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    Problem with IBM PS/2 model 57 486 SLC2 after Cmos battery change

    I have got a strange problem, after cmos battery exhange on a model 57. The machine could not keep the bios settings after the machine was turned off, so I changed the CR2032 battery on the bus adapter ( Riser card ) To get better access to the battery i removed the bus adapter, and changed the...
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    Ibm XGA-2 Adapter for Bermuda motherboard

    Hi, I´am looking for one or two Ibm Xga-2 adapters for my two Bermuda motherboards, I have got 2 Bermuda motherbords and a risercard from a friend, but i´am not able to test them, whitout any graphics card. I have been looking at Ebay, but I have not been able to find any in Europe Perhaps...