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    Cal-Tex computers and Russel Smith?

    They wrote the BIOS for the BigBoard. Anyone know if they still exist?
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    Converting a double sided raw image to imd?

    hi! Whatever I do, the resulting image ends up single sided. I have a DSDD RAW image file with two sides, 40 tracks and 9x512 byte sectors and run the following command: dsktrans -itype raw -otype imd -format bbii9512 ddboot1.raw ddboot1.imd The resultng image is single-sided :( .libdskrc...
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    Building new system disks, possibly on an emulator?

    Still struggling with my BBII 5.25" disks :) Currently booting a Xerox 820 CP/M, but some BBII-specific stuff such as formatters and disk utils will not work as the Xerox CBIOS appears to lack the calls above READID (FF2A). So, what are my options? To use the Xerox boot disk and compile the...
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    Programmer's editor?

    I guess there has been some developments in the last 35 years? Any suggestions for a tiny editor on CP/M? Right now I use what I have on Linux and Windows and crosscompile with http://www.z80cpu.eu/projects/78-data-articles/projects/76-mdz80
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    Formatting 5.25" floppies on BBII - BBIIFRMT.COM

    Hi! My memory is hazy, but did the 5.25" BBII's ship with a separate formatter for 5.25"? BBIIFRMT.COM checks for rotational speed and want 360rpm. Anyone have an idea? If not, then I guess the formatter from Xerox 820 should work?
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    CPMSDOSUGUK, anyone?

    Let me check what issues I have.IIRC is it approximately 30cm :) They are stapled A4, so I guess one could separate the pages and scan.
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    CPMSDOSUGUK, anyone?

    I have copies of several issues of the UK CP/M Users Group newsletter, or rather book. I am contemplating scanning them, unless someone has done so already.
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    Linux cpmtools on images created by ImageDisk?

    Is it supposed to work? I tested them on both DOS and Linux and cpmls just returns garbage, no matter what parameters I set?
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    Fergusin BigBoard II system diskettes?

    Thanks all! @Charles So, since I aleady have a cable that takes care of addressing, I should be able to bridge OP. I assume that I have to do this on both the drive in the PC, that does the writing and the one in the BB that does the reading? @cdbachmann Yes, I can format DDBOOT onto a HD...
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    Fergusin BigBoard II system diskettes?

    Someone suggested that they might be 8" ones. Anyway, format and bytes/sector seems to matter. This works:
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    Display solutions for old computers with composite video?

    Assuming you do not have the space for an old CRT. What do you use? Any suggestions for LCD/TFT-screens that work with composite or video+hstync+vsync?
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    Fergusin BigBoard II system diskettes?

    OK. We have some progress. The xerox-820 diskettes seem to work. Ie this one: http://bitsavers.trailing-edge.com/bits/Xerox/820/5_inch/130S22100DS_CPMRev3.jpg Boots up CP/M just fine. So why can I not write the BBII images??
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    Fergusin BigBoard II system diskettes?

    Hi! I have one in the basement. Bought the board in the early 80's and used it with two Tandon TM100 SSSD drives. Unfortunately has the system disks been lost. Anyone that can help? System has the original ROM.