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    Need help with IBM 5150 5.25 drive having trouble writing

    Hello group, I need help with my 5.25” floppy drive in my 5150. The drive seems to only like formatting one disk I have. Trying to format over 15 disks from a box that all format fine on an Apple drive, the IBM only is able to format one. And it will format that one disk every time. AND transfer...
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    ATD Model 116 memory card

    Hello group, I have an ATD model 116 memory board in my 5150 that I’m having trouble finding any sort of documentation for. Preferably. Owners/users manual As always, any input is appreciated Thanks
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    IBM Model F Keyboard

    Hello all, I have a model "F" IBM keyboard that has 2 keys not clicking or responding. I was told this keyboard doesn't have switches as do keyboards I'm used to dealing with. Could someone direct me on how I should start correcting this? Thanks group.
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    Formatting HD disks to 720k

    Greetings fellow enthusiasts, Can someone explain to me the purpose of putting tape over the second hole on HD 3.5 floppies? I ask because when I format a 1.44 HD disk on one of my Apple ii drives (they are 800k drives) ive never used tape and never had a problem formatting or writing to these...
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    IBM 5150 3.5” formatting at 360K

    Hello group, I’m in the process of fine tuning an IBM 5150. The hardware is “as is” from when I took possession of it some 30 years ago. It has one 5.25 floppy, a seagate hard drive (which is the boot drive) and a 3.5” floppy drive. It’s O/S is DOS 5.0. Both floppy drives format blanks without...
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    DOS 3.1, 3.2 on 16 sector disks

    I came up with a way to make 16 sector disk images of the older DOS versions that could only be accessed through a 13 sector drive. These images are the original 13 sector system masters which can be written with ADTPRO like you would write any other 5.25". Both have been tested on my integer...
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    Microsoft Language Card acting up

    Hello group, I recently repaired a faulty Microsoft Language card that was locking the system up, reading disks incorrectly or not reading them at all. System worked fine with the card removed. The card had 3 bad TTLs. Both LS367s and the LS86. I replaced both tantilums as well. Now the card...
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    DOS 3.2

    I’ve completed my Rev0 replica and believe I’ve worked out all the bugs. I’ve been running DOS 3.3 but I’d like to get a copy of the DOS 3.2 system master. All the images I see are in a .d13 format which I gather is 13 sector. Does anyone know where Or if I even can find a copy of DOS 3.2 on a...
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    Floppy drive controller board removal

    Greetings fellow members, I’ve just purchased my first TRS80 model 3. 48k RAM and a really clean machine. The PSUs are Astec AA11320s. I replaced the .1uf 250V X safety capacitors with .1uf 250V X2. I read a post here that X2s are fine to use. Please interject if this is wrong. The reason for my...
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    Late Introduction

    Hello group, Sorry for the late introduction. I joined awhile ago but I should say hello and introduce myself. My name is Randy and I live in the lower Hudson valley section of New York. I’ve only been in the vintage computer hobby for a little over a year and am really enjoying learning and...
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    GS Astec 13581 "Y" type safety caps

    Can someone send me a link where I can get the .01uf 250V "Y" type safety capacitor that's on the GS Astec 13581 power supply. I can't find them anywhere. Thanks
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    IIgs Dynacomp PSU RIFAs

    Hello all, I have a Dynacomp LR38879 model 699-0126 from a Rom1 GS. It has 4 suppression capacitors. 2 are .22uf 250v X2 271M and the other 2 are 4700pf 271 Y. Has anyone ever replaced these? Console 5 has a kit for this PSU but it lists .1uf in the kit instead of the .22 that’s on the board...
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    Alps key switches

    Hello fellow members, Would anyone have any working Alps Integrated Dome key switches they’d be willing to sell? These are the ones with 4 pins and shirt stems. I have a few keys that don’t respond. Removing one along with one that does work I noticed the grey diaphragm inside the one that...
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    IIe numeric keypad keyswitch question

    I have a iie numeric keypad A2M2003, I need a keyswitch for one key but the switch has 4 pins. The stem is a short style and looks to be SMK but I can’t find any SMK keyswitch with 4 pins. Perhaps it’s not an SMK? Has anyone ever heard of this 4 pin switch? Thanks Randy
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    IBM 5150 motherboard Capacitor Question

    Hello members, I have a 5150 that I am in the process of replacing the tantilum capacitors on the motherboard. These are three legged caps. 13 in total. 11 prove the outer two holes in the board are ground leaving the center positive. Except 2. There are 2 caps up by the power input next to the...
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    A2M2010 Logic Board film cap values

    Hello all, I’m having trouble finding the voltages on certain film capacitors on the A2M2010 revision A logic board. 5 in particular. The schematic only shows their capacitance which is all that’s printed on each one. The ones in question are the 333K at location C111, the 392K at location C408...
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    Apple alignment diskette

    Does anyone have or know where I can get a copy of Apple’s Alignment Diskette 090-0004? Thanks
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    Disk II end stop alignment

    Has anyone ever used the Disk Alignment Aid program 652-0199? I have a drive that I believe isn’t going back to track 00. The dot on the stepper cam is off to the right from the tang that goes into the groove, instead of being pretty much in line like the procedure says. I set it like the...
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    AppleWorks Printing Question

    Is anyone familiar with using AppleWorks spreadsheets? Especially the printing end of it. I have a Panasonic KXP-1090 dot matrix parallel printer and a micromax printmax controller card. They’ve been paired up together for 35 years. The printer is basically a clone of the Epson Fx-80. I’ve...
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    Tecmate half height 5.25 drive

    Hello community, Would anyone have any information on a Tecmate 501-A half height 5.25” floppy drive? A schematic maybe? I found literally nothing online. The drive seems to be running a little on the fast side and I would feel better if I had some documentation on how to make this adjustment. I...