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    Just logged in again after 4 years

    Hello All. It seems like the VCF somehow got on the back burner for me. My apologies to old friends. :) I still play with computers a lot. My main machine runs FreeBSD, and there's a couple of Lunux boxen for special purposes on my KVM. The fourth slot on there though is still a DOS box which...
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    New Printer Drivers for WordPerfect 5.1

    I just had an idle moment and since my dot matrix printer is on-line and working again, I thought I'd take the time to remeniss about how that was with WP 5.1. It's always handy to just send a file to the printer, even in plain DOS, but it seems to me that a working WordPerfect installation...
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    Help identify this item

    I think it's a upgrade for cows, but I'm not sure. (found here)
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    Can Intel Galileo run DOS?

    With a name like Intel® Galileo one could imagine that the sky is the limit. For $80 one would certainly hope so. But the big question is: will it run DOS?
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    GA-586TX mainboard - bridge between generations

    I have been putting together a new box for a project and wanted the oldest pentium compatible board I could find which had an ISA slot for an older modem. I didn't want to use any of my 386/486 boards since this box is going to be on 24/7 and I don't want to wear out more valuable stuff. I found...
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    BBS in Montreal 1981 to 1988

    I've been looking for information on Ord Millar and how his activities relate to Pinacle Software and the FREE SPEECH BBS. That was a social study started earlier and made into a BBS test project. I am getting this information from the Free Speech documentation, but it is not clear and the...
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    The 2400 "baud" modem

    When new technology comes out, people don't all buy it right away. If what they have works, some will wait until it doesn't. A few people do get the latest though. In 1984 2400 baud modems became available, so some people had them, but many didn't. A BBS list from 1986 shows operators were...
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    Smaller piece of Raspberry PI

    Perhaps I'm the last to notice this new model from Korea, but it looks quite nice and I'm sure it will be interesting to some folks here. You can get a number of attachments, like a Docking Board with TFT LCD. Certainly if you're tired of your old Raspberry Pi taking up all that desk space, this...
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    Raspbian size and smaller alternatives

    Two basic questions, and a rant: 1- I've been searching for the size of the Raspbian operating system. What is it? 2- What smaller alternatives are there? I ask the first question here because a hour's search hasn't brought the answer. I started downloading Raspbian almost 4 hours ago and if...
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    Advice on Microsoft software

    I'm going to get a small portable for my sweetheart. Since she has a grownup computer with a nice big screen it does not need to be a full size laptop. I've pretty much decided on this one. Size and weight are a just right, it's got an SSD, and it comes with Windows 7. Ha! Yes, I said that...
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    Site Accessibility

    I have been having extreme difficulty posting. In the last week or so, there has been a 2 to 5 second delay between keystrokes, although it would buffer some before displaying. This does not happen on other vBulletin sites which I frequent. Now I did some experimentation, and discovered that if...
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    Anybody using IPv6 here?

    The other day I got a VPS that was IPv6 only, unless I wanted to fiddle around and configure it with a reverse proxy. I decided to just stay with IPv6 since this was all just about a learning experience anyway. Before this I couldn't browse or connect in any way with v6 but a little fiddling...
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    Is this a replacement for XP?

    I just discovered a new OS that might be a contender for an XP replacement. A computer had showed up here a while ago with XP licensing information on the box, so that's what I was expecting. However, when I finally got it to an opening screen it was asking for a password for Windows Home Server...
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    Soviet Mouse

    There's more old stuff on the English Russia site, but this mouse looked good to me.
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    Comments on Cherry MX key switches

    I'm looking for comments from anybody who uses Cherry Blue or Green key switches. I'll probably buy a WASD keyboard in a while. They seem about as good as any and they offer a tenkeyless with coloured keys which is what I want. So, I got a few switch samples to look at. I expected most of them...
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    Double posts

    Perhaps this has been reported already but I just noticed it here, and here. BTW: I see that the old problem that if one clicks on "Post New Thread" it gets completely screwed up if you try to put in your user name. If you then go to the login in window at the top only gets worse. I don't...
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    Bang for the buck

    When I built my main desktop, just over 6 years ago, I decided to get a decent power supply that wasn't too expensive. A Zalman ZM400B-APS 400W PSU turned out to be quite nice, very quiet, and about 100 bucks as I recall. I figured it would maybe last through a couple of computers. As it turned...
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    BSD 4.3 source

    This might be of interest to someone here. 10" Scotch 777 9 track tape, 6250 CPI, tar format. From the FreeBSD forum: You can fine the post here if you want to respond.
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    Are Model M adapters useful?

    I always use a model 'M' keyboard. Now I got a new KVM which accepts ps2 and USB inputs for both keyboard and mouse. The keyboard seems to work fine on different OSs. I cannot find any suitable mouse on the market with ps2 so I am stuck with USB there. In any case, this forum is not where I...
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    Been a while

    I thought I'd put this here, though perhaps it should be under humour since I'm in a pretty good mood right now. I haven't been around for a while, and I apologize to anybody that I should have gotten back to. It seems I just got tired of playing with computers, and then both my "browser level"...