTB: Two dead COCO2 systems

    I'm looking to purchase two either dead COCO2 systems that are beyond repair or two COCO2 empty cases. The cases must be in good shape. Yellowing not a problem. I saw this picture years ago and want to build it. Be aware that I will be cutting the cases up, so not looking for working systems or...
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    Uploading images not working for me

    I have a JPG image that is 207KB in size. When I try to include it in a message I'm told the size of 431KB exceeds the 256KB max limit. The file is 207KB in size. Why is the file being seen as 431KB when in fact it's 207KB?
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    Site very slow

    When the update first happened I noticed the site was a little slower but nothing major. Today, when I click on something, more often than not I'm greeted with a yellow box at the top of the screen with "Working" inside of it. After that it will take anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds for something...
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    ERRORLEVEL using batch files

    Does anyone know of a site that contains DOS commands that were specifically used in DOS batch files to return ERRORLEVEL values? For instance, FINDRAMD.COM that is included on WIN95/98 CDs returns an ERRORLEVEL value corresponding to the drive letter of a RAM drive if one is present...
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    IBM PS/2 Model 35SX For Sale

    Selling my IBM PS/2 Model 35SX https://www.ebay.com/itm/384075543860 I'll accept offers here lower than the ePay asking price since I won't have to deal with fees.
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    Magitronic PC/XT FDC I/O Card Not Working

    Hello. Last year I picked up a brand new Magitronic PC/XT system on eBay. About a month ago I finally got around to tinkering with it. The original full length FDC, dual COM, LPT, Game, and RTC card has extensive Varta battery damage but still works. It's this card...
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    Strange AMD K6 233MHz CPU

    Back in the late 90's while working as a computer tech I built many K6 systems so I am pretty familiar with the CPUs. I recently purchased a Micronics Twister motherboard on ePay and it included the K6 233MHz CPU shown in the pictures below: I've never run across a K6 (or any AMD CPU for that...
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    Limiting the speed of a CRDOM drive. Possible?

    Hello. Over the years I've accumulated quite a few (20+) dead/defective CDROM drives. A few days ago I decided to see if I could fix any of them and to my surprise I have over half of them working again, through removing old grease and applying new white grease, pulling ribbon cables, cleaning...
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    IBM Personal Computer 340 CPU Issues

    Hello, I have the following IBM Personal Computer 340 I am currently restoring/upgrading: Machine Type: 6560-17A Surepath BIOS Flash Revision Level LXKT20AUS BIOS Date: 07/21/96 System Board Identifier: 0YVTGL28S25 I'm trying to replace the original Intel Pentium 100 CPU with an Intel Pentium...
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    Tandy 1000 TX, CM11 Monitor, 2 External Drives

    Not my listing, just pointing it out. Pick up in North Carolina. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tandy-1000-TX-in-Original-Box-with-2-5-1-4-External-Drives/383981722485