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    Using a TI Silent 700 for it's ASCII keyboard?

    Hi Folks, I'm trying to find a 7 bit ASCII parallel keyboard to interface to my PT 3P+S board, which will allow me to build up a SOLOS Subsystem B on an S-100 system. Does anyone know if the keyboards in these systems are ASCII compatible? The relevant schematic portion of the keyboard module...
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    DEC VTxxx terminals, where did they go?

    I sold mine during a move for $71 plus shipping and it was working perfectly. Now I miss that thing and realized what a workhorse of a terminal it was! There used to be a great deal of these around the Northeast where DEC was located. I wonder where all the terminals have gone?
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    California Computer Systems Chassis

    Has anyone come across one? I have a set of CCS boards that I would like to couple with a chassis. From what I recall the chassis is just large enough for a board set and the drives are in an external enclosure. Thanks!
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    PT Subsystem B and the VDM-1 / SOL

    This board set can be used with the VDM-1 and a parallel ASCII keyboard. It also has the option of using a RS232 terminal. If using the RS232 terminal does that limit some of the applications (on tarbell tape from my observation) that can be used with the VDM-1? I have an IMSAI 8080 with this...
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    Keyboard for Processor Technology board set?

    I have a PT board set for my IMSAI, however I’m missing a keyboard. It’s my understanding that a parallel keyboard can be used. The prior owner of my set appeared to use a parallel keyboard with the video board. Does anyone know where I can obtain an old mechanical keyboard that is compatible...
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    Symbolics Space Cadet and Knight LISP Machine Keyboards

    Does anyone have one or aware of the patent numbers for these? I'm using LISP in Emacs and am trying to duplicate the keybindings on an iMac keyboard. I'm would like to find a function that maps hand position, finger position, hand finger combinations to keys, to Zmacs or Emacs functions. I'm...
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    S-100 Services Wanted (Paid)

    <<<Removed by poster>>>....
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    Free ADM-3A lot available near San Francisco Bay Area, Help

    Hi Folks, I'm restoring an ADM-3A and could use a few of the x5 systems in this lot: http://www.ebay.com/itm/291197498815?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT unfortunately, it's "local pickup only" and available in Novato, CA. This is just north of San Francisco. If I...
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    Can you identify this Horizontal Width Coil from ADM-3A?

    I think it's snapped inside. I must have broken it with a metal driver. Yes, I should have used plastic, but whats done is done. Thanks so much
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    FS: FDADAP 8" drive FDC adaptor, 8" drive cabinets, cabling and connectors

    I'm selling this interface to use 8" drives properly with a PC for $30 OBO http://www.dbit.com/fdadap.html I have a dual 8" drive cabinet in great condition that has both 12V, 24V and 120V power and fan working. It had two 8" Shugart 801 drives in it but they had bad RW heads. As such, I'm...
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    HOWTO: Repair a Kaypro Keyboard (or Apple Lisa or SOL)

    My Kaypro keyboard works again! Here is a write-up of what I learned from a few other how-to documents. This in no way my directions on how you should perform this repair at all. Please do not try these steps unless you are an experienced professional and can hold me harmless for your...
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    How to test 2102 RAM Chips?

    Hi Folks, I'm bringing up an ADM-3A (which I just repaired the keyboard to) and it appears it has bad RAM. This is the upper-lower case version with 14 2102 RAMs in two banks of 8. I believe each bank reflects the odd and even lines. Does anyone know how to test this RAM either in board or...
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    Kaypro II Keyboard Schematic? Anyone have it?

    I found the technical manual online and it doesn't include the keyboard. Couldn't find it searching the net. Anyone have it? Thanks
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    Help with Kaypro II Keytronics keyboard debounce?

    Hi, I recently replace the foam pads in my Kayrpo II keyboard. None of them worked and were rotted out. I purchased a few different types of open cell foam, cut it with a nichrome wire to 0.2", then used a 7/16" hole punch to punch foam pads and mylar disks from a space blanket. I put all...
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    Kaypro II key repeat sensitivity?

    Hi, I recently replace the foam pads in my Kayrpo II keyboard. None of them worked and were rotted out. I purchased a few different types of open cell foam, cut it with a nichrome wire to 0.2", then used a 7/16" hole punch to punch foam pads and mylar disks from a space blanket. I put all...
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    WTB: Dual 5.25" FH floppy enclosure w/ power supply

    I have a couple Tandon TM-101 drives that need a home. Can't find one on Ebay. Thanks
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    WTB: Parallel Kit Keyboard / 70s or early 80s vintage

    I was given the keyboard pictured below many years ago with an IMSAI 8080 and associated board set. Unfortunately, I tried interfacing the keyboard back and now some internal small gauge wires are severed. I tried fixing it however have made no progress for over 5 hours. If you have one of...
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    Pointers debugging a Hall Effect Keyboard?

    Hi Folks, I'm resurrecting an IMSAI with a Processor Technology board set. This includes a parallel IO Hall Effect keyboard that was previously wired to the IO card. So far, I'm able to get almost all the upper case character codes to the I board and they are correctly displayed on the CRT...
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    Do you know how these key switches work? (Pics)

    I'm trying to reverse engineer how this keyboard interfaces with my 3P + S PT card. I was trying to push down each key and look for changes in continuity on the edge connector and/or between key switches. I didn't see any. Does anyone know how this mechanical keyboard works and how to...
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    MC862P MDTL TTL chip?

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out voltage levels (to correctly create a connector) on a early mechanical keyboard. I found the keyboard uses 5V, however there is another lead being used that looks like it supplies something different on a MC862P IC. I looked at the IC's datasheet and it indicates...