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    Fire Sale - landlord decreed

    I've been putting this off, but it's time to put this up. Some of you may recall when I introduced myself 5 years ago that I mentioned I had suffered a stroke just before, and had been diagnosed with diabetes as well. Alas, I've been out of work since March 2010 due to Governor DeWine's shutdown...
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    need a power supply bracket; is it findable?

    A couple months ago I picked up a Corsair non-modular p/s & stuck it on the shelf for later. The past few weeks my old (2 core) desktop started flaking out, so I dragged out an old Antec ATX tower (aka Chieftec Dragon). It seems the Corsair p/s won't fit in the case; it seems to be missing the...
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    Looking for 2 items

    Not sure where to put this request, or even if I should split it into two posts. Both are mainly sentimental. The first part is simple; I've lost my copy of 101 BASIC computer games from a long time ago. My "friends" might have tossed it when I was in the hospital a few years ago. It shows up...
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    4Mb vga resolution

    I am embarrassed to admit I don't remember. What are the max colors & max resolution on a vga card with 2Mb video ram, and 4Mb? Bonus question: thinking of getting a basic soldering iron for simple repairs. Is 30 watts adequate? Haven't used one in years.
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    looking for a working 486 motherboard

    As the title says, I'm looking for a working 486 motherboard. Preference for a 486dx2-66 as that's what I had a long time ago. ISA only is fine. To be specific, I'm looking for a system with a cpu & ram. I have both here, but they're plugged into a non-working motherboard and I don't know if...
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    at motherboards in atx cases

    Just checking for future use. It seems harder & harder to find AT cases that aren't insanely expensive. I have a 2 part question: can you match up an ISA motherboard with ATX case slots, and are there differences in the standoffs? I know the power supplies are different, and that adapters are...
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    new gpu or new power supply?

    My main system is an AMD Athlon II with 12Gb ram. It works quite nicely aside from the original hard drive failing. A couple years ago a friend gifted me with some spare parts, including an EVGA GeForce gtx560 Ti. Problem was the sucker pulls 30 amps on boot up. The system only came with a...
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    Shopping for an IBM 5155

    Wanted to see if anyone has a working IBM 5155 Portable they would be willing to sell. Thought I would check here because the asking prices on eBay are quite high. Basically I'm looking for one that boots. A floppy drive would be nice. Unless, of course, no one wants to part with theirs... ;)
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    5160 motherboard layout

    I looked around minuszerodegrees but didn't find what I was looking for, which is a simple schematic showing the layout of a 5160 motherboard. Modern motherboards come with such schematics (USB header, parallel port header, etc) but I haven't seen one for the 5160. Mind you there's not much...
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    Is this a good idea?

    Posting here since I'm referencing MS-DOS/XT/Turbo systems. We all know about DOSBox, and I suspect most know there's a Linux version. It's also possible to run Linux on a Raspberry Pi. Ergo... What are the advantages & disadvantages of running DOSBox under Linux in a Pi to emulate a...
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    WTB Antec Performance II sx1040BII side panel

    I have an older computer case, a (black) Antec Performance II sx1040BII. Somehow I've managed to lose the side panel on the case. Does anyone have a replacement panel available? Also have an Antex sx635 case (beige) with the same sized panel, if you have a similar case. Black would be nice...
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    Small linux box for NAS unit?

    An NAS seems like a good idea, but even a cheap housing (no drives) is expensive. It occurred to me to wonder if an inexpensive Linux box would work well in that capacity, as long as I could keep the hard drives easily available to all the computers on the network. That should cost me less money...
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    PC jr for sale locally

    I thought someone here might be interested. The price is high, but the seller apparently has tons of extras all in original boxes. https://dayton.craigslist.org/sys/d/dayton-vintage-ibm-pc-jr-complete/7115939222.html They're in Centerville, Ohio.
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    Looking for a USB external ZIP 250 drive

    Looking for a very non-computer literate friend. She has some zip 100 & zip 250 disks she would like to get the data off of. She has a newer computer Win7 or Win10 (I forget which) so a USB external drive is the best bet. When I asked her if she had SATA or older hard drives in her system she...
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    Apple IIe for sale

    Saw this in a local FB for sale group and thought maybe someone here would be interested. They're asking $275 and are in Hamilton Ohio. 45011 if memory serves. https://www.facebook.com/groups/152601098260889/ Includes: Apple IIe Computer - Model A2S2064 Apple Unidisk Floppy Drive - Model...
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    Compaq Deskpro (original 8086)_questions.

    Last fall I picked up an original Deskpro at a local computer recycling center, the system unit only. They warned me they thought some of the capacitors had blown in the power supply, but I planned to drop a working p/s from a spare Deskpro 286. Then I left it in the closet for a long time...
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    fast 486 vs. older Pentium

    Still don't have a working 486 system in my collection, and have noticed that 486 motherboards on eBay have become ridiculously high-priced; I'm guessing because of the retro gaming craze. Apparently there's a lot of retro gamers who insist on authentic period hardware. Since early Pentium...
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    Keyboard woes, just for laughs.

    My daily driver, like most modern systems, only has 1 ps/2 port on it. Since I never liked the included keyboard (flat keys, feels like a laptop keyboard, rearranged cursor keys) I used an old IBM rubber dome keyboard I had for years and the included USB mouse. I rather like the Asus mouse. ;)...
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    For the text game aficionados

    A fella by the name of Jason Scott has uploaded the original Infocom ZIL files to GitHub. One of the sources is listed as the original FORTRAN code for Zork.
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    New keyboard aquistion.

    A few days ago I encountered on eBay a Compaq Enhanced keyboard. (their first version of the Model M) You used to find them with the Deskpro 286 and Deskpro 386. This one was listed as untested and the photos didn't show a cord. Since the seller was taking offers I offered $10, he...