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  1. J

    Identify a suspect PDP8/???

    Can anyone help me definitively identify this PDP 8? It has a F front panel, but I've been told that it's actually an M. Looking for a couple sources to cite. Ohh... And I'd like to sell it if you're interested... There are more images on this CraigsList ad. Thanks, - Jeff
  2. J

    Mits Altair Furniture Retention

    I recently purchased what I believe would be called a Mits 300/25 with the rack, desk and supports. The table top is in reasonably, but not perfect, condition. It looks complete with an 8800b front panel and a turnkey board. And dual Pertec eight inch floppy disk drives all on rails. I believe I...
  3. J

    For Sale; Atari Mega ST2, Megafile 30 and SM124 monitor

    For sale; Atari Mega ST2 Megafile 30 SM124 mono monitor I acquired a pile of Atari and other stuff the other day. A nice 1040ST working with mono monitor for my collection although I'd like to have a color SC1224 monitor. An electric mechanical adding machine and a C64 w/ floppy. Also a...
  4. J

    WTB; Keyboard and mouse for Atari Mega ST2

    Wanted to buy; Keyboard and mouse for Atari Mega ST2 if Keyboard and mouse available then data cable for Megafile too. I acquired a pile of Atari and other stuff the other day. A nice 1040ST working with mono monitor for the collection although I'd like to have a color SC1224 monitor. An...
  5. J

    Wanted; Cromemco Z-1 U$D or I have an Ithaca Intersystems DPS-1 to trade / for sale

    I have two Ithaca Intersystems DPS-1 with matching 950 eight inch drives. One boots from the eight inch floppy. The other is for trade or sale. I'd very much like to find a Cromemco Z-1 S-100 front panel computer. I'm willing to do some trading. More images on the Craigslist posting...
  6. J

    WTB / Need TRS-80 Model 1 Keycaps

    I've got this Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 1 working after replacing a chip in the Video RAM. I'm missing three key caps. 'X, ':' and 'BREAK'. Anyone have some spares? Is there a TRS-80 Bone yard? Wonder if a model 4 keyboard can be a Donner? The break key would be the wrong color though. I...
  7. J

    Processor Technology Sol-20 Restored and working

    I'm selling a Processor Technology Sol-20. I posted it on Craigslist in Phoenix Arizona check it out for current images. I'm willing to ship to addressees in the United States. I'll consider a trade for a Cromemco Z-1. It's a Sol-20 that I've repaired and upgraded the power supply, and...
  8. J

    WTB; Vector Graphics Vector 1 S-100 chassis

    Back in the day the Vector Graphics Vector 1 S-100 computer was a favorite. Somehow I let it getaway. Now I'm wanting to find one again. I'll give it a good home. There is one like this image and also one with a 5" drive too. I'll consider either one. Back in the day I had one as pictured.
  9. J

    Tanner 64k Static RAM with AM2716DC EPROM

    For use in my Imsai FIF project.... I'm attempting to run Martin's MEMON80 monitor from an AM2716DC EPROM placed at the top of a 64k COEX (Tanner/ Digital Research) Static RAM board. I burnt the EPROM with an ME2700. I put the ORG at F800 The eprom appears to match the .PRN. I took an educated...
  10. J

    Imsai FIF FDC project

    I recently acquired another set of Imsai Calcomp drives and a two board set of an FIF FDC consisting of the FIB and IFM cards as well as all necessary cabling - between the cards, card to rear panel and a ribbon cable from the back of the Imsai to the drive enclosure. I spent a good part of...
  11. J

    Ssm vb1b sn 1133

    Background I have a couple SSM VB1B video cards. I'll refer to them by their serial # The one I have working is 1133, the other I'll call SN BB because 'Bad Board' is etched with an electric pen on the foil near the SN which is blank. I'll start a separate thread with the BB sn most likely when...
  12. J

    Cromemco Z-2D Siemens (Wangco) Model 82 FDD jumper settings

    I got a signon out of RDOS with my Cromemco Z-2D. Check it out here for some pictures. ZPU, (2) 16KZ RAM cards and a 4FDC. I have some possibly suitable drives, if my Siemens end up bad, from a Heathkit 3 drive enclosure. Not really wanting to break this up as I have an H8 I'd like to get...
  13. J

    Solid State Music IO4 nibble error. Troubleshooting assistance?

    I'm repairing a Solid State Music (SSM) IO4 card. I'm configuring it as an Altair 88-2SIO which I've accomplished previously on another board. I verified my cables and TeraTerm config using Martin's 88-2SIOJ card first. I cleaned up some questionable solder spots, checked voltages. The board...
  14. J

    PDP-8 OS/8 Handler and Disk Server

    Anyone have experience with the PDP-8 OS/8 Handler and Disk Server? I would like my PDP-8/M to run this. I'll have to find a couple M8650 or M8655serial cards - or I've heard of serial card clones??? What is the minimum amount of Memory in the PDP-8 necessary to run this server?
  15. J

    WTB Cromemco 16FDC

    Hi, I have a Cromemco branded PerSci 299 in a wood case in excellent condition. I need a floppy disk controller for it. I have a Cromemco Z-2D It has a 4FDC I'm looking for a Cromemco 16FDC S-100 controller. If you have one or know someone that has one willing to sell, please get in touch with...
  16. J

    Cromemco Z-2D Power cord

    Can I purchase a power cord to fit this inlet connector on a Cromemco Z-2D S-100 computer? I have a couple other pieces of equipment that use this same kind. Failing an entire assembled cord can I order just the one piece? From Mouser or ??? Any idea what this style is called? I placed the more...
  17. J

    Early Sol-20 Restore

    A couple weeks ago I applied ECO 1000 - 1002, crowbar, to a recently acquired early Sol-20 with an original regulator board. With deRamps diagnostic assistance I replaced the TIP41, placed a 100k resistor in parallel with R12. Also replaced the power push button - there was a funky installed...
  18. J

    Live from VCF West 2017 8M Power Up

    I'm exhibiting some S-100 equipment at VCF West 2017. Earlier today a couple nice guys taught me a bit about my Ebay pdp8m purchase that I brought along hoping for just such a meeting. Jack and ?Vince?. We got bold, pulled the cards and checked the power supply during the show Saturday morning...
  19. J

    Macintosh Plus for parts

    KerBroken. Dark screen of death. Nothing. Nada. Anybody want it for parts? I feel it's a sin to throw away computers. It might be a sin to keep them when you desperately want to reclaim space in your garage. I bought a collection from a guy on Craigslist because I wanted the Commodore Pet with...
  20. J

    Powerbook 145B / 100

    The powerbook 145b seems to boot. I can hear the HD spin up then sounds like it's loading. I never see a desktop. The 100 seems dead. Hopefully these are worth a couple bucks as parts. Any takers? I hate to throw stuff away. But I'd really like to reclaim some space in the garage. When have...