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    Intel CPUs incl. C8008, FDIV Pentium, Gold top P-Pro

    Job lot of Intel CPUs: - C8008 (purple ceramic, date code 7818 ) - D8085A - MHS D8088 - I-D8088 (8346) - R80186 (8530) - A80286-10 - A80386DX-25 (SX218 ) - A80486SX-20 (SX406) - Pentium gold top A80501-66 SX837 (has FDIV bug) - Pentium A80502133 (SK106) - Pentium Pro gold top (KB80521EX200...
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    1000EX ISA RAM Expansion

    Is there any issue with ISA RAM cards in the 1000EX? For memory below 640K I mean. Many thanks!
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    Shugart FDD Disk Change line

    On the Shugart FDD interface pin 2 is "disk change detect", my understanding is the drive generates this signal to inform the host. In the Yamaha C1 Music Computer, this signal is routed to an 'IO Controller' listed as 'YCAI' - presumably some customer logic or gate array of some description -...
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    27C256 ROM Burning Request: Shipping to Maryland

    Hi All! Looking for help getting programmed ROMs to Maryland. This is to support an exciting real use case for a very vintage machine. Needed: someone with a ROM burner and two 27C256 chips (28 pin DIP) in the USA prepared to write out a ROM image and post onwards. Image is 64KB ROM and needs...
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    Fixed BIOS drive type with different drive

    Do t think I’ve ever actually tested this. For a simple bios that doesn’t support auto detection and have manually set drive type, eg type 1, how would the controller respond to a different device being connected provided the device meets or exceeds the expected CHS values? Seems to me it...
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    Calling All Hands: Yamaha C1 Music Computer Expansion Slot Interface

    Please see thread in PCs and Clones section here: http://www.vcfed.org/forum/showthread.php?67579-Calling-All-Hands-Yamaha-C1-Laptop-Expansion-Slot
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    Calling All Hands - Yamaha C1 Laptop Expansion Slot

    I've received a very interesting memo about the Yamaha C1 Music Computer. This machine had 8 MIDI slots and a special version of Sequencer Gold to use them all. Supplied with either 20MB MFM HDD and a floppy or two floppies. http://www.old-computers.com/museum/computer.asp?st=1&c=1176...
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    Xilinx XC9536 CPLDs - Just Pay Postage

    Anyone after some XC9536 CPLDs? These are 5V parts. Just pay postage - £5 UK and £10 US/Europe. Part Number: XC9536-15VQG44C. Qty approx 40.
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    Lo-tech PCBs Now Available via TexElec

    Lo-tech products are now available via Texelec at https://texelec.com/ In a big change this means that these boards are now available complete and assembled, ready to go! The Lo-tech site will be changing to focus on reference materials over the next few weeks, the wiki and associated...
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    Lo-tech: An Update / What's happening with Lo-tech

    Lo-tech has been running since about 2012 providing PCBs and a few components mostly to the likes of vcfed members, and it's evolving. I'm moving the brand to a partner based model, meaning a small number of approved partners will be able to offer Lo-tech products, either as bare boards or, for...
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    IBM PC 5155 Case Screws Specs

    My development 5155 is currently without screws owing to a bunch of stuff having gone missing in a house move. Therefore I need to know the specs of the screws, i.e. length and thread, so I can get some replacements. I think there are two types. To be clear, the screws missing are those in the...
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    Help with CompactFlash Image for US Delivery - Well Known Music Artist

    I urgently need assistance with this. I've previously provided a CompactFlash card for a well known music artist in the USA to run a 5160 with some old MIDI software. However the card has been lost and therefore I have been asked to provide a replacement. Anyone that can help me with this...
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    ATX PSU with 12,5,-5,-12 rails

    UK via eBay - I have an effectively unused ATX PSU for sale currently. This unit has a -5V rail. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/201959272128
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    5155 - any interest? (UK)

    I have a working 5155 twin FDD that I am looking to find a new home for. This has been my hardware development machine so expect it's condition to be somewhat well used. Screen is good. Power supply quiet. 256k on board RAM plus expansion card. V20 CPU I think. Original blue IBM Bag included...
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    Bootable DOS 3.3 Drive Image

    I'm looking for a bootable hard drive image of the above due to having lost mine. Any format should do, a single 32MB partition would be ideal. Many thanks in advance.
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    Lo-tech TRS-80 IDE PCBs

    I have a surplus of the above board (bare PCBs), so would be happy to cut a deal to any builders looking to take quantities of them eg 10, 20 or more boards. PM if interested. https://www.lo-tech.co.uk/product/lo-tech-trs-80-ide-adapter/
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    Assembled Lo-tech Boards

    eBay seller Texelec has a number of assembled lo-tech boards available: http://stores.ebay.com/texelec?rt=nc&_from=R40&_nkw=lo-tech This seller is not connect to lo-tech in any way, however I can vouch for the quality of the workmanship as they have built some samples for me.
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    Tandy Sound Compatible PCB

    Hi All This design for a simple PCB to provide basic Tandy sound to clones has been sitting in my Eagle CAD folder for a while, but at last it is ready to go to fab. Expect PCBs in the store in about 3 weeks time for those wanting to experiment with the first cut! Needs a SN76489AN chip as...
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    Revised Lo-tech Boards

    A couple of updates in all things Lo-tech. First, the MIF-IPC clone is now confirmed working with Roland MPU-401. The card uses the ISA slot bracket from an IBM 1501987 parallel card. Secondly, the 8-bit IDE Adapter, which works with normal IDE and SATA drives, has now moved on to Revision 3...
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    ISA Breadboard

    Any interest in a new 8-bit ISA breadboard? It's something that I get asked about occasionally but I'm not sure there is enough demand to run a batch of boards.