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  1. glitch

    Mid Atlantic FS: Honeywell/Micro Switch Hall Effect Keyboard

    eBay listing link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/275373808709 Deskthority thread link: https://deskthority.net/viewtopic.php?t=24031 I bought this keyboard a number of years ago with the intention of using it with my Polymorphic Poly-88; however, I found a George Risk keyboard sometime after that...
  2. glitch

    Mid Atlantic FS: 14 Original Random SIG/M 8" floppy diskettes

    link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/275373685432 Already imaged and sent off to The *HUMONGOUS* CP/M Software Archives, though we don't believe these contain anything missing from the current online archives. Figured maybe someone wants these since they're originals and not just user copies, like...
  3. glitch

    Kaypro II "Everything is Broken" Repair

    Full writeup here: http://www.glitchwrks.com/2022/06/29/kaypro2-repair I bought this Kaypro II as a local pick-up deal in either late spring or summer 2010. It came with a ton of documentation, original diskettes, a Kaypro-branded Diablo printer, and even the faux leather carry cover...
  4. glitch

    Mid Atlantic FS: Microsoft C Compiler 4.00 for MS-DOS Boxed Set

    link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/275368323499 Looks complete, outer sleeve a little beat up. Auction-style listing, starting at $1!
  5. glitch

    Easy IMSAI SIO2 Modification to Allow Use with MITS Disk Controller/FDC+

    writeup here: http://www.glitchwrks.com/2022/06/25/imsai-sio2 Turns out it's fairly easy to disable the command register on the IMSAI SIO2 and allow the SIO2 to coexist with the MITS disk controller (or FDC+). I was able to do it without any cuts or jumps on the actual circuit board, so there...
  6. glitch

    OMS-02 6507 Single Board Computer

    Full writeup here: http://www.glitchwrks.com/2022/06/22/6507-sbc BillO on the 6502 forums traded me a blank board for his then-current OMS-02 6507 SBC back in 2011. He was interested in building one of my 8085 SBCs and I just happened to have a spare board for the 8085 SBC rev 2 on hand, at...
  7. glitch

    GWMON-65 Small Monitor

    I think it's finally ready to be poked at: https://github.com/glitchwrks/gwmon-65 This is a monitor that follows the same command syntax and input/output formatting as GWMON-80, our small monitor for 8080 and compatible systems. It's not really a straight-across port as parts were rewritten to...
  8. glitch

    Mid Atlantic FS: Microsoft MASM 6.10, Boxed

    link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/275345476899 The outer box is a little rough, but everything inside looks good. Starting bid of $1. Will ship via USPS Media Mail, I'll stick MAGNETIC MEDIA -- DO NOT X-RAY stickers on the box. Forums are making me select shipping, so I'm selecting "In Country...
  9. glitch

    CGRS MPU, a 6502 CPU board for S-100

    Finally getting around to messing with this one: It's a CGRS MPU, a vintage 6502 CPU board for the S-100 bus! This is an older revision than I can find documentation for -- everything online is for the rev 4 board, it appears I have rev 2. This one doesn't match the schematics, doesn't...
  10. glitch

    VersaFloppy II CBIOS and Disk Images

    I've been working on writing up my process of getting CP/M bootstrapped for the SD Systems VersaFloppy II using Bruce Jones' code that Herb Johnson has on his site. I've had it working for a good while (geneb has a system I set up with it) but I've just not had the time to get it all together...
  11. glitch

    WARNING: Clear QIC Tape Bands

    That's after sitting parked a couple months. I have a Dysan doing it too. The Dysan had been re-banded with a boiled 3M band and run for years like that with no shedding. I have another Dysan with a green Plastiband in it which is also fine, minimal/no shed. So, I think we may need to...
  12. glitch

    SGI IMPACT Indigo2 Back Up and Running

    Wow, imgur says *five* *years* ago I pulled out Amy's Indigo2 IMPACT machine and started cleaning it up: This machine came from Virginia Tech surplus, pretty sure Amy picked it up while we were still in college. Someone helpfully wrote a bunch of information down and stuck it inside the front...
  13. glitch

    Dajen SCI Monitor Source

    I finally typed in the monitor source for the Dajen SCI ROMs from the manual: https://github.com/glitchwrks/dajen_sci I assembled the typed-in source and diff'ed it against a dump of my ROMs, which were originally obtained from Bill Degnan's SCI. I can account for all but 10 bytes of...
  14. glitch

    Early IC Package with Rolled Legs

    I've had this National Semiconductor DM8200D for a while, it's a four-bit comparator. This one stands out because it's in a very early style of DIP package: not only is it "gold sandwich" construction, but the pins are rolled into a tubular form rather than just being stamped/coined as they are...
  15. glitch

    Mystery 1702A(?) EPROM Programmer

    Does anyone recognize this programmer? Pretty sure it's for 1702A EPROMs:
  16. glitch

    Ohio Scientific 400 "Superboard" with Motorola 6800 and MOS 6501

    Well, we finally built up the original OSI 400 "Superboard" from which the reproductions were made. It was built up to support the Motorola 6800 instead of the 6502: Why would anyone do that? Because we had a couple of MOS 6501s to test! It does work: The OSI 400 is one of the only...
  17. glitch

    WTB/WTT: Asante Mini EN/SC with PowerBook Cable for Full Size

    I've got an Asante Mini EN/SC with PowerBook cable that I'd like to trade for the full-size EN/SC. Turns out you need the special cable even if you're using regular SCSI, and I don't have that one (stacking DB25 on one end, DB25M on the other). I've tested the Mini EN/SC with TangentDelta's...
  18. glitch

    MITS 88-2SIO Reproduction

    I know everyone has been waiting on this for a while :p Prototype boards finally arrived this morning: Marked as reproductions, of course:
  19. glitch

    Accounting Plus Demo Software on 8" Diskettes

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/274951097151 As the title says. Diskettes have been imaged, figured I'd see if anyone *really* wants Accounting Plus demo diskettes before just wiping and reusing :p
  20. glitch

    Looking for Teletek FDC-1 ROM Images

    Just as the topic says! I picked up a Teletek FDC-1 that's had most of its chips stolen (someone even took the regulators!) and would like to rebuild it.