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    Oldest still-in-use bus?

    Kodak Document Archive Writer- Takes tiff images and writes them to microfilm. VME based system running a WindRiver OS. Way past it's 'best used by' date, interfaces to the network using a 15-pin ethernet MAU. Was new in '99. Still in use as of 2022.
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    Tandy Color Deluxe Joystick Dead Stick

    This guy seems to know the 1000 joystick interface inside and out: https://nerdlypleasures.blogspot.com/2016/08/the-tandy-1000-digital-joystick-adapter.html Might try the test programs he suggests: >> In order to test joysticks, I use a pair of calibration programs. The first is...
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    IBM 5150 with Tecmark memory expansion card

    The ram/serial/rtc card is a Tecmar '1st Mate' (Model name just below the ram).
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    Tandy Color Deluxe Joystick Dead Stick

    The 1000 joystick is the same as the TRS80 Color Computer's. Should be able to measure resistance from the wiper to ground and see it going from very low to around 100k ohm (I think), and the same between the wiper and +5v. On the 1000, I'd check and make sure it's putting out 5v on the joystick...
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    What is this? Post Photos of Mystery Items Here (vintage computers only)

    That 'AUDIO 103(5)' card looks to me like a VU meter from an early 80's boombox.
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    Model 4P Video board capacitor replacement

    Watching this as my 4p does the exact same thing, not horribly but occasionally. Seems worse as it warms up if I remember correctly.
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    Magnavox 500 Headstart memory

    Ah, sounds like it doesn't support 4 meg simms then. I've got a very early 486dx motherboard like that - 16 slots, 16 meg total. Doesn't connect the A11 address line to the simms for 4 meg.
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    Magnavox 500 Headstart memory

    386sx takes 'em in pairs, I'd go for a matched set of 4 4MB 60ns, 9 chip if you can find it cheap enough. It's possible that it only supports up to 1 meg modules, but I don't see how you'd get to 16MB that way.
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    Identify 386SX Motherboard

    My guess is JP9 is cmos clear. The one near U11, turbo maybe? What's a typical near kb controller jumper? Bus speed?
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    Can anyone identify this ISA card?

    Looks like every other chip is from a different manufacturer. I see Motorolla, Philips, Intel, Toshiba, TI. Only 3 wires going to the connectors, and it looks like the two connectors are wired together in parallel.
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    can anyone tell me more about this vintage computer?

    Probably due to the portrait orientation monitor.
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    Supermicro P5STE Motherboard PS/2 Mouse Problem

    On the second pic, right above the negative terminal of the battery I think are two of the lines for the ps/2 mouse. Right above the silkscreen outline for the battery. Could just be the lighting but they look a bit iffy to me.
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    Supermicro P5STE Motherboard PS/2 Mouse Problem

    That type of setup is identical to the ones with ps/2 mouse and keyboard, just setup for an AT motherboard instead of ATX. Mouse and keyboard are on the same controller, an 8042 compatible integrated in the floppy/ide/serial/etc controller the National Semi PC87303 on that particular board. You...
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    ISA Video card strange sparkly artifacts

    Not sure what bios options you have, but I'd check and see if the ISA bus is maybe running too fast.
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    Need a drive for Maxtor OC-800 Optical Disk cartridges

    Watch out for screwey sector sizes, some of those things used 2048 instead of 512.
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    American TV shows with automated Computer Screens rolling out Text

    Fringe was bad about this. A screen with serveral windows open, one of which is showing a dos window with a scrolling list of files in a Windows 3.1 directory.
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    Need a drive for Maxtor OC-800 Optical Disk cartridges

    Maxtor RXT-800S (full height) or HS (half height). Media is only spec'ed for a 10 year archival life. Page 11--- http://bitsavers.trailing-edge.com/pdf/maxtor/brochures/Maxtor_Product_Line_1991.pdf 800MB sounds like an oddball capacity. I'm more familiar with the 650/1.2/2.4 MO drives.
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    XCOPY backup

    "This seemed to work but then encountered the file IO.SYS and I got the error, 'write access denied'. Does this mean the file was read from the D: drive, but could not write to the C: drive?" Sounds like there was a hidden, read-only io.sys already on the C: drive that xcopy refused to...
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    1982 Kaypro II no display

    Some joker didn't put a big magnet in the bottom of the case did they? Or the yoke really, really misaligned?
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    Compaq VGA ISA card conflicts with all IDE controllers

    Is IRQ 14 wired up on that card? It would be on the smaller connector, back side, 7 pins from the notch: https://old.pinouts.ru/Slots/ISA_pinout.shtml If it is, you could try putting a piece of tape over it, but I've never seen a vga card using irq 14.