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    Fire Sale - landlord decreed

    I've been putting this off, but it's time to put this up. Some of you may recall when I introduced myself 5 years ago that I mentioned I had suffered a stroke just before, and had been diagnosed with diabetes as well. Alas, I've been out of work since March 2010 due to Governor DeWine's shutdown...
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    need a power supply bracket; is it findable?

    A couple months ago I picked up a Corsair non-modular p/s & stuck it on the shelf for later. The past few weeks my old (2 core) desktop started flaking out, so I dragged out an old Antec ATX tower (aka Chieftec Dragon). It seems the Corsair p/s won't fit in the case; it seems to be missing the...
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    The New Forums

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    Looking for 2 items

    First Edition AD&D, just as I said. All the books were hardback. NOT D&D, just to be clear.
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    Looking for 2 items

    Not sure where to put this request, or even if I should split it into two posts. Both are mainly sentimental. The first part is simple; I've lost my copy of 101 BASIC computer games from a long time ago. My "friends" might have tossed it when I was in the hospital a few years ago. It shows up...
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    4Mb vga resolution

    I am embarrassed to admit I don't remember. What are the max colors & max resolution on a vga card with 2Mb video ram, and 4Mb? Bonus question: thinking of getting a basic soldering iron for simple repairs. Is 30 watts adequate? Haven't used one in years.
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    looking for a working 486 motherboard

    As the title says, I'm looking for a working 486 motherboard. Preference for a 486dx2-66 as that's what I had a long time ago. ISA only is fine. To be specific, I'm looking for a system with a cpu & ram. I have both here, but they're plugged into a non-working motherboard and I don't know if...
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    at motherboards in atx cases

    Just checking for future use. It seems harder & harder to find AT cases that aren't insanely expensive. I have a 2 part question: can you match up an ISA motherboard with ATX case slots, and are there differences in the standoffs? I know the power supplies are different, and that adapters are...
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    new gpu or new power supply?

    BTW, downloaded all the latest drivers from the Asus website. According to EZUpdate, I already have the latest BIOS. Ah, well. No other cards to hand except a couple of AGP cards. Yes, both drives are connected directly to the power supply. The GeForce gtx560 ti takes two 6 pin power...
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    new gpu or new power supply?

    My main system is an AMD Athlon II with 12Gb ram. It works quite nicely aside from the original hard drive failing. A couple years ago a friend gifted me with some spare parts, including an EVGA GeForce gtx560 Ti. Problem was the sucker pulls 30 amps on boot up. The system only came with a...
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    Shopping for an IBM 5155

    Wanted to see if anyone has a working IBM 5155 Portable they would be willing to sell. Thought I would check here because the asking prices on eBay are quite high. Basically I'm looking for one that boots. A floppy drive would be nice. Unless, of course, no one wants to part with theirs... ;)
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    5160 motherboard layout

    I looked around minuszerodegrees but didn't find what I was looking for, which is a simple schematic showing the layout of a 5160 motherboard. Modern motherboards come with such schematics (USB header, parallel port header, etc) but I haven't seen one for the 5160. Mind you there's not much...
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    Is this a good idea?

    Posting here since I'm referencing MS-DOS/XT/Turbo systems. We all know about DOSBox, and I suspect most know there's a Linux version. It's also possible to run Linux on a Raspberry Pi. Ergo... What are the advantages & disadvantages of running DOSBox under Linux in a Pi to emulate a...
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    WTB Antec Performance II sx1040BII side panel

    I have an older computer case, a (black) Antec Performance II sx1040BII. Somehow I've managed to lose the side panel on the case. Does anyone have a replacement panel available? Also have an Antex sx635 case (beige) with the same sized panel, if you have a similar case. Black would be nice...
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    Small linux box for NAS unit?

    An NAS seems like a good idea, but even a cheap housing (no drives) is expensive. It occurred to me to wonder if an inexpensive Linux box would work well in that capacity, as long as I could keep the hard drives easily available to all the computers on the network. That should cost me less money...
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    PC jr for sale locally

    I thought someone here might be interested. The price is high, but the seller apparently has tons of extras all in original boxes. https://dayton.craigslist.org/sys/d/dayton-vintage-ibm-pc-jr-complete/7115939222.html They're in Centerville, Ohio.
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    Looking for a USB external ZIP 250 drive

    Looking for a very non-computer literate friend. She has some zip 100 & zip 250 disks she would like to get the data off of. She has a newer computer Win7 or Win10 (I forget which) so a USB external drive is the best bet. When I asked her if she had SATA or older hard drives in her system she...
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    Apple IIe for sale

    Saw this in a local FB for sale group and thought maybe someone here would be interested. They're asking $275 and are in Hamilton Ohio. 45011 if memory serves. https://www.facebook.com/groups/152601098260889/ Includes: Apple IIe Computer - Model A2S2064 Apple Unidisk Floppy Drive - Model...
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    Compaq Deskpro (original 8086)_questions.

    Last fall I picked up an original Deskpro at a local computer recycling center, the system unit only. They warned me they thought some of the capacitors had blown in the power supply, but I planned to drop a working p/s from a spare Deskpro 286. Then I left it in the closet for a long time...
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    fast 486 vs. older Pentium

    Still don't have a working 486 system in my collection, and have noticed that 486 motherboards on eBay have become ridiculously high-priced; I'm guessing because of the retro gaming craze. Apparently there's a lot of retro gamers who insist on authentic period hardware. Since early Pentium...