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    Dec H500 Digital Computer Lab - PDP-8 Vintage - WITH MANUAL!!!

    Listed on eBay (item 190476294617) is a Digital Equipment Corp Computer Lab - a digital logic trainer from the PDP-8 days. There have been several sold for $150-$200, but this one has the manual (in excellent condition). The manual is virtually impossible to find. The manual is the 1969...
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    FOR SALE: "Basics of Digital Computers" vols 1,2,3 (c) 1958

    I have an extra copy of the hardbound edition of "Basics of Digital Computers" which includes all 3 volumes under one cover. The book is by John S. Murphy and was published by Ryder. It is copyright 1958. The book has sections on: - Germanium diodes - Diode AND and OR circuits -...
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    Want to TRADE: Core Memory for Core Memory!

    I have a large (15"x15") core memory board, from a Data General NOVA computer. The core plane is labeled "DGC Nova 800" and "16K Memory Stack". It does have "Data General Corporation" on the board. This was purchased from a company selling spares for DG and is supposed to work. The metal (!!)...
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    Sun SBus cards - FREE to a good home

    I have 3 Sun SBus cards that I don't need, free to a good home (you pay USPS priority mail ship, it's cheap). One is an Atares 'le' ethernet card. One is an unknown card, labeled "XES Inc." and "SBus VP". One is an unknown card, made by Motorola; assy 005-1101 Rev 2. Cal 760-505-8649 if ya...
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    ALSPA CP/M machines

    Anyone who knows where I can get parts or complete ALSPA systems (8" CP/M machine) please lemme know!
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    WANTED: Monitor & Kbd for Corvus Concept

    Got 3 Corvus Concepts, but only 1 keyboard and one monitor! If you have the other 2 gimme a shout!
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    WANTED: Data General Nova or Eclipse

    I wanna build up a DG machine; got Dec, HP, no DG!!! If you have DG minis in any condition please contact me, let's see what we can do!
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    WANTED: Kaycomp computer

    Same as a KayproII but says KaycompII. I used to work with Non-Linear Systems (they made the Kaypro) and nostalgia is getting the better part of my wallet... Gary
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    paper tape end cutter

    Anybody got an old paper tape end-cutter they'd sell? Mine just broke and it SUCKS feeding ragged tape into my HP2100A...