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    Wanted: Jetdirect 610n or 615n card

    I want to put a HP LaserJet on my home network, but it needs a network card. I'm looking for either a Jetdirect 610n or 615n. These things should be cheap to free by now. If you've got one available, send me a PM Thanks, Andy
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    Kaypro CP/M diskette - which model is it for?

    I have a Kaypro CP/M boot diskette ("Working Diskette #1"). I understand that there are different boot disks for the different models. Given that (1) I don't own any Kaypros, but (2) I am able to get a directory of the diskette, Is there some way to tell which Kaypro model this diskette is for...
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    Where to buy 4116 RAM?

    I'm restoring an Apple ][+ and need to replace some RAM chips. Anyone have a good (inexpensive?) source for 4116 RAM? Thanks, Andy
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    What's on your Apple 2 ?

    I was just playing some Lode Runner on my Apple //e, which got me to thinking... What's on your Apple 2 ?!
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    VCF East 8.0 was awesome

    VCF East 8.0 was awesome. Carry on. :D
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    How to get the circuit board out of a ][+ power supply?

    I want to replace the AC filter cap in my ][+ power supply (605-5703, Astec Model AA11040B) I've got the supply out of the machine and the power supply case is open. The circuit board is mounted to the case with 6 screws, which I've removed. Now how do I get the circuit board out? Thanks, Andy
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    Wanted: documentation for WHATSIT? database

    I'm looking for documention for the WHATSIT? (Wow, How'd All That Stuff get In There?) database. Doesn't matter whether it's for the Apple 2 or the CP/M version, but it must be complete. Thanks, Andy
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    //e joystick question

    On the Apple //e, when a joystick button is pressed, does the switch close to GND or to +5V ? (Yes, I've tried a DVM but it's giving me strange readings) Thanks, Andy
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    Daisychain a Duodisk off a Unidisk?

    I have an Apple //e, a Unidisk and a Duodisk. When I use the Unidisk by itself, the drive is called D1. When I use the Duodisk by itself, the drives are called D1 and D2. If I plug the Unidisk into the computer and then daisychain the Duodisk off the Unidisk... the Unidisk drive is called D1...
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    AT&T PC6300WGS motherboard DIP switch settings

    In case someone needs these in the future... Enjoy, Andy AT&T PC6300WGS motherboard DIP switch settings SWA 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 -------------------- | | | | | | | 1 __ 8087 not present | | | | | | | 0 __ 8087 present | | | | | 1 1 ____ EGA installed | | | | | 0 1 ____ 40 x 25...
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    Wanted: N64 games

    I got a Nintendo 64 console the other day, without any games. If you've got an extra N64 cartridges, send me a PM. I have stuff to trade; tell me what you need. Thanks, Andy
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    Dreamcast mini games?

    So I recently adopted another wayward video console -- a SEGA Dreamcast. Interesting system. It came with the main unit, cables, a pair of controllers and a VMU (Visual Memory Unit). I understand the VMU can be loaded with mini games and then played standalone. Any idea where to find minigames...
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    XEGS power supply?

    I recently got an Atari XE Game System complete with keyboard and light pistol. Does anyone know which power supply originally came with it? Mine didn't have one. Thanks.
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    What do you do with your Apple 2?

    This past weekend, I demoed my Apple //e at a computer festival. I had a lot of fun getting ready, making floppies from images (yay ADTPro), and playing a few games I used to play... DROL, Sneakers, Hard Hat Mack. I also made some Beagle Bros disks. I remember their stuff from back in the day...
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    Apple DOS 3.3 Utilities disk?

    When I bought my first Apple "Disk ][" floppy drive, it came with two diskettes: an "Apple DOS 3.3 Master" and an "Apple DOS 3.3 Utilities". Does anyone have a (reasonably original) image of the Utilities disk? Thanks, Andy
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    NES with 5 games sells for $13,105

    Does this mean the economy is starting to improve? http://www.boingboing.net/2010/02/10/old-nintendo-nes-sys.html
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    Sega Genesis carts - got any doubles?

    I just scored a Sega Genesis (model 2). If you've got any duplicate game cartridges, I'd be happy to have them. I have Atari 2600 or NES carts to trade. Thanks, Andy
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    One step forward, one step back

    I got an Apple ][+ off Freecycle a while ago. I'm totally stoked, because the ][+ was my first home computer. The guy I got it from told me "I hope you can get it to work right". These machines are fairly simple, so really, how much can go wrong? Seems to power up okay, but after being on for a...
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    Wanted: RAM for Presario 6000

    I know this is a long shot... I need RAM for a Compaq Presario 6000. They seem to be 184-pin DIMMs. Ideally, I'd like two 1GB sticks. Before you tell me to "go buy them", I have no money. But I do have stuff to trade. If you can help me out, let me know. Thanks, Andy
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    FT: Colecovision carts

    These are gone. Sold. Sorry.