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    Dumping magnetic tapes?

    In 2022 (and a few years back) your chances on TU58 are quite bad. They moisture even when taking one new out of a box. Reading a TU58 requires going up and down the tape 4 times. You may try dd and the skip option to read these four parts seperately and clean the head in between the parts...
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    DECbrouter questions

    I tried my DECbrouter 90T2 in one of my DEChub90s: bummer, it has only one ethernet port (!). Two serial interfaces for datalines. Software is IGS-BFPX version 9.14 copyright 1993 Cisco Systems Inc. Booted from Flash. Device has 1MB, plus 32K non volatile configuration memory and 4096K bytes...
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    DECbrouter questions

    Correct: no network plug on the DEChub-900... <quote>The DEChub-900 needs a 10Mbps ethernet repeater or switch to bring the internal network to the outside.</quote> You plug repeaters or switches into the DEChub-900 and that will be your local network. One side of the DECbrouter 90T2 will be in...
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    DECbrouter questions

    To shed some light: Most if not all DECxxx-90 modules have the BNC connector at the side. As mentioned before, these are disabled when you use the DECxxx-90 module in a DEChub-90 or -900. When used in DEChub-90 or -900 the internal 10Mbps network (inside the DEChuib90/900) is used in stead...
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    SEL/Gould/Encore Concept-32 and PowerNode computers... anyone??

    About halfway the 70's System Engineering Laboratories (S.E.L.) brought the first Concept-32 to the market. It was a rather powerful 32 computer with a fast bus and an optional second CPU. These computers were mainly used in scientific and simulation business and were very often used in Flight...