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  1. smp

    Has anyone seen the IBM 5100 going on eBay?

    It's been a dream of mine to acquire one of these. It started with a bid for $5.00... https://www.ebay.com/itm/185440591755?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 smp
  2. smp

    Tiny PDP-11/73 system for sale

    I am in the process of thinning down my vintage computer holdings, to relieve some of the burden I will leave to my heirs (hopefully not too soon!). I have a working tiny PDP-11/73 system available for sale. I would much prefer not to have to break it down and pack it for shipping, but I will...
  3. smp

    Wanted: Altair formatted disk images

    I am a proud owner of an Altair 8800c that I constructed myself a couple of years ago. I have a single 8 inch disk drive that I can use with it, or I also use the FDC+ Firmware, Version 1.3 virtual drive program available from DeRamp.com (scroll down to the Software at the bottom of the page)...
  4. smp

    Looking for the PDP-8/I Control Panel Assembly Bezel Casting drawing

    I am looking for the PDP-8/I front panel bezel casting drawing, for a possible project to recreate the bezel in 3-D printing. I looked on BitSavers in the /PDF/DEC/PDP8/ section and I see that the PDP-8/I Assembly Parts List is drawing A-PL-8I-0-0. There I see that the Control Panel Assembly...
  5. smp

    CP/M & ED - editing a very large file

    Hello all, I am exercising CP/M on my HP86B. HP sold an "Auxiliary Processor" also known as the CP/M system. As with other systems of that time, the module contained a 4MHz Z-80 and 64K RAM, and the interfacial logic to allow the Z-80 system to run with the keyboard, display and disk drives...
  6. smp

    eBay: APPLE 1 Original 1976 Computer System

    Posted on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/APPLE-1-Original-1976-Computer-System-1st-Steve-Jobs-built-computer-not-Apple-2-/174075785959?&_trksid=p2056016.m2516.l5255 Supposedly verified. Gotta have deep pockets for this one! smp
  7. smp

    WTB: Plastic storage box for 8 inch floppy disks

    I had one at one time, but cannot find it. Does anyone know where I might be able to purchase a plastic storage box for 8 inch floppy disks? TIA! smp
  8. smp

    Netronics ELF II system on eBay

    Not mine: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Netronics-ELF-II-System-Unit-Keyboard-Video-Unit-manuals-spares-1802-CPU-/323831858812?&_trksid=p2056016.m2516.l5255 I recall someone here on VCF was avidly looking for ELF equipment... smp
  9. smp

    Altair 4K RAM Board???

    Take a look at this (not mine): https://www.ebay.com/itm/MITS-4k-RAM-S100-bus-card-Altair-8800/192936229670?hash=item2cebe53b26:g:2AQAAOSwKs1c8x~x I see the Altair 4K RAM Board indication on the board, but 6116 RAM chips are 2Kx8, so this looks like it's been modified into a 32K RAM board to...
  10. smp

    FS: Unique IMSAI

    This IMSAI system is a good, working IMSAI with Front Panel, original IMSAI 8080 CPU board, and a clear plexiglass cover. I think it's pretty unique. And, it keeps the dust off of everything inside while still allowing one to see what's in there. Quite an advantage over never putting the cover...
  11. smp

    Heathkit H-11 on eBay

    Not mine: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Heathkit-H11-Computer-Will-Ship-WorldWide/192931312809?hash=item2ceb9a34a9:g:d~sAAOSwy39c7R9Y This one is being offered by one of the Sellers I am very wary about. What do you think? It appears to be complete. What are the chances that it is in...
  12. smp

    Working Altair Clone Electronics

    Since I've now converted my Altair Clone chassis into my new Altair 8800c, I glanced over at the pile of stuff I have lying around, and I have the entire insides of the Altair Clone. That's the front panel with all the electronics, switches and LEDs, the power supply with the power wiring, and...
  13. smp

    OS/2 Warp - which one?

    Long, long ago, I had a generic desktop PC with a 486 DX2-66 CPU. I tried a lot of OS experiments with it, Windows 3 (of course), Windows 95, various versions of Linux, and OS/2 Warp. Recently, I decided to resurrect OS/2 Warp, but I found that somewhere along the line, I must have gotten rid...
  14. smp

    eBay: A bunch of J11 CPUs

    A bunch of J11 CPU chips just showed up on eBay today (not mine): https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Processor-Digital-57-19400-07-D4-6901-5-D4-6900-5-DC335-DC334-8609-/183501252929?&_trksid=p2056016.m2516.l5255...
  15. smp

    Scored a KDJ11-A

    I just scored a KDJ11-A processor on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Digital-DEC-KDJ11-A-Processor-5015394-01-D1P2-Card-/263985471001?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&nma=true&si=Io6VbgJBFfP%252ByWJheY0C%252F%252BA62K8%253D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc I intend to...
  16. smp

    Vintage Computer Gear from Topline, Inc.

    I received this e-mail message this afternoon: Hello vintage computer enthusiast, Apologies for the unsolicited email, but as you have purchased DEC / vintage gear from us in the past, we thought you would like to know about the following: For the past five years or so, we have made a large...
  17. smp

    SCSI-to-SD Instructions?

    I apologize if this has been asked in the past. Is there a set of step-by-step instructions posted anywhere for how to interface an SCSI-to-SD adapter onto a PDP-11 system? I have a very small PDP-11/23 system with an Emulex SCSI interface, currently interfaced to a small SCSI hard disk and an...
  18. smp

    DeRamp Virtual Sector Generator!

    When I acquired my Northstar Horizon, I was pleased that a DeRamp Virtual Sector Generator cam along with it. I have not been using it, in favor of exercising my period-correct belt-driven drives to keep them operating properly as long as I can. My real problem came from the fact that I own...
  19. smp

    Northstar Horizon Reset Switch

    Can anyone provide a pointer to where I can obtain a replacement for my Northstar Horizon reset switch? I know that it is a simple normally open momentary switch, but I'd like to get a replacement that will fit into the panel the same and look about the same if possible. Otherwise, I'll simply...
  20. smp

    Tandy 2800HD fails to boot

    I dug my Tandy2800HD put of storage (it worked fine back when it went into storage!) but it doesn't boot up. Invalid setup. What a surprise. When I tried to get into the BIOS setup, I couldn't. With a bit of reading of the documents I have, I now remember that the program SETUP_28 is on the...