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  1. Jimmy

    Need Help 50 Pin SCSI Centronics Connector

    I need help determining the correct pin alignment for a SCSI 50 pin female Centronics connector. Which pin is pin one. I have posted a picture, is the Centronics connector placed on the cable correctly? Thank you, Jimmy
  2. Jimmy

    M4 Data 9914 R Tape Drive needs work

    I recently purchased a M4 Data 9914 R 9 track tape drive with a Pertec interface from eBay. The description was the tape drive was displaying a drive door error. The drive was handled very roughly during shipping by UPS and the front plastic assembly was damaged. Attached are some of pictures...
  3. Jimmy

    IBM System/36 5364 Backup and running finally

    I was finally able to get my System/36 5364 to IPL again.
  4. Jimmy

    New Help to Identify Chips on IBM 5364 Driver Card

    I am trying to trace out the circuits for the IBM 5364 Driver Card. There are 3 chips labeled R1, R2, and R3. They have the trademark AB in a circle which I think is Allen Bradley. R1 is 316E221331 with 8501 under the number. R2 and R3 are labeled 314A822 or possibly 314AB22 with the number...
  5. Jimmy

    IBM 5364 sells on eBay

    I just saw an IBM 5364 sell on eBay for $2,025.00.
  6. Jimmy

    IBM System/36 5364 initialize hard drive

    I am trying to initialize my 5364 hard drive form the services menu option 6. I get past the first two screens until it prompts for the bad sector map. The drive has 7 heads 732 cylinders. It is listed in the drive as type 0665 44mb. The same type as my AT. The screen prompts for cylinder, head...
  7. Jimmy

    Wanted IBM System/36 5364

    I would like to purchase or trade for an IBM System/36 model 5364 any condition. I am looking for parts for my current 5364. Thank you
  8. Jimmy

    Purchase IBM System/36 5364

    I am looking for an IBM System/36 5364 in any condition. Either purchase or trade. I am in FT. Beach, Fl Thanks Jimmy
  9. Jimmy

    Looking fir SSP 4.0 for IBM System/36 5364

    I am wanting to acquire a copy of SSP 4.0 for an IBM System/36 5364 on 5 1/4 diskettes. I need both the SSP OS, the firmware and the PC Attachment Software.
  10. Jimmy

    System/36 Diskette

    I need help converting a System/36 5 1/4 diskette to an 8 inch diskette.
  11. Jimmy

    Looking for IBM repair manual for s/36 9402-436.

    Looking for IBM manual 9402 Model 436 SA41-4138 9402/9404 Models 4XX Problem Analysis, Repair(8) SY44-4941. I am trying to repair a power supply for a 9402-436, if anyone has this manual.
  12. Jimmy

    VFC mentioned again in another Forum

    For restoration tips I'd suggest Vintage Computer Forum group. Those guys are real pros there. Schematic, cap replacement, oss, logic analyzer - they konw everything!
  13. Jimmy

    Seeking advice on purchasing first 3D Printer

    I am looking for advice on purchasing my first 3D printer. I have never used one. My budget is under $2,000. Thanks
  14. Jimmy

    Experimenting with Floppy Controllers and 8 " Diskette Drives

    I have a Mitsubishi Model M2896-63-02U 1/2 height 8" diskette drive. I have tried several controllers the XT-FDC, Sergeys FDC, both boards are equipped with PC8477 chips. I also tried a CompatiCard IV card. The drive is powered with Dbits power supply and using their 50pin to 34 pin adapter. I...
  15. Jimmy

    Comments about Members of VCF

    I found these comments while visiting another forum. “Ha. You managed to dig up something really obscure. I know what SASI is, but I have never in my life actually seen a SASI device, much less these 8 inch floppy drives with 50 and 34 pin Shugart interfaces. To get an answer you're going to...
  16. Jimmy

    Power Adapter for Shugart Model 801 Drive

    I have a Shugart Model 801. From the manual it requires 120vac, +24vdc, +5vdc and -5vdc. I have a Mean Well power supply Model RD-125B, that outputs both +24vdc and +5vdc. Can I user a step down converter to convert the +24vdc to -5vdc? There are several listed on eBay. Would I be better off...
  17. Jimmy

    S/36 Asked to help find System/36 Assembler

    I have been asked by several members to help locate the System/36 assembler for the 536x series. I have the Assembler for the the Advanced System/36 SSP. The software is installed on an AS/400 running OS/400 V4R3. It is running as a virtual Advanced/36. I though I may have it on an old 8 inch...
  18. Jimmy

    Early IBM 5150 PC and monitor

    Appears to be an early model IBM 5150 with monitor. Price seems very reasonable for the Minneapolis area. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-IBM...oAAOSwZt1gRrLd
  19. Jimmy

    Wanted Sleeves for 5 1/4 diskettes

    Anyway had a lead where I could pickup 25 to 50 sleeves for 5 1/4 diskettes. Thank you
  20. Jimmy

    Help with power supply for Mitsubishi Model M2896 8" Drive

    I have a model M2896 Mitsubishi 8" diskette drive, I have the following setup below. I have a DBIT power adapter and a DBIT 50 to 34 pin cable adapter. On Chuck G's advice I have tried to operate the Drive with an Adaptec Drive with a floppy controller, Sergey's FDC controller board as well as...