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    Anyone here has IBM ProPrinter?

    Hello. Anyone here has IBM ProPrinter? I would like to get ROM of it for reflashing, but I can find it nowhere.
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    Firmware for legacy HP printers

    Hello. This time I'm looking for firmware for following HP printers, manufactured in 1984-1996: HP ThinkJet HP LaserJet (up to 5 Series) HP QuietJet HP DeskJet (up to 1600C) HP PaintJet
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    Looking for IBM PS/2 Ultimedia disks

    Hello. Recently disks for IBM PS/2 Ultimedia were uploaded to Archive.org by @lofuses, however that upload contains only CD-ROMs (System CD is 53G2199, Application CD is 53G2191). Anybody here has boot floppies for this bundle (version 1.1)?
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    Looking for IBM 8514 and XGA BIOS images

    Hello. I'm looking for BIOS ROM images for IBM Display Adapter 8514/A, IBM PS/2 XGA Display Adapter/A and IBM PS/2 XGA-2 Display Adapter/A. Firmwares for these graphics adapters are seems to be nowhere on the Internet, I've only found BIOS for IBM Image Adapter/A. Meanwhile, I've heard that...
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    Packard Bell Master and Navigator CDs

    Hello. I'm looking for pre-1994 (and some '97) Packard Bell Master CDs and more Navigator CDs. I'm creating this topic because user MatthewH12 haven't shown up here since December 2017, and he mentioned about PackBellClub on Facebook and available discs, but now the link is dead. Also I just...
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    AST restore disks

    Hello. Anyone has AST Data disk or/and Restore disk (versions 3.0 and 4.0)? The copy of Restore disk 4.0 at Embrace Computers site is actually RAR archive, not correctly dumped disk image.
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    Apple Restoration CD

    Hello. I'm looking for Apple Restoration CD System Software Disks, as Macintoshgarden as these disks only for June and September 1994. As 1995 disks were seen on Ebay, I'm asking if someone have other disks than mentioned above?