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  1. NF6X

    PDP-11/34A Original Field Maintenance Print Set

    Thanks, but I'm looking for an original print set here.
  2. NF6X

    BA11-K (or equivalent) Unibus Expansion Chassis

    I'd like to add a Unibus expansion chassis to my VAX-11/730. I might try adapting an extra stripped PDP-11/44 chassis from my project pile for that, but if I could find a proper BA11-K (or equivalent) box with Unibus backplane(s), that would be swell. I think one might fit in the space under the...
  3. NF6X

    Fujitsu M2284K Power Supply + Documentation

    My PDP-11/34A system came with a Fujitsu M2284K hard drive. The hard drive power supply is dead, and I haven't managed to debug and repair it yet to try spinning up the hard drive. I am looking for a replacement power supply, and/or any detailed documentation about the power supply. I have the...
  4. NF6X

    PDP-11/34A Original Field Maintenance Print Set

    I would like to get an original paper field maintenance print set for my PDP-11/34A system. I have scans from Bitsavers already, but I would like a clear original print set on paper for easier reference while studying and debugging my system. I'm near Riverside, CA, USA.
  5. NF6X

    Model 1 26-1001 "D" - What's the D?

    My 16k Level II machine with keypad is has a -1 suffix added to the catalog number with a separate little sticker. The board appears to be marked as rev. G, but the system has a daughterboard for the Level II.
  6. NF6X

    Model 2 Issues

    The Rifa caps are just filters to help prevent the computer from radiating too much noise from its power cord. They aren't critical to operation. Though they should be replaced with correct caps of the same value and with the same or better safety classification, they can be removed while you're...
  7. NF6X

    Model 2 restoration

    Hmm, now I'm imagining converting my 6000 project to a 6000FreHD, with a hard drive emulation hidden behind a trim panel in the second floppy drive bay. Might as well hide floppy drive emulation in there, too, with a switch to select either the real floppy drive or an emulated one for floppy...
  8. NF6X

    Not Working Coco 2

    This is a picture of a Coleco Adam, but it's the same kind of switch box and cable that the Color Computer used:
  9. NF6X

    Kaypro 4/83 Extra PIO Ports

    Poking around in the schematic diagram of my Kaypro 4/83, I see that there are two 3881 PIO chips, each with one 8-bit port used and the other 8-bit port routed to test/expansion points. Are there any historical accounts of Kaypro, third-party manufacturers, or end users making interesting use...
  10. NF6X

    Software for CP-1995/U Military Computer

    Is any supporting software out in the wild for the CP-1995/U computer, AKA the "SHTU Terminal Unit"? This machine is a hand-held portable terminal designed around an 80286 processor, running MS-DOS. It has various radio interfaces built in. My sample of one has the operating system, diagnostic...
  11. NF6X

    Model 4 with 128K badge...rarity or common?

    My Model 4 has the 128k RAM badge. It's a model 26-1069A (64k, 2-drive, right?), serial number 0097279. There's an ink stamp on the bottom reading "AUG 28 1984". It has remnants of a service center tamper seal marked 11/23/84. Maybe that's when its RAM upgrade was installed? It's a gate array...
  12. NF6X

    Z-80 ROM Monitor for Compupro CPU-Z

    Yes, I've built the backplane power harness, rewired the AC input to my liking, tested the power supply, cleaned out the dust, and smoke-tested it all with only the least critical board (the Interfacer 4) installed, just in case I made any wiring mistakes. The power supply voltages appear to be...
  13. NF6X

    Z-80 ROM Monitor for Compupro CPU-Z

    I'm getting close to bringing up my S-100 chassis for the first time, populated with a set of Compupro cards. My full card set consists of: CPU-Z System Support 1 RAM 17 Disk 1 Interfacer 4 I think that I would like to start with a ROM-resident monitor for initial debugging, before I try...
  14. NF6X

    Debugging Farallon Ethermac NuBus Card in Macintosh IIci

    I made one attempt to write a Network Access Disk 7.5 from my modern Mac with a USB floppy drive. It wasn't recognized by the Macintosh IIci, and I just assumed it had an 800k drive in it instead of debugging further. Silly me! There was at least one trace corroded open: which I repaired...
  15. NF6X

    Debugging Farallon Ethermac NuBus Card in Macintosh IIci

    I have a Macintosh IIci, running System 7.1. My dad got me a Farallon Ethermac NuBus NSC PN590A for Christmas, and I'm having trouble getting it working. He had the foresight to pick out one that came with a driver diskette. It didn't come with a manual, so I guessed that plugging it into an...
  16. NF6X

    Wanted: Apple II Workstation Card

    This may be a long shot: Does anybody have an Apple II Workstation Card sitting around, that might find its way into my enhanced IIe?
  17. NF6X

    Wanted: Hayes Smartmodem 300, 1200, 2400

    I'd like to acquire a few original external Hayes Smartmodems: Hayes Smartmodem / Hayes Smartmodem 300 Hayes Smartmodem 1200 Hayes Smartmodem 2400 I'm located in southern California. Can pay by PayPal. No eBay.
  18. NF6X

    Wanted: Compupro CP/M-80 v2.2R or 2.2S Master Distribution Disk

    I am looking for a master distribution disk for either version 2.2R or 2.2S of Compupro CP/M-80.
  19. NF6X

    Wanted: Small, Monochrome, Mid to Late 1970s Composite Monitor

    I just became the proud new owner of a lovely SOL-20 computer system. While I have a few monitors which should work with it, none of them will look Just Right sitting on top of it. So, I am looking for a suitable, contemporary monitor to go with my SOL-20. A monitor that I might have bought at...
  20. NF6X

    Wanted: VIC-20 Video Cable and/or Modulator

    I just got a nice VIC-20 from a Goodwill auction. I don't have a video cable for it yet. I can make one if I have to, but does anybody have an original cable and/or modulator for sale or trade?