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    DECSystem 5000/240

    Hi ethump, glad to here another DEC MIPS machine is working. That's three I know of in north of England. I haven't looked at OSF yet.
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    Restoring a DEC PDP-11/05

    Are two terminators necessary/supported in the 11/05? I see two in the above photos. Perhaps as also previously suggested you cant try terminating at the end of the first backplane, that will eliminate the issue being in the other two backplanes.
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    DECSystem 5000/240

    Thanks g4ugm for the offer but I think I've made good progress. I dug out an NEC SCSI CD-ROM drive and while looking in the box I found a DEC RRD43, I've previously only tried known good working RRD42 drives from my VAXstations's. I connected up the NEC drive and attempted to boot (boot...
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    DECSystem 5000/240

    Thanks, I'll dig a more modern SCSI CD-ROM out and give that a try. I've tried a couple of RRD42 already.
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    DECSystem 5000/240

    I have been struggling to burn the Ultrix images to CD-R but after a lot of trial and error and testing I've managed to burn both a 4.3 and a 4.5 iso. I used UltraISO but had to throttle back the write speed of my writer from 24x to 4x. I can now boot both the 4.3 CD and 4.5 CD but after...
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    DECSystem 5000/240

    Thanks MattisLind for the information.
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    DECSystem 5000/240

    Thanks Bitly for the offer, think i have the 4.5 img now.
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    DECSystem 5000/240

    I've been given an image to trey from a DEC enthusiast in the UK to try (Thanks Rob(y)). I'll give that a try next week. Here are some photographs of the shorted diode in case anyone else has a dead DECStation/DECSystem 5000. I intend to replace the diode.
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    DECSystem 5000/240

    I've had a DECSystem 5000/240 for a while and recently decided to check it out. I cleaned it up and tested the PSU offline and it appears OK. I connected the PSU to the system board via the large ground and +5V cables only and no issues, PSU fans turn and some LED's are active. I switched it off...
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    Need advice on DEC RAINBOW adapter

    Hello Verault, the connector for the keyboard will need to be the female socket version of the connector on the end of your LKxxx keyboard. LK201 keyboard springs to mind, some info is below I don't know a place that stocks the socket (4 pin) but I don't think it will be that difficult to...
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    Need advice on DEC RAINBOW adapter

    This link may be a suitable place to start if you can build your own cable, http://www.larosse.net/pc100/vr201rep.html
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    Erasing disks on a MicroVAX 3300 and 3400.

    Hi Dave, A little rusty but you have to select the DSSI device from the command prompt for example and may not be exact syntax, it may also be different for different VAX models but at least it is a start. >>> SHOW DEVICE Then select DSSI controller, its number 5 for example from show device...
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    PDP-11/70 boards

    There is someone on Facebook group DEC Computer Users with PDP-11/70 PCB's, not sure what continent he is on.
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    Can RT-11 be loaded into memory using PDP11GUI?

    AK6DN's comment above about a virtual device reminds me of a configuration that I used to support on 11/70's. The customer had a 4MB Dataram BC202 attached at the end of the Unibus as a "fast disk" called DF0: in RSX11M. I think it emulated a DEC RF-11. Comparable now to an SSD cache tier in a...
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    DEC H7140 PSU

    I'm looking for a DEC H7140 PSU in working condition for my PDP-11/24. I'm in the UK. TIA.
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    M8189 bootstrap error LED's D1 and D4 on

    The DDV11-B is an expansion backplane with E&F slots for custom hardware. I'm not a ware of a chassis that has this with run and halt switches etc. Hopefully the OP will provide further detail
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    M8189 bootstrap error LED's D1 and D4 on

    I'm interested in you statement "installed on a backplane with 6 slots (A,B,C,D,E,F) but only A,B ,C and D slots are used". Can you provide the model/part number of the backplane? Are you sure it is a QBUS and not Unibus backplane?
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    SLU switch meaning

    Odd, that CPU patch panel looks like the MicroVAX II panel and not an 11/73 from memory and also looking at MicroVAX II technical manual. I recall the 11/73 panel having a DB25 console port and a rotary switch that you use a screwdriver to set Baud rate with. I don't recall that panel in the...
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    Get your PDP-11 and VAX orders in early for Christmas...

    I have an -11 that you can fit in your carry on luggage, it is an 11/02 in a BA11-VA;) Its like a small PC.