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    Northern Europe Sord m5, carts and peripherals wanted

    Hello fellow vintage computer people ♥ I have a very nice Sord m5 + expansion box + floppy disk drive. I'm missing lots of Game carts, BASIC-F cart and one very special peripheral - the Sord PT-5 Thermal Printer Does anyone have any Sord m5 goodies for sale? I'm in the UK but happy to pay for...
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    Information and especially images of the Micral range of computers

    Hello - I'm trying to make a timeline of personal computers and am struggling to find images of the Micral G, S, M, CZ, C and V Portable machines. There are plenty of images of the Micral N but none of the others? Can anyone help?
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    Wanted - Sharp MZ-800 Parts, expansion cards, etc

    Hi - if anyone has any spares for MZ-800, I'd be interested? Particularly the following... - Expansion cards - Plotter pens - Blanking cover for quick disk (particularly want this - see photo) Thank you!