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    A flake to avoid on ebay

    well, quick update. got the PC back today and shock shock, it works exactly as I described in the description. I entered the setup info and booted right into the HDD. the buyer listed reason for return was the item was defective, diskette drives did not work and the PC "would not open". well...
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    A flake to avoid on ebay

    That thought crossed my mind as well but most of the time his English seemed good. I got a lot of "old man" vibes off him. I know this sounds kinda unrealistic but I almost got the feeling that he was just an old guy that never touched a computer before. I feel like he bought my 386 not actually...
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    A flake to avoid on ebay

    Okay, I have a fun vintage computer horror story I'll tell to vent. sold an old 386 PC that had a working hard drive BUT since the battery was dead you had to go into setup and reenter the info every time. it was an older style external battery which I didn't have any extras so I decided to...
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    Southwest FS: BSR 386SX/16 desktop computer

    I'll do $140 if you're in the Phoenix, AZ area and are willing to do a local pickup.
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    Southwest FS: BSR 386SX/16 desktop computer

    BSR 386SX/16 vintage desktop computer. This computer is tested working but please read the details below before buying! specs: CPU is an intel 386SX @ 16MHz, 4MB of memory, Intel 387 math coprocessor, built-in Cirrus Logic "Eagle II" video chip. MAD16 16-bit ISA sound card. 1.2MB 5 1/4 floppy...
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    power supply for Carry I 8088 FT-8100

    I have a Carry I micro 8088 XT PC. but no power supply. There barely any info I can find on this thing so I just was wondering if anyone knew the wattage for the power supply. I have a generic 12V DC supply that fits. It seems to work and the machine appears to post, lights come on and the...
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    WTB: twistless floppy cable and 3 1/2 floppy drive set to D0 for Tandy 1000

    So I'm looking to upgrade my Tandy 1000SX with a 720k 3 1/3 floppy drive to compliment the 360k 5 1/4 drive but I've had no luck untwisting my own cables. I keep getting general read errors and the such and I'm not sure if it's my floppy drive or my apparent sub-par ability to modify a floppy...
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    setboard can't setup EEPROM on Intel above board

    Trying to add some memory to my IBM AT with an Itel above board plus. when I run the setboard program it detects the board but when I try to set things up manually I get the "setboard can't setup EEPROM: error and it asks me to call IBM support. I tried setting things up manually as well several...
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    Grid 286 1520 will not power on

    I recently picked up a Grid 286 model 1520. when I plug it in (the 3 prong PSU) and hit the power switch the lower/external disk drive and battery charging/low lights blink and then nothing. Two of the many times I've tried to power it on it did start to boot and then shut off after a few...
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    Orchard Tiny Turbo question

    I recently acquired an Orchard Tiny Turbo 8088 to 286 accelerator. I've read a few places that this card is incompatible with the Tandy 1000 line. My question is, is the incompatibility due to the placement of the CPU socket on the tandy motherboard making the Tiny Turbo's cable far too short to...
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    First mac to offer A/V in

    kind of an odd question but what was the first Macintosh to offer A/V in jacks as standard? also were there any A/V in Nubus or PDS cards for older Macintosh II systems?
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    Wanted: lower bezel to a apple IIe color composite monitor

    I know this is a super long shot but I have an Apple IIe Color Composite Monitor missing the lower bezel. It's the hinged plastic part that folds down to reveal the adjusting knobs under. I figure it a long shot but maybe someone here has a completely dead or busted monitor their holding onto...
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    Need nlx bracket for video card

    Anyone have a cheap nlx form factor bracket they can sell me? With or without attached video card. I just need the bracket.
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    installing a DF0 selector in an amiga 2000

    ok, so I bought a DF0 selector off AMIGAstore.eu some time ago to install in my amiga 2000 so I could select between my internal floppy drive and an external floppy emulator (to keep the origional look on the desktop). The instructions I found seem to be for an Amiga 500 where your supposed to...
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    The Amiga 2000 only outputs monchrome via the composite jack?

    I just wanted to confirm this but does the Amiga 2000 only output monochrome via the rear composite jack? I wanted to do some simple video capturing via composite from my A2000 but all I was getting was a B/W signal. The Amiga is NTSC and not PAL. To firm this I even connected it up to a...
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    WTB: anyone have any NEC VC SDRAM for sale?

    looking for NEC VC-SDRAM of any size. I think only NEC produced this RAM and it looks just like PC100/133. It was supposed to be a sort of competitor to RDRAM and DDR and was only supported by VIA Apollo PRO 133/133A and KX133 chipsets AFAIK. I was able to find this image of a stick...
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    Quadram PCjr

    Just picked up a Quadram pcjr expansion chassis. not a lot of information on the net about this particular unit. can anyone tell me how much RAM it can expand the PCjr up to or any intresting features it provides? I also read a post that said you can swap the 360k drive for a 720k drive...
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    gateway 2000 4dx2-66v specs questions

    recently restored a desktop gateway 2000 4dx2-66v but I have a few questions. did a google search but couldn't find any info or a manual for this model (it is the older large case with only 3 5 1/4 bays and the Pentium overdrive socket on the MB). what's the MAX RAM limit on this motherboard...