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    Repairing Atari C-140 Super Pong console - Notes & Comments

    I know there's some crossover interest between Atari 8-bit and the early game consoles, so I might as well put this here. I'll try to be brief. C-140 Super Pong works, but RH paddle is very erratic and the unit often resets or fails to tally the scores. Paddle issue fixed with normal cleaning...
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    Midwest CBM Single or Dual floppy drive for PET IEEE-488

    Would like a working CBM Single or Dual floppy drive with a cable for a card egde connector. What's out there?
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    C64 PSU options for C64 + 1764 REU?

    I did a trade some time back that had a 1764 in my half of the deal. The other guy failed to mention (...) that the 1764 was missing the required heavy-duty PSU so I've been thusfar unable to try it out. Here are my options.. 1) Make an adapter to use my C128 supply. Not a bad thought, but I've...
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    Handy & cheap pocket mini-screwdrivers

    I just picked up one of these off the eBay. They can be bought for about $3.00 (slow boat from Asia) to around $7.00 (US reseller). The tool is about 4.5 inches long and comes with 8 bits which store in the handle. It includes Phillips tips #00 - #2 and slotted tips from 1.5mm - 3.5mm. Fwiw...
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    Plus/4 - Dead ROM replacement?

    So my Plus/4 must have a dead "3 in 1" software ROM. The machine crashes anytime I try to start one of the apps. Now dog knows I have no use for those apps.. so is there a *useful* ROM image that can replace them? Maybe some suite of utilities or ??? Thanks!
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    C2N Datasette - Bias oscillator?

    I'm referring to the C2N schematic here: http://www.zimmers.net/anonftp/pub/cbm/schematics/datassette/c2n.gif Now I'm definitely no expert with magnetic tape machines, but I'm pretty sure that they all use a bias oscillator in the record circuit. I don't see one here. Is the computer's...
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    The VCFED Android app is a 47MB download. That would more than fill a 'large' HDD from the late 80s. Back when the (very capable) Opera browser was young, it fit on a single 1.44MB floppy. There were and still are network-capable Linux distros that will do the same. The examples go on, I'm sure...
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    Can you identify this component?

    Fellow nerds, I picked up one of these cheap Bluetooth speakers off eBay - it was around $15 shipped. Turns out that it sounds pretty good and the build quality is much better than expected. But as is so often the case, the firmware has several annoyances that seem trivial to fix.. maybe more...
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    Seen Jim Brain recently? Need a couple EPROMs burned.

    Does Jim still come around these internets anymore? I left him a message on his Retro Innovations website but never heard back. I just need a couple of EPROMs burned with some C64 firmware, and that sort of thing was right up his alley. Any ideas?
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    Why no PET IEEE-488 -> IEC Hardware?

    Seems like a fairly obvious question.. Why isn't there any hardware that supports connecting one or two CBM 1541 drives to a PET, like a standard CBM dual floppy? I realize that the dual drives are configured as a single device number, with two LUNs for the drives (0 & 1), but this really...
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    Is there some kind of ATF shortage?

    We've been to several local auto stores plus Menards and probably one more.. and can't find a single bottle of plain old DEXRON II / III ATF anywhere. A few places have the Valvoline DEX VI / MERCON LV Full Synthetic stuff, but I don't run synthetic in the vehicle and I'm not paying close to...
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    PET 4016 Upgrade options?

    My PET 4016 has spent most of the last 25 years holding down a shelving unit in my storeroom. I figure that it's time I gave it some love, after being so very long ignored. Soo.. what's to be done with it? What are the upgrade possibilities - more RAM, later / enhanced ROMs, maybe adding a...
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    Any interest in C64 Super Snapshot v5 DIY PCBs?

    I'm considering running a small batch (like 10 PCs) of the C64 Super Snapshot v5 PC board. These would be done with beveled gold contacts & traces. PCB color is open for suggestions. Cost would be around $6-7 per board, including shipping to the USA. Sorry, no overseas shipping. Post a comment...
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    Midwest WTB: Rob Krenicki "3 in 1" board for Tandy 1000EX / 1000HX

    Would like to buy one of Rob's 3in1 CF / serial / RAM boards for the Tandy 1000hx or 1000ex. Please let me know if you have a spare. Have OEM Tandy RAM & Serial boards for possible swap. Thanks!
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    Add reset button to Tandy 1000 (1000ex, 1000hx)

    The Tandy 1000 machines like the ex & hx models lack a hardware reset button. I'd really like to add one to save wear & tear on the power switch and PSU components. So is this as simple as perhaps... Plus connector RESET pin -> 1K resistor -> 10uF cap to GND -> SPST Mom. from cap + to GND. I...
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    Serial port connector conventions - Why & When did they change? What's the history?

    For the last 25-30 years, we typically find D-sub 9pin Male connectors used for computer-side serial port connections. Older machines would occasionally have both 9 & 25pin Male connectors though some would only have the 25pin Male. But further yet, back in time, and it seems that D-Sub 25pin...
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    Is the Gigatron TTL an orphaned project?

    It all seemed so promising - a unique, microprocessor-less neo-vintage hobby computer built from common TTL ics that anyone could reproduce. https://gigatron.io/ A year or more back, I ran a batch of boards as I became aware that there was interest in the machine. But realizing that there...
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    Midwest FS/FT Tandy CM-8 Color Monitor for CoCo 3 - $99/obo

    Working Tandy CM-8 Monitor. Very nice shape, with light age yellowing on the top surface. Has a copy holder installed with Velcro tape. This model CM-8 connects to the Berg header on the bottom of the CoCo 3. WILL TRADE FOR TANDY CM-5 OR CM-:11 COLOR MONITOR. Monitor is in St Paul, MN...
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    Gotek floppy emulator + FlashFloppy display screen issues

    (Note: This is a re-post from the PCs and clones forum. It wasn't the best place for it, and I'm trying to move it..) As I'm preparing to install text displays for my Gotek emulators, I've run across some strangeness. Presently I've got one each of the 0.91" OLED and common 2-line blue LCD...
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    FlashFloppy OLED / LCD screen trouble - Tandy 1000 EX + Gotek floppy emulator

    As I'm preparing to install text displays for my Gotek emulators, I've run across some strangeness. Presently I've got one each of the 0.91" OLED and common 2-line blue LCD screens w/I2C "backpack". Trouble is, neither work correctly with the Gotek. The OLED is mostly just static noisy garbage...