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    HV Flyback Transformer

    So, my IBM 5155's screen started pulsating at me (larger, smaller, larger, smaller) and I'm pretty sure I recognize the syndrome from my MacPlus: the flyback transformer is about to blow. I seem to recall hearing "life hack" tips like, "Stick epoxy on the outside" to keep a flyback transformer...
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    Wanted: Digital LK421-AA (DEC's UNIX keyboard)

    Hiya! Does anyone have or know where I can find an LK421-AA? Alternately, can anyone point me to a USB or PS/2 keyboard that is laid out in a similar fashion? I can make an adapter using an Arduino so it'll work in my VT340. Unfortunately, it's been hard for me to find any keyboard that is...
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    Where to buy an Atari 9-pin plug

    So, one of my Atari 2600 joysticks went bad (no fire button) and I found that the wire had broken right at the plug, so I couldn't just solder it back together. I tried a standard 9-pin D-sub serial port connector, but was disappointed to find the metal housing makes it not fit in my...
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    Is it wrong to hot-rod a Model T?

    I'm curious what other people think of retrofitting retro-computers in ways that are permanent. Or, perhaps more accurately, where on the spectrum of permanent mods do people feel comfortable? I remember when “macquariums” were cool that some people felt strongly that it was a waste of a...
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    What is the official name for the Model 100/102/200 character set?

    I'm creating an automatic Unicode conversion module for UNIX and I'm supposed to put in both the colloquial and the official names of the character set. The manuals I have label it "Extended ASCII", so I had first called it "Tandy Extended ASCII". But that's obviously wrong since there are...
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    VT640 wikipedia page

    I was reading about the Synclavier II system and the Wikipedia page mentioned that the Signal File Manager used a VT640 graphics terminal, which I'd never heard of. Frustratingly, the link to VT640 went to "No such Wikipedia article". It was very hard to find any information about it, but once...
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    Improved terminfo for Model 100, 102, and 200

    Hello! I created an improved terminfo so that I could use my Tandy 200 as a proper serial console to my UNIX boxes. I thought I'd share what I've got and ask a few questions. https://github.com/hackerb9/Tandy-Terminfo Here are some of the unanswered questions I've come upon that I'd appreciate...
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    Kermit TCP/IP

    Hi All! I've been using Michael Brutman's excellent 2020 release of mTCP on my IBM luggable (using the nifty 3C509B driver made available by yet another VCFed forum member, Nestor). I am impressed with mTCP'S TELNET.EXE — it's quite a bit more than just telnet as it handles terminal emulation...
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    Decompression PKLite Executables

    I was trying to disassemble a program (3C5X9CFG.EXE) that turned out to be compressed with PKlite. I couldn't find any generic program for such decompression, but I did find a project that had routines that worked for a couple program (Keen Dreams and The Elder Scrolls Arena). So, I wrote up a...
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    crynwr.com dead?

    It looks like Crynwr.com, which had the source code to a lot of the old PC network packet drivers went down a couple months ago. Is there a replacement site? I know that archive.org has a backup, but it doesn't appear to be indexed by the web search engines.
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    How did the PCP-11 get its name?

    Q: What was prevalent in the 70s, relatively inexpensive, but surprisingly powerful? A: PDP minicomputers. Also, PCP, the mind-altering drug. So, I've been toying around with fixing a DEC PCP-11 from the early 90s and I keep wondering about the name. I grew up using vaxen and heard of the...