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  1. J

    Can’t read/write Seagate MFM drive

    I recently found two Seagate MFM hard drives (Seagate ST-251, Seagate ST-225) in a storage unit and I’m trying to get them to work with my IBM PC AT. Both drives make their startup sounds, but give hard disk errors in the BIOS. Because I have a BIOS with the ability to low level format, I tried...
  2. J

    Hard drive refuses to work on weird IBM 5170

    Hi all, I received an IBM PC 5170 as a donation recently and just got around to checking if it works and restoring it if necessary. I did a quick check of the condition under the cover (it was attic stored in hot North Carolina summers for at least 25 years) and found it to be very good, only a...
  3. J

    Table file open error on TASM

    Hi, I've been using TASM 3.2 to assemble files just fine for a while now, but today I'm having a very strange issue. I have a batch script set up that runs TASM to assemble a couple of files for a Z80. Thus, I have the table file "TASM80.TAB". For organization reasons, I have TASM in a...
  4. J

    Needed: Disk II Interface Card P5 PROM

    I’ve got an Apple II Plus that I’ve completely restored and cleaned, but the only problem is with the drive interface card. The PROM in socket P5 is destroyed. Seems like it went up in smoke at some point and it’s cracked. It has the part number “341-0027-00” and is copyright Apple ‘79. Finding...
  5. J

    Help restoring an Apple II Plus keyboard

    My friend owns an Apple II Plus that he has kept in storage for many years. He recently took it out, but found that many keys didn’t work, or typed multiple characters, etc. He let me restore it for him. The keyboard is a strange type that seems to be rare. It’s the same as the one in this post...
  6. J

    Help finding schematics for an old PCB

    Hey everyone, About a year ago, I picked up an 8" floppy disk drive on eBay, with an exclosure. The enclosure takes in wall power, puts it through a transformer, and rectifies the resulting AC into two DC voltages using a PCB. The recification PCB is what I'm interested in. I don't know exact...
  7. J

    8” CDC Floppy Drive Repair

    Hey, Just today, I got my hands on this cool 8” drive that I plan to use with my Zenith Data Systems Z-110 to transfer data between 5.25 and 8 inch disks. When I bought it, I already knew that it was very dirty, and that it was also missing two capacitors for the power circuitry, which I have...
  8. J

    IBM 5154 tube replacement/repair

    Hello, I have an IBM 5154 EGA monitor that’s in great condition, but the picture is dim and out of focus, no matter how much I adjust the flyback transformer. I was wondering if there’s a way that I could repair the monitor, or, if not, see if I could find a replacement tube to put into the...
  9. J

    IBM PC AT 286 to 486DX-2 or DX-4 Upgrade

    I have an IBM PC AT 5170 with a 6Mhz 80286. I saw somewhere that someone had upgraded an AT with a 486DX-4. Is there a card or socket upgrade of some sort that I could get to do so? If anyone has one I’d be glad to buy it.
  10. J

    Ibm pc at parity check

    Hello, I have an IBM PC AT 5170 that I picked up on eBay in great condition. Recently, however, I have been having issues with a PARITY CHECK error. It occurs when I leave the computer idle for a few minutes (5-10 usually) and then come back. Everything seems fine, but whenever I press any key...
  11. J

    Multiple Graphics Cards in IBM PC

    Hello, I recently bought an IBM PC AT 5170 from eBay along with a 5153 CGA monitor. The PC only came with a VGA card, so I have been using a modern LCD with it. However, I just got a Color Graphics Adapter to use the 5153 with the PC. It works great, but when I have both the VGA and the CGA...