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    Olivetti Programma 101 documentations and experiences.

    Hello, I got P101. Later this year I will try test it (need power cable and fan rubber belt first). For this kind of historic moment I would love to have some more documentations for it. 23.07.2022 19:19 6.495.083 contenuto schede.pdf 23.07.2022 19:19 448.393 ISTRUZIONI...
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    How to setup Word 5.5 correctly on an Olivetti M24?

    Word 5.5 (and 5.0) supports the Olivetti M24 / AT&T 6300 640x400 graphics mode. I tryed that recently and I was disappointed, it looks like that graphics mode driver requires to have a machine with GO329 / DEB (Display Enhancement Board) to support 640x400 in 16 colors. If I install Word 5.5 on...
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    Running original Lotus 1-2-3 on Linux...

    See https://lock.cmpxchg8b.com/linux123.html On debian alike systems, I did on Windows 10 WSL Kali Linux: $git clone https://github.com/taviso/123elf.git $ sudo apt install build-essential manpages-dev $ sudo apt-get install texinfo $ cd 123elf $ ./binutils.sh $ ./objdump --info | grep...
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    AT&T PC to Olivetti PC equivalent ?

    Hello, Olivetti made some PC for AT&T. So for example the AT&T 6300 is nothing else as the Olivetti M24 in a different color. Until now I know the following AT&T PC models, but not for all of them I am sure which Olivetti model it is originally: 6300 -> M24 6300 Plus -> M24 with 286-6...
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    DEC DECstation, Celebris, Venturis x86 PC question

    Hello, I have a question regarding some DEC PCs (mostly european models), can you please have a look here? https://www.vcfed.org/forum/forum/genres/later-pcs/1225557-dec-pc-decstation-celebris-venturis-to-olivetti-pc-series-translations#post1225557
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    DEC PC (DECstation/Celebris/Venturis) to Olivetti PC series translations

    Hello, here in Europe DEC (Digital Equipement Corp, the one with the VAXses) sold Olivetti PCs under their name. They were exactly the same, just different branding. For example DECstation 320 seems to be the same as Olivetti M300-10. Only the front panel of the Celebris/Venturis machines was a...
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    I search for a japanese website about Olivetti computers

    Hello, does anybody knows a japanese website about Olivetti computers? I found it 1-2 years ago and I downloaded some intersting things over there but unfortunatelly I did not bookmark it. Now I want to visit it again, but I can't find it anymore, even not in browser history. I remember that on...
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    Olivetti S-2260 - a japanese Personal Computer from Ye-Data? (F-MD680/MC680)

    I got this one from a colleague which worked for a japanese electronics supplier in the automotive industry. This is the computer he used to work with and he got it in the mid 1980's from his headquarter. Does anybody here knows more about this system? It's made in Japan. The slots are...
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    deleted - double post

    deleted, double post
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    Any opration system which runs on an i860 CPU in a 486 system?

    There were a few 486 mainboards where an i860 could be installed, Olivetti LSX 5010/5020, CP-486 and M480, Hauppage 4860 mainboard for example. Is there any operation system which is able to use the i860 processor on such a system? I have already checked, my result is until now, no. Wikipedia...
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    Booting IBM PC from vinyl

    Funny thing! http://boginjr.com/it/sw/dev/vinyl-boot/ A video can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqz65_YfcJg
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    Problems with Trident ISA VGA card 8900c chipset and Win 3.11

    Hello, I am trying to set up a TVGA 8900c VGA card in Windows 3.11. It has 1 MB Ram and it should support 1024x768 in 16 and 256 colors. But the most I am getting out is 800x600 in 256 colors or 1024x768 in 16 strange colors (what should be black is pink). Also 800x600 in 32k or 65k is not...
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    HW Ressources of an EIZO MD-B12 TIGA graphics card?

    Hello, I am reconfiguring a nice PC based on 80386-33 which I recently purchased. In that machine I found the EIZO MD-B12 TIGA graphics card based on the TMS 34010 chip which I like to use in that machine. As the card has no jumpers at all, and I did not found a manual yet (but 4 driver disks)...
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    Olivetti ETV / ETS CP/M honeypot

    Hello, this is a thread to attract enthusiasts who own such system or which are generally interested in these and are interested to swap experiences, knowledge and software for these. Introduction ETV and ETS are Olivetti's wordprocessing systems produced between 1980 and 1986 based on CP/M...
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    16 colors driver for Sierra Adventures

    Hello, there is a github project to proviode 16 color drivers for Sierra Adventures. It was made for the Hercules/CGA combo graohics cards like Plantronics ColorPlus and those which are used in several Commodore PCs (PC 20-III and others) which can support a 320x200 16 color modes...
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    ATARI ABC 286-60 (NOS) dead

    Hello, I got an ATARI ABC 286-60 PC (80286-16. 286 NEAT chipset, 1 MB RAM, onboard VGA, 60 MB RLL drive) as new old stock. But it's dead. When power up, nothing happens on screen. Powersupply seems to be Ok, power LED lids up, RLL harddrive spins up and initializes. What I tested: 1. reseated...
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    keybgr versus keyb gr - hang up?

    Hello, I just transfered one of my Olivetti M24 from DOS 3.20 to DOS 5.0. I made a boot disk on another M24 which already runs DOS 5. So I booted the 1st M24 from floppy, made a SYS C: and started Guest.exe for the ZIP drive to copy the dos folder from ZIP disk to harddisk to get the updated...
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    Powerfull generic TEXT ONLY printer driver alternative for Windows 9x/2000 ?

    Hello, I have connected a professional daisywheel printing based Office Typewriter (Olivetti ET 2300 with LCU2000P paralleport interface) to my Windows 2000 PC (it can also boot into 98SE). Basically I can print on it using the WIndows Text Only printer driver. But the typewriter can not print...
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    searching: EISA configuration file !COG9001.CFG for Cogent E/Master III EISA netzwork

    Does anybody have that EISA CFG file? !COG9001.CFG Please note that I am one of the contributors of the EISA CFG file collection of "mr_slug", so I know that collection and the searched file is not there. If you also have other CFG files (than on mr_slug site), I am interested, to enlarge the...
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    Olivetti SNX 140/S - EISA-SCSI-Windows 2000 problem

    Hello, I have some trouble with my Olivetti SNX140/S system regarding SCSI cards and Windows 2000 (SP4). The SNX140/S is a medium size tower PC originally designed as a small office server. So it has Pentium 166 CPU, PCI+EISA bus (3PCI+3EISA slots, one of each shared), 32 MB RAM (expandable to...