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    Model 1 Video RAM issue(s)

    Hi, when I originally received this "AS-IS" Model 1 from eBay - the screen acted like bit6 sticking in places - but not everywhere. Thus the "@" signs sprinkled throughout when the screen should have been cleared. As shown here: https://www.bifftech.com/model1/Before.jpg So - I removed Z62...
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    Fixing an inoperative key on a Model 1 keyboard, ALPS

    Hi, I'm in the process of trying to repair a Model 1 with a video problem, and while typing in the video test program in Sam's Computer Facts for the Model 1, I also discovered my 'A' key isn't working. It's the only key on the entire keyboard that doesn't work, so it's not a broken trace issue...
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    DMK file creator with support for NewDOS80?

    Hi, I'm looking to insert a bunch of discrete CMD files into NewDOS 80v2.0 virtual disk images, preferably DMK format. I have looked at Matthew Reed's TRS-Tools - and while it can read NewDOS 80v2.0 disk images, it doesn't appear that it can create them - only TRS-DOS and L-S/LDOS. This is for...
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    Percom Doubler / Model 1 Keyboard interconnect cable questions

    Hi, Some time ago, I procured an older Expansion Interface and it had this plugged into the FDC socket. I'm trying to figure out what doubler it is. I thought I read years ago that the early Percom units had pots like this one does. Is this an early Percom Doubler? No identification on it...
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    Attempting to copy files between diskettes - Model 1 NewDOS 80/v2

    Back in the day, I only had a single drive system, so whenever I copied a file from one disk to another, it required lots of swapping. Fast forward to the future, and now I have Peter Bartlett's MIRE and two floppy drives. I'm using a standard 5.25 40 track single sided and a 3.5 720k drive. I...
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    Model 1 Lower case problem

    Hi, I bought a Model 1 system on eBay recently, and it has a lower case mod. I assume it is an Electric Pencil equivalent - but not sure. In the auction pictures, it showed it running LDOS just fine with lower case - and considering how well the system was packed, I have no doubt the pictures...
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    Sharing two drives between a CoCo and a Model 1 via an FD-502

    Hi, I was wondering how much of a hassle it would be to configure a dual drive FD-502 setup to work with either a CoCo or a Model 1. I don't foresee wanting to use both systems at the same time - so I'd like to share some hardware between them - specifically, floppy drives. Would I just need to...