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    Hi, I found on bitsavers the file 1145_proms.zip . I think that this file contains ROM microcode files. Indeed, I found inside , 16 Hex files conresponding to the 16 chips (256*4). The question is how to know wich file is correponding to wich bits . For Exemple what is file containing the 4 low...
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    History and start of life of my strange 11/45

    After a long period with a lot of issues , I am back with new infos : My strange 11/45 is now functionnal and can boot XXDP2.2 XXDP2.5 RT-11 and RSX-11 M . I am really happy to have my system working . :onfire: What problems I discovered : When I started to test my RL11 board , the system...
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    PDP11 GUI Crash

    Hi , Since the last Win10 update, PDP11 Gui crash at launch with an error message "ein aufruf einer betriebssystemfunktion ist fehlgeschlagen" , using google translate : "a call to an operating system function has failed " . It seems related to the Terminal window. Other windows can be opened...
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    Discovering RSX11

    Hi all, I am discovering RSX11-M (with SIMH), I followed this tutorial : http://ancientbits.blogspot.com/2012/07/installing-rsx-11m-46-from-scratch-part.html I also read the introduction book and beginners guide..But to be honest , most of concepts in rsx11-m are not yet clear. For example ...
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    Struggling with one diagnostic in XXDP 2.2

    Hi all, I am struggling with one diagnostic . I am using XXDP 2.2 and I run ZRLID0 . Diagnostic stop with ILL INTER 104 PC 000000 PS 000405 What I know : -This error occurs at test 15 in ZRLID0. I used flags TESTS:15 to be sure. -Other diag before ZRLI has been passed . -All cpu diag has...
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    Debug flags in Simh

    Hi , I am playing with debug and Simh. I succesfully debug RL device using Now I would like to debug DL but not working I also tried My goal is to sse what is write and read in DL registers, and if possible to see DL interrupts . Thanks for help.
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    ZRLA issue

    Hi, I am testing my homemade RL11, I started with ZRLA. I didn't find the PDF or documentation for it . I found it for ZRLB but not for ZRLA . Can anybody help me to find it ? Diags found an issue with BR Level, but I not able to reproduce it with a simple program test. I don't know exactly how...
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    History and start of life of my strange 11/45

    Hi, Since 1 year , many changes has been made. My last post talked about 'minor' changes , but today I talk about a major change. Last year my system had a fonctinnal CPU/Memory ,but without any mass storage capabilities , it was not really useable. So, I decided to make my own RL11/RL02...
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    History and start of life of my strange 11/45

    Hi , Since last message (1 year ago) many elements has been added to my system . Around august, I decided to work on software improvements. I wanted to have a better emulated console than M9312. I implemented almost all functionnalities on physical console (Load adresss, deposit, exam...
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    learning RT11 in simh

    Hi, I try to learn RT11 using simh installed on linux. I am connected to simh using mobaXterm by SSH with VT100 terminal emulation -First question : after install RT11 ask to run IND VERIFY but put an error after terminal identifcation : .RUN IVP Your console is a VT102 .DELETE...
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    MACRO 11 Cross assembler

    Hi, I downloaded Macro11 cross : here and make a very simple program .TITLE TEST.MAC VERSION 1 FIRST: MOV R1,1000 INC R1 MOV R2,1000 ADD R2,R1 HALT .END Using Macro11.exe I can obtain a test.obj (106 bytes). Then, using Pdp11GUI , I uploaded it into memory. Using dissambler...
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    Unibus priority grant question

    Hi, I would like to reproduce the "Jumper box" present in unibus devices boards (RL11 for example), to select to priority level. The logic of this part should be a little bit more complex than simple SPST switches.. Until now, I didn't find any schema that show circuitry "inside" this part. Is...
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    RL11 and RL02 Question

    Hi, I started thinking to put in my 11/45 emulated hard drives. For now RL02 seems to be correct as I can find disk images ready to use. In the documentation of RL11 I read this : "RL11 Is a mass storage with a capacity of 5 to 20Mo." Something is not clear here : Only 20Mo , why not 40Mo ? A...
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    History and start of life of my strange 11/45

    Hi, After a silent period , I come back with some informations. The instructions set is now almost complete except state manipulation.After implementation of this , I decided to run a maximum of diagnostics to validate my work. I am happy to show the result today. All diagnostics I found...
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    History and start of life of my strange 11/45

    Hi, In 1995 during learning session, I discovered PDP-11 architecture and programmation. I liked it a lot. Since few years now , I search to get my own PDP. I wanted a unibus machine not Qbus. A 11/70 or 11/45 would have been perfect , but I didn't find something interesting. Last year I...
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    Console lock on PDP-11

    Hi, Reading the console documentation on PDP-11, I found this sentence about the LOCK : . Ok, but reading this "except switch register", I don't understand why switch register always enables in LOCK position . What is the point of that ? If all console controls are disabled ,then load...
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    Unibus DATI vs DATIP

    Hi, I am reading the unibus Specifications 1979. I understood the difference between DATI and DATI/P. My question is : How the processor knows if it need to do a DATI or DATI/P ?. I understood that DATI/P is used with core memory for example, but for bipolar memory DATI/P is not necessary. So...
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    Ac lo, dc lo

    Hi, In documentation we find explanations about power up and down sequences. The documentation talks about "AC in spec and DC in spec" . I Would like to know what "spec" means exactly ..For AC it is frequency , voltage range? . I think that for DC it is only voltage range but not sure...Where...
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    Berg connector on board M8104(06)

    Hi, I would like to find a connector compatible with berg cables coming from 11/45 Console. I don't have any M8104(06) in front of me :( . Do you think this connector could do the job ? https://www.mouser.com/datasheet/2/418/NG_CD_5102159_D1-1251429.pdf Maybe this first choice is not the good...
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    Unibus question

    Hi, I am reading documentation related to unibus.I learned many things about priority and arbitration . But I don't understand priority levels <4 . How it works ? Thanks, Actimaker.