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    Altair 680 vs b physical size change?

    That's great, thank you! Bob
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    Altair 680 vs b physical size change?

    Any/all board dimensions would be appreciated! I'm sure there are others who would like this information too! There are a lot of other vintage systems that were made in large numbers so finding boards in other people's collections or an eBay are fairly easy, but the 680b is hard to find...
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    Altair 680 vs b physical size change?

    Any dimensions would be appreciated. I have bits of information from other places and might be able to piece it together. Ideally I'd like a b motherboard dimensions. Thanks! Bob
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    Altair 680 vs b physical size change?

    Does anyone know of an accurate mechanical design of the motherboard? Dimensions hole locations, etc? It looked like a compact board that fit a rather compact chassis. Bob
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    DSK image with DEC languages

    Sorry, very much a beginner question... I just started playing with SiMH's PDP-11 emulator and have RT-11 running, but have not been able to find BASIC, FOCAL or other languages besides the macro assembler. Is there a site with disk images or at least the files needed to be downloaded onto a...
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    Weirdness in Microsoft BASIC 6502 source code

    Over the past few weeks I have been working a lot with the Microsoft 6502 BASIC from pagetable: https://www.pagetable.com/?p=46 The KIM-1 version (kb9) works perfectly as-is, but as I started to expand the code, all sorts of weird things began happening and I’m wondering if anyone else has...
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    FS: RS-232 cables and switchbox

    I'm trying to get rid of excess stuff in the basement, including a bunch of RS-232 cables. The number is the number of pins, the M/F indicate male or female. 25M to 25F - 5 of them 25M to 25M - 9 of them 9F to 9F - 3 of them 9F to 25M - 10 of them 9M to 9F - 3 of them RS-232 switch box; three...
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    Vcf mw - 9/15

    I'm not one of the organizers, but wanted to put in a good word for VCF Midwest in the Chicago area. It's the weekend of Sept 15-16 just west of the city. http://www.vcfmw.org/ It gets larger every year, is a lot of fun, and probably the only show that runs until midnight! It's held at a...
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    New SS-30 USB serial card

    Corsham Technologies now has an SS-30 serial board with a USB connector. This is only of interest to those with SS-30 (SWTPC, GIMIX) systems, but provides a more modern interface to those older systems. Basic features: * 68B50 to support either 1 MHz or 2 MHz operation. * Fully software...
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    KIM-1 6530 replacement available

    I know a lot of people have developed or are working on a replacement for the KIM-1's two 6530, but I couldn't find schematics, so I winged my own: http://www.corshamtech.com/tech-tips/kim-6530-replacement/ The complete schematics, EAGLE files, and Gerber files are on that page. I took a...
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    DOS for KIM?

    Was there ever a dominate DOS for the KIM-1? I couldn't afford drives back in the day, so never really paid attention to the few mass storage options out there except for cassettes. I have one of my SD card systems talking to the KIM using the spare I/O ports, and an extended monitor that does...
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    WTB: SWTPC MP-A2 CPU board

    I've got a complete working SWTPC clone system, and would like to port the SD driver code over to the original SWTPC CPU board. Ie, be able to boot from my SD card system using vintage SWTPC CPU, memory, etc. Even a non-working board would be fine; I can debug it. Thanks, Bob
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    XPL0 source code for 8 bit processors?

    Does anyone know where the source code is for the XPL0 interpreter, specifically for older 8 bit machines? The 16 and 32 bit code is around, but all I find for the older systems are references to it being available for 6502, 6800, Z80, etc, but no actual code. Any info or leads would be...
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    SWTPC Clone available

    I finally have the 6800 based clone system up and running, and have production quality boards. It was running at VCF MW last weekend. There are three boards required to make a minimal system: motherboard, 6800 CPU, and serial board. That gives a complete system with 16K of RAM, 8K of EPROM...
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    Micro SD card on an SS-50 machine

    This is far from complete, but I've been playing around with an SS-30 parallel interface card connected to an Arduino with a micro SD card shield. The smarts about the file system are on the Arduino and a simple parallel protocol communicates back and forth between the two processors. The...
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    6800 FLEX master disk image?

    Does someone have a clean DSK format disk image of a Flex boot disk for the 6800? I've looked around the Flex User Group disk image area and most of the descriptions are kind of vague, some of the disks are for the 6809, etc. If anyone has an image, or knows a URL to one, I am very interested...
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    WTB: SWTPC 6800 CPU board

    I've got pretty much everything I need to get a running SWTPC system except for a CPU board. Either a MP-A or MP-A2 would be fine... does anyone have a spare they might consider parting with? Working condition is preferred but not required. Thanks, Bob
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    Problems using composite-to-HDMI converters... any suggestions?

    I've been using various old monitors without a problem in both 40 column and 80 column modes on my Franklin. Considering how common and inexpensive HDMI LCDs are, I thought they would be worth trying some of the composite-to-HDMI converters on the market. After going through about a dozen...
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    WTB: SS-30 serial board

    Title says it all. SWTPC prefered, but am open to other options. Thanks Bob
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    Wanted: Franklin keyboards

    I'm looking for either ones from the ACE-1x00 series or one for an ACE-2x00 series. Thanks, Bob