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    FREE stuff (most needs some repair) for pickup in PHOENIX, AZ

    I'm moving, and I've got a bunch of stuff that won't be moving with me, so if someone in Phoenix wants to come and pick it up, it's theirs. I've got a couple Kaypro 10's in which the hard drives, and the floppy drives work when removed and tested separately, but when they're installed, they...
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    Wanted: Microsoft Flight Simulator (1st or 2nd version)

    I'm looking for the first or second version of Microsoft Flight Simulator. IIRC it was in color, but very simple - you'd fly something like a Cessna around and try to land at a few different airports. I almost always crashed, but I think I might be better at it now I've aged somewhat. Anyone...
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    Mystery Keyboard: Guess the model?

    I'd have to agree that's it's a TeleVideo. It's not a 910 and it's not a 925. I suspect it's a 950. The OP's photo isn't that clear, but if the two keys at the top left are Set-Up No Scroll and Loc Esc Esc I'd say it's definitely a TeleVideo 950. (I've also got a Stratus V101 which is a...
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    IBM 5150 & 5161 pricing from 1982/83

    About two years ago, I bought a 16KB-64KB 5150 and a 5161 from someone in Los Angeles (Ebay local pickup only) who was the original purchaser, and had bought them for their engineering business. He even still had the original boxes, but his wife had been using them to store Christmas ornaments...
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    Classiccmp.org & Bitsavers.org - both down?

    Is it just my connection or are Classiccmp.org and Bitsaver.org both down? (I've been trying for the past three days)
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    8" Flippie disk

    For those that haven’t seen a flippie before, here’s a photo of a manufactured 8” flippie disk. Note the label: Single head, double side, Soft sector, single density It had me stumped when I first read it – single head but double side? Huh? Before double sided drives became popular...
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    WTB: 8 bit ISA Floppy controller

    Not sure, but would this work? It's a half length card. It's got an IDE connection, a floppy connection (cable leaving goes to two floppy drives with a wye in it to also go to a tape drive). And then it's got four other connectors of various sorts. I've no idea what it does - I tried to give...
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    Wanted: Full-height floppy drive, non-working is fine

    Like this ? :) Put the soldering iron away - I might as well send you a TM100-1A drive and servo board while I'm at it.
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    Switch setting for an 8087 in a 5150 – info in Tech Ref is wrong

    I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out why the Diagnostic disk wasn't listing the 8087 Math Coprocessor in one of my 5150s, and I think I’ve got it. At first I thought maybe I had a unique 5150 where a switch was built or wired incorrectly (I even removed the mobo to check continuity...
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    An IBM floppy disk drive ? (from a 5150)

    I thought IBM subbed everything out when they made the PC, so that's the bit that gets me - the sticker says "Manufactured for IBM" while the Tandons had their own stickers on them. It wouldn't surprise me though - there's a lot more beef in this drive, than the Tandon TM100's (like twice the...
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    An IBM floppy disk drive ? (from a 5150)

    I just cracked open the box on a 5150 (64KB-256KB CPU) that I got about a year ago. I didn't recognise the drives - I've always seen Tandon drives in the 5150s. There's a pair of these things in this 5150, and by the looks of the screws and everyting else, they've been in there from day one...
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    Had my laugh for the day

    . Ebay item #: 110788551152 Described as: VINTAGE OSBORNE COMPUTER SERIAL # RS232 W/MANUALS & BLACK LEATHER CARRYING CASE That sure is a low serial number ;) For those that don't know what the front of an Osborne 1 looks like, here you go:
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    QuadRam QuadBoard SW1 settings

    Is it this one?
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    BOOT ERROR DC on TRS-80 Model II

    I’m getting a BOOT ERROR DC (disk controller) on my TRS-80 Model II. I’ve read about the error here: http://www.vintage-computer.com/vcforum/showthread.php?11858-TRS-80-Model-II I’m not always getting that error message. Sometimes when I turn on the power, I get INSERT DISKETTE, but when I...
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    Need a Terminator Pack for a TRS 80 Model II

    I'm not seeing those on my board: So as usual, and pretty much like everything else I seem to get, I've got the one I'd really rather not have ???
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    Need a Terminator Pack for a TRS 80 Model II

    I'm in need of a terminator pack for a Model II. Its the thing that plugs into the back of the Model II where the Expansion Box cable would go, so that you can boot from the Model II without the Expansion Box. It would be a brown & black plastic thing approximately 4" long, 3/4" high, and 1 1/2"...
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    Old Apple Mac 128/512K manuals

    I scanned my the manuals that came with my Apple Macintosh 512K, before I got rid of the thing (I hate Apple crap). I scanned the following: - Macintosh (a user’s guide) 165 pages - dated 1984 - Macintosh MacPaint 32 pages - dated 1983 - Macintosh MacWrite 145 pages - dated 1985 Having had...
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    PayPal and their Send Money fees

    I thought about putting this in the Rants section, but it isn't one (it'll probably turn into one though). I've used the Send Money feature in PayPal before, and never realized there are sometimes fees associated with the deal. I only found out through reading about the terms, after the cork...
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    Small metal plate on top of a R/W head on an 800K drive

    Does anyone know what the small metal plate (with the yellow dot, red dot, and blue numbers) on top of the R/W head on this 800K Apple Mac drive is for? I found a simlilar plate laying at the bottom of a Mac 512K case, and it seems it's from the drive. The drive seems to work fine without...
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    Cork Pads for IBM 5150, 5160, 5170 (and similar) & Clicky Keyboards

    FINALLY ! After eight months, I’ve finally got the rubber cork, and I’ve made the first set. For comparison, the 6th pad on the right is my worn/dirty original. Don’t worry they’re perfectly round – it’s only the shadow that makes them look oval. The 5150/5160 pads are 1 5/8” dia & 1/8”...