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    Follow a User?

    Is there a way to flag a user that you want to follow. i.e. Get an alert when they post something new - regardless of thread?
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    Printing an entire thread, or selected posts ?

    Does this forum software have a printable mode for a thread? If so, where is it? :)
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    Old School 5.25 Floppy Cable - without the twist.

    I'm trying to get a NorthStar clone controller up and running with my Sol, and I'm in search of a 34-pin floppy cable. Back in the day floppy cables didn't have that twist in some of the middle wires, but all the ones I've seen on eBay have it. That type of cable won't work with older...
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    SOL-20 _Back to Life?

    Hello, I'm new member on this forum. I joined after doing a bit of research on the Sol-20. I found this to be the most 'active' site for the Sol with 9 unique members posting this year on a few related topics. I guess that's not bad for a 40+ yr old computer. :) A bit of history.... I built...