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    Great deal on DSDD 5.25" diskettes

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250398776407 Standard blurb - No, not my listing. No, I don't make even $0.01 on any sales. Etc. I have been buying diskettes from this person. Even I have to admit that 100 diskettes is more than enough. So, instead of me buying more stuff...
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    8050 Blues

    I have one of those dual 8050 floppy drives. I reseated lots of the chips but I still get red LED flashes over and over. I counted them. I get 4 short red flashes, with a green led when not red. A short pause and the 4 flashes goes again. The LED on the left drive flashes on and off along...
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    With all this modern internet stuff, it does turn out to be a smaller and smaller world. http://www.bytecellar.com/archives/000123.php More people talking about Star Tech and the new PX-8s they have for sale.
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    Lisa 2 on ebay

    In case you haven't noticed (unlikely) http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&item=110354097254 Watching the price go UP is cheap entertainment!!
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    PMs and new account default settings

    As we all know, if you are new to this forum stuff, you fail to notice that the upper right corner says UNREAD: 1. The standard default for a new account is to NOT set the " new PM popup warning ". So... people have a PM but they go days without noticing that fact. I did the same when I...
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    The "Racket"

    For kicks recently I reinstalled Windows 2000 when the current OS install got trashed. I know we all talk about the Microsoft "Racket" (forcing you into upgrades you don't need or want) but it didn't seem like that big of a deal here lately. Well, Windows 2000 does everything I want or need in...
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    Aging LCDS

    I know LCDs get dimmer as they age. I have a few from 2003 to prove it. Anybody know if they get dimmer if they are not used, i.e. "new old stock"? I would hate to pay a nice high price only to find that the LCD is very dim even though it was never used.
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    I am not that big of a fan of Microsoft. I am not a "anti-Bill zealot" either. Microsoft finally made a product I love, MSN Explorer/Premium. The main thing I love is no matter what laptop I use (and I have a bunch), my favorites/bookmarks follow me around. I know, I could use Firefox and...
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    eComStation - OS/2

    Wow, maybe there is some hope for OS/2. I installed eComStation 2.0 Release Candidate 3 (RC3) on my Dell E1705 laptop. Unlike my 3 other laptops, all the stuff works on the Dell. Sound card, 2 CPUS (SMP), Wifi with security, USB, Video, CD burner. Posting this thread using it right now...
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    Firewall got me AGAIN!!!

    Ok, try to remember this one! I sure can't. If you have windows file/printer sharing going and it is working perfect. Then, you change a router or anything along those lines and the sharing does NOT work anymore, IT IS THE BLEEDING FIREWALL! I just wasted about 8 hours trying to figure out...
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    Epson PX-8 VFloppy revisited

    http://www.xs4all.nl/~fjkraan/comp/px8/ Turns out the the vfloppy v1.4 mentioned at the above website works perfectly with a modern linux. I have Mandriva 2008.0 freshly installed and I compiled the source for vfloppy. The main program "epspd.c" needs 2 changes to get it to compile. Just...
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    HBD Nige

    He said he would bribe me to not post this but I never got the check :p
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    HBD, Fred3rd

    Oooooo, another birthday!! Happy Birthday Fred!
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    HBD, Vlad

    Too old to go out and get drunk on purpose anymore? Maybe, maybe not. Oh wait, someone else should drive :cool:
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    Microsoft to extend XP sales for five months

    Nah*nah****nah*nah****nah Dag nab it, I was SO hoping to go to Ultra-Wide-Vista too.
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    PDP 11/45 Operators Console

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220150964659 $4,159.00 !! Sure glad I don't need one of those! The $1500+ is bad enough for the IMSAIs and ALTAIRs.
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    While going through vintage land on ebay yesterday, someone had listed a box of marbles. I sent him a message "Think you have lost your marbles!" He obviously had it in the wrong category. That was my best joke for the whole day.
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    PMs and Bots

    Hmm, can Bots access the private message file contents??? If so, guess I'll have to stop putting my normal email address in those.
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    Amiga 500 - Ebay - Pickup ONLY - Free!!!

    Move FAST if you live close to La Plata, Maryland. Buy it now price of $0.01, PICKUP ONLY!!!!! Isn't going to last long with a BIN of .01!!! Edit: well, someone came up with the penny so that one is gone.
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    32GB RAM chips

    I was upgrading to Ultra-Wide-Vista when it said I needed at least 2 TB of free disk space! It also recommended, for max performance, I upgrade to 64GB RAM. Anyone have a 32GB RAM SODIMM to spare?