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    RomBuilder Pro for GRiD

    I've written a program 'RomBuilder Pro for GRiD' which has a modern interface and does a bunch of fancy junk. I think I'm in the final testing phase but haven't owned a Compass model in over two decades so I can't confirm results for that series. If anyone is willing to burn and test Compass...
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    VGA card with decent palette grayscaling for Gas-Plasma panel?

    I have a gas-plasma panel being driven off the VESA feature connector of an Orchid Fahrenheit 1280 (1mb ISA card). The panel itself is capable of 16 shades but I am unhappy with the palette grayscaling when in display modes greater than 16 colors. It just goes psychedelic. For example, when I...
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    Grid Palmpad cables

    Does anyone have a spare palmpad power/serial cable they can part with. I really don't care to 'get creative' with this one. Thanks.
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    Was there a GRiD MS-DOS 3.31?

    Lately I've been having a great time messing with ROMs for the GridCase 1500 series. The customized io.sys in 'GRiD MS-DOS 3.3' implements some pretty slick ROM integration features. The MS-DOS 3.3 32 MB partition limit for hard drives is a real bummer though. Does anyone know if there was...
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    Grid 1450sx power issues

    I've been tinkering with a dead Grid 1450sx for a while now. I recapped the power supply and am now getting my 5v, +12, -12, etc. but the computer still refuses to come to life. There are a few pins on the power supply to mainboard connection that haven't been able to ID yet. They either are...
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    Gridcase 1520 hardware password after RTC clock replacement

    Interesting thing happened today. I finally bought a brand new Dallas RTC and installed it in my GridCase 1520. Everything went fine until I went to power it on... Time/Date not set, Press F1, yeah, yeah, ENTER PASSWORD... wait, what? Of course I tried entering a variety of generic guesses...
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    Caching hard drive controller functions?

    I would like to better understand how hard drive controllers with dedicated cache utilized their resources. What was the most optimal caching strategy used by vendors (what to store, and when)? Similar for IDE vs. SCSI? Was the cache used for reading, writing, or both? If the cache was used...
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    PS/2 Model 80, install OS/2 Warp 3 from second HDD?

    I would like to install OS/2 Warp 3, for which I have original media, to my PS/2 model 80 with the following drive configuration. A: 1.44 Floppy C: 120GB SCSI Formatted fresh and MS-DOS 6.22 installed, boots D: 400GB SCSI Formatted clean, copied OS/2 Warp 3 CD-ROM contents to it using another...
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    Adaptec AHA-2940UW SCSI controller rescue

    A little Sunday morning adventure... I've been messing with an Adaptec AHA-2940UW controller that in various machines would either lock the machine at the point that the SCSI BIOS should kick in, boot then freeze, or boot and the DOS Adaptec flash utility would say no BIOS present when trying...
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    IBM XT bad memory diagnostic cheat

    I few weeks ago I was tinkering on a 5160 that would only count to 64K even though it had 256K onboard + 256K on a card. I have a cheap thermal camera so I took a peek and... viola, it stood out like a sore thumb. I swapped the chip and it went to 256k like champ. (see attached pic...
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    GRiD 1450SX Power blink

    I picked up a cheap GRiD 1450SX of unknown condition, without power supply. It's got one of those round connectors with 2 large pins and 1 small pin... common on receipt printers and surely many other things. Anyhow, I know the thing is 17VDC so I disassembled the unit and determined that of...
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    Toshiba T3200SX power supply troubleshooting

    I picked up a T3200SX that won't power on. There is no DC output at all from the power supply and a beautiful squeal. I'm still working my way through the circuit but my question is... When the power supply is functioning normal, which is the power good signal? Or does it not have one? 1...
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    Sony CXQ70108D-8 (V20) CPU at 12MHz?

    I have an AGC AC1100-12 'TURBO BOARD' board that I've been tinkering on here and there, trying to get it working. It's CPU is a Sony CXQ70108D-8 which I understand is a V20 and I feel that it's original to the board. If the -8 on the CPU indicates 8 MHz then this would be a 50% overclocking...
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    STB Systems AT/RLL(2,7) drive controller information request

    Hello all. I've been trying to find jumper settings for the this drive controller but am not having any luck. It's a 16-bit ISA card with 17 jumpers identified at W1-W17. A photo is attached. The PCB top copper layer says: "STB SYSTEMS" "FAB REV.B" "210-0078-002" The EPROM labeled "AT...