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    486slc2 drop in replacement for 386sx?

    Does anyone know (definitively) if a 486SLC2 is both pin-for-pin and voltage rail - ie. a true drop-in replacement - for a 386sx? And I mean desolder the sx and solder-in the slc2. I've read conflicting information online. Since the 386 members require a CLKx2 input, I assume the SLC runs at...
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    Amiga 2000, 2MB chip-ram upgrade, and Genlock timing

    I have a couple dead and one dying Amiga 2000s - the later with extensive battery leakage but still works. I was planning on replacing the MB in the dead ones with the rescan/remake by Floppy209. However I'm making a few enhancements first - like using 30 pin SIMMs, ATX power connector, and a...
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    T1/E1/PRI Line/Loop Circuit

    I go down rabbit holes often and this pleasant distraction came from getting an old machine working and thinking about a related telecom project. I'm not sure where to turn for telephony advice, so I'll ask here in desperation. I had a project sketched up at one point to build a T1/PRI...
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    Love frontpanelexpress.com

    Can't recommend them enough. Fabulous work. Pricey $$ but you get what you pay for. This is my umteenth-millionth order from them and not sure if you can tell which two brackets are from them and which one is an original: Not a compensated endorsement.
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    You may have to scroll to the right....
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    Silly Address/Data LED front panels on 80s machines.. or are they?

    I have a few examples of machines that included the Address/Data LEDs on the front panel that indicated the status of the CPU bus. Most infamously the Altair 8800 included one out of necessity. It was initially the only display device in the system. They led to 'Kill the Bit' and other novel...
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    Cheap China retro-computing knock-offs. Good or bad thing?

    There's been some great work lately on retro computing projects meant to preserve and extend the life of existing retro-computing favorites as well as create some new ones. Most of the contributors have graciously open-sourced their hardware and software efforts for the betterment of the...
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    Gravis Ultrasound Classic vs PnP

    From my understanding the AMD Interwave generally added the following enhancements over the Gravis/Forte GF1: Ability to address up to 24 bits of RAM/Flash (16 MB) vs 20 bits for the GF1 (1 MB). Additional DMA on-the-fly transforms such as 16-bit signed conversion and auto-interleaving...
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    Indigo shipping sadness.. don't look if you have a weak stomach

    Awesome packing job. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RQQPmTLIhTS8PR2sEV9Pizt0DNotYjlL
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    Archiving QIC tapes

    I have nearly a half dozen quarter inch cartridge tapes that need dumping. The biggest challenge so far has been finding a drive with solid capstan. I have 10+ drives (mostly Wang) and they've all turned to mush. However I did find a Sun QIC drive with solid rollers last week. So I was...
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    Drivers for CPT Genius Portrait CRT

    I've been fascinated with portrait-oriented CRTs since I first saw them in the 80s. The fascination turned real when I got my first about a year ago - a Tandy VGM-150 mono VGA display. And I am a big fan of AT&T 3B2s and will some day finally own a Blit or derivative. But, I recently acquired...
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    Recommended Solaris versions

    I'm starting to revive some old Sun machines that have been sitting since acquiring them. I was just curios what would be the best OS to install? I would prefer sticking with Solaris for two reasons, software compatibility with other software and hardware like VideoPix and FDDI cards and some...
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    Tandy 1000 A/EX/HX DMA speed-up

    I just read yet another post today from someone claiming adding the DMA memory expansion card to a 1000 {A, EX, HX} made the machine 'faster'. I would really like someone to explain this one to me at a technical level as I don't understand how this was verified. A couple theories: 1) With an...
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    Looking for someone with a working QIC tape that can do dumps...

    I have a box of quarter inch cartridge tape that I'd like to dump (qty ~15). Most are DC600A or equivalent. The drive targets range from 60 MB to 150 MB; mostly Wangtek. They are from/intended for AT&T 3B2 machines. I'm worried about the rollers in the carts themselves flying apart under...
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    3B2 rescue in Atlanta

    A long time veteran of AT&T who lives in Atlanta had a personal cache of 3B2 machines and related hardware. It wasn't so much a rescue as some Benjamins were exchanged, but I was able to pick up the entire lot. It had been sitting in non-climate controlled storage for 20+ years. So it was a...
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    Watcom assembler, local labels, & NASM

    For most of my real-mode x86 programming I use Open Watcom as it is one of the few (if only?) real-mode compilers that will run natively on Linux. Up until now, I've choked down the Watcom assembler as a necessity. But in order to stay with it, I need to find a solution to local labels. Does...
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    Tandy 2000 BIOS

    Until the last few days, I had been under the mis-assumption that primary reason for the Tandy 2000 (an IBM 'work-a-like PC') not being compatible with quite a lot of software titles and any non-Tandy provided MS-DOS past 2.11.03, was that the 80186 was the source of the incompatibilities. And...
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    What would you like to see from Tandy PC clones?

    I'm showing a collection of Tandy's PC compatibles from the mid 80's at Tandy Assembly'17. My exhibit is called Tandy 12345K and I plan on demoing one machine from each of the first generation of the 'millennium' machines: 1000 (HX), 2000 (HD), 3000 (HD), 4000 (A), and 5000 MC. I have all the...
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    What happened to WinWorld?

    Does anyone know why winworldpc.com went away? Legal challenge? Admin hardship? forgot to pay the bill? Or 'sucks to be you, dude. It's working for me'?
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    16-bit Watcom C and memory models

    I'm getting increasingly frustrated with Watcom C in generating code for a real-mode execution environment. I'm trying to generate utility sets for various projects that will run on 8088 on up. I keep hitting weird ghost like issue with different projects that driving up frustrations and I am...