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    NIB Everex Magic I/O Card...

    This NIB, NOS Everex Magic I/O-AT 8-bit ISA card is model number EV-170A. $30.00 plus shipping
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    Adaptec 8-bit Hard Drive Controller

    It's an Adaptec ACB-2002A/ACB-2010A HD controller like this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/ADAPTEC-ACB-2010A-8-Bit-ISA-HD-CONTROLLER-ASSY-400126-00-REV-F-/192620553546?_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4275.c10 Make an offer.
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    DTC 8-bit Hard Drive Controller

    It's a Sigma Designs, DTC 5150Bx4 10-00476 like this one...
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    On-the-fly driver loading

    This was mentioned in another thread: There are several stand-alone programs from the 90s that will load drivers on-the-fly... right from the command line. Two of which I use regularly are: XMS/EMS RAM disk which is installable and resizable from command line. This makes very large or small...
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    Magnavox Computer Monitor 80

    Magnavox Computer Monitor 80 Model BM7652, P42 Green Phosphor Type. It supports Audio and Composite Video, both via RCA connectors. I've got the manual for it as well. Best offer takes it.
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    Philips Magnavox VGA Color Display...

    It's Model No. CM9032 and was manufactured in 1991. Best offer takes it.
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    Does anybody want these?

    They're on Craigslist, for free. I'll get them if you want them.
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    Netgear Network Starter Kit

    NIB Netgear Model SB104 Network Starter Kit Contents: 4 Port Ethernet Hub Network Cards (2) 25 ft. Category 5 cables (2) Drivers and diagnostic disk User Guides, warranty & owner registration card Wall mount kit Power adapter $20 plus shipping
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    Thoughts on USB Wireless Network Dongles...

    I've got a couple of machines that I want to get on my network but they only have wired network adapters. I'm going to put them in a location where I don't want to run a cable so I'll need to get to them via WiFi. I'd like opinions on what success and issues you've had using these dongles...
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    Contemporary Usage of VGA CRTs ...

    I've been doing some reading regarding the usage of these monitors and their current market value and availability. While those of us here are probably more or less aware of the pros and cons of these monitors I found these two mainstream articles an interesting read...
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    Anybody tried the new MS Edge?

    It's the Chromium Edge browser and it's not just for Windows 10 any more. It runs on Windows 7 and 8 as well. I've been using it on 7 and it seems quite good and fast. I normally use Chrome but this has me thinking. I'm going to use it for a while and see how it compares (to Chrome) but so...
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    One of the best Windows 98 gaming boards...

    I have a DFI K6XV3+/66 board that supports AMD, Intel Pentium, Cyrix, IBM, and IDT processors. It has PCI, AGP and ISA slots. I've got the box, manual and CD. It needs to be recapped. I've also got an AMD-K6-2+ for it if that's of interest. Best offer takes it.
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    High Quality Floppy Diskette Labels...

    5¼" Floppy Diskette Labels: Dot Matrix Printer Labels 1) 96 count 4" x 15/16" 2) 96 count 4" x 1½" 3) 80 count 4" X 1 7/16" 4) 84 count 3½" x 1 7/16" Laser Printer Labels 5) 60 count 4" X 1½" 3½" Floppy Diskette Labels: 6) 100 count 3½" Floppy Diskette Labels. All the above labels have...
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    How do you view the preservation of vintage computers and their component

    How would you categorize your involvement and philosophy with regard to the preservation of vintage computers and their components? For the purposes of this poll you are either a Vintage Computer Collector or a Vintage Computer User who has them for work or enjoys them for another reason and is...
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    Y-E Data YD-380 1.2MB 5¼" Floppy Drive, Y-E Data YD-380B 1.2MB 5¼" Floppy Drive

    Y-E Data YD-380 1.2MB 5¼" Floppy Drive, Y-E Data YD-380B 1.2MB 5¼" Floppy Drive Y-E Data YD-380 1.2MB 5¼" Floppy Drive Beige floppy, sold as is, for parts or repair. Also, a Y-E Data YD-380B 1.2MB 5¼" Floppy Drive Black floppy, sold as is, for parts or repair. Best offer for either or both.
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    New posts are still possible but no existing posts can be currently accessed...

    ...so you won't be able to read this until the issue is rectified unless you get it from the 'Activity Stream' where you can only see the first few words of a post's body.
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    Everex Magic I/O card...

    NIB NOS EVEREX MAGIC I/O-AT EV-170A 8-bit ISA I/O Adapter Brand New Sealed with 2 serial ports, 1 parallel port and software. Best offer takes it.
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    NTP Server Question

    I just noticed that Mike's 'sntp -set pool.ntp.org' command isn't getting the hour right for DST. It's still setting my clock(s) for Standard Time. I had to set my timezone statement an hour farther east in order to get the correct time set.
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    Free Books...

    These books are all in excellent condition. 1) The complete Lotus 1-2-3 Release 3 Handbook by Greg Harvey -- 814 pages 2) Up & Running with Norton Utilities by Rainer Bartel -- 132 pages 3) Up & Running with Q&A 4 by Alan Simpson -- 148 pages 4) Up & Running with Harvard Graphics by...
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    Board Issue...

    I've been getting this off and on all day: This site can’t be reached www.vcfed.org’s server DNS address could not be found. ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED And when I ping: Ping request could not find host vcfed.org. Please check the name and try again.